Best Mechanical Keyboard Under $50 [2021 Reviewed]

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An Overview of the 3 Best Mechanical Keyboards Under $50

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Short on time? Don’t want to read the entire buying guide? That’s okay! We’d like you to know that after careful consideration, we have come to the conclusion that the Redragon K582 SURARA RGB LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is the best mechanical keyboard under $50 that you can buy!


Starting out in the world of mechanical keyboards can be fairly daunting. On one hand, you’re finally making the transition to responsive and tactile typing. But on the other hand, mechanical keyboards can get quite expensive – especially ones from top tier brands.

Perhaps you’re a gamer and a budget-conscious buyer who wants to get a bang for their buck. Maybe you spent most of your budget on a great graphics card and processor. So, you’re looking for a cheap mechanical keyboard that gets the job done.

Whatever your needs are, you are in luck. Mechanical keyboards have gotten much, much better over the years. All that improvement has trickled down to budget offerings as well, as a matter of fact, you can get all sorts of keyboards for under $50. Nowadays, you can find quality mechanical keyboards that won’t burn a hole in your wallet. You just have to look a little harder.

With budget offerings, there a couple of factors to consider. Firstly, you should prioritize the overall typing experience above anything else. While fancy RGB lighting and premium build quality looks appealing, those are typically reserved for the more expensive options on the market. Thus, it’s smart to tradeoff the best RGB features and build quality for a superior typing experience.

This is the case with choosing keyboards for any other purpose as well. You want to really cater to the use case, if you’re a girl with long nails, or if you’re into a specific game such as osu, or you could be an accountant who uses a lot of Excel, always remember that the right keyboard for you may not be the right one for someone else.

Another thing to consider would be the overall layout and ergonomics of the keyboard. The good news is that mechanical keyboards do not differ as much as far as layouts are concerned. this comes more into play if you were looking for a keyboard for your HTPC where layout and sizing have a lot of variance. However, some budget mechanical keyboards have great switches and keycaps but poor construction. The keycaps are also not shaped ergonomically or spaced out in a comfortable manner. That’s why many users experience arm strain and note the key travel distance to be less than optimal. However, there are some budget mechanical keyboards that get all of this right.

Finally, we have a guide on how to actually connect your keyboard to your laptop in case it doesn’t work first time.

Whether you’re looking for a good entry into the world of mechanical keyboards, or a decent option that’s economical, we got you covered. We’ve listed out 5 keyboards under $50 that you can get right now.

Top Mechanical Keyboards Under $50 [Reviews]

Redragon K552

Redragon has some amazing budget mechanical keyboards in their portfolio and the Reddragon 552 Mechanical Keyboard is one of the best. Right off the bat, you’ll notice that it’s a 60% compact keyboard. That means you don’t get a numpad with this layout. However, it’s actually a blessing in disguise. Many users don’t use the numpad and prefer a compact layout as it offers better comfort and ergonomics. It also helps keep the costs down, allowing Redragon to offer more substantial benefits.

The first of the benefits is the use of an Outemu blue switch. Unlike the more expensive Cherry MX blue switches, these are much more budget oriented but they don’t sacrifice on quality. The switches are clicky and tactile, offering a nice and responsive bump when typing. Another benefit is their longevity. On average, they support more keystrokes and presses than others on the market and at this range. These switches are clearly built to last.

In terms of build quality, the K552 doesn’t disappoint. It features a metal-ABS construction that’s quite durable. You can definitely get some heavy use done on this keyboard without any longevity issues. The keys are mounted by plates which are quite sturdy and resilient. You can easily code for hours or go on marathon gaming sessions. To aid in this, the keycaps feature good ergonomics.

The RGB backlighting won’t knock your socks off but gets the job done. If there are any gripes with this keyboard, it’s that the switches are quite loud. Some users like that sound while others dislike it. It’s really up to personal preference.

What We Liked
  • Compact layout with a focus on the most important keys.
  • Great feeling Blue switches with clicky, tactile feedback.
  • Excellent build quality.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Some users might not like the omission of a numpad.
  • Switches can get a bit loud.

Redragon K582 SURARA RGB

The K582 Surara RGB is another entry from Redragon and this one offers some unique benefits for gamers. Unlike the previous keyboard, this one features red mechanical switches. The main advantage of the red switches is their relatively quite operation compared to the blue switches. They also require a very small actuation force to register a key-press. This means you’ll enjoy using this keyboard if you’re used to laptop style or low-profile keys.

As expected, this is great for gaming as most gamers do not like the tactile bump or feedback you get from blue switches. They prefer a relatively noise-free experience and keys that require minimal force to be pressed down. However, the K582 is also great for typing even though you don’t get that satisfying feedback. Keystrokes and key travel distance are both optimized for typing.

In terms of other features, you get a full layout and metal construction with this keyboard. If you use the numpad for number-crunching or spreadsheets, this is a welcome addition. The ABS metal construction is quite durable despite the bulk of the device. The keycaps have a double-shot injection to ensure it doesn’t fade away with repeated use. You can easily use this keyboard for a long time as the switches are rated for 50 million key-presses. If you’re a fan of RGB, you won’t be blown away. But it certainly gets the job done. The K582 has some nice-looking lighting animations that you can play around with.

What We Liked
  • Red switches are relatively quite
  • Small actuation force is good for touch typists
  • Keyboard layout is optimized for spreadsheets as well as gaming
What We Didn’t Like
  • Switches are not as clicky as Blue alternatives
  • Lack of robust RGB customization

AUKEY Mechanical Keyboard

Like Redragon, AUKEY has also been a mainstay in the budget accessories market. The AUKEY LED Backlit Mechanical Keyboard combines a robust layout and clicky blue switches for a great typing experience. They have a full 100% layout just like the K582 SURARA. Unlike the K582, AUKEY used Outemu blue switches for this keyboard. As we’ve outlined before, you’ll get good durability, tactile feedback, and responsiveness with this budget alternative to the Cherry MX Blue switches. However, they still produce a clacking sound that you should keep in mind.

This keyboard’s unique advantage is in its build quality. This thing is built like a tank. The keyboard is made with brushed metal and features double-shot molded ABS keycaps. You can get quite a bit of rough use out of this keyboard before it starts to show wear and tear. On top of the resilience, you’re getting a water-resistant design. No more will coffee splashes damage your keyboard. AUKEY has also included a robust 104-key rollover feature to ensure an accurate keypress and keystroke recognition. The layout is 100% with a numpad and media keys.

The RGB backlighting is not up there with the best of the best. But it’s still good enough. You’ll get 6 different colors to choose from as well 9 different lighting animations. You can even customize the lighting effects and create presets that blend in well with your current system. The font is very easy to read and the backlighting shines through brilliantly. You can easily type with this keyboard in dim light.

What We Liked
  • Excellent build quality with water resistance
  • RGB leaves room for customization
  • Great clicky typing experience
What We Didn’t Like
  • Can be a bit heavy
  • Ergonomics could be better

Havit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

You’re certainly getting a lot for your money with the Havit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo. Not only do you get a full-fledged mechanical keyboard, you’re also getting a wired gaming mouse. But unlike most budget combo deals these products do not sacrifice quality. They even add some cool features. The RGB backlighting modes, colors, presets, and animations can be switched up between the mouse and the keyboard. There are healthy options to choose from. While the mouse is good in its own right, we will focus on the keyboard. If you want to upgrade the mouse, we suggest you check out a hyperscroll mouse which is designed for gaming.

At first glance, you’ll immediately notice the clean and minimalist design with little to no branding. That’s one of the appeals of this keyboard. The keycaps have double-shot injection and the font is very pleasant on the eyes. It plays really well with the RGB to deliver a good viewing experience when typing. The blue switches that Havit has used are clicky and have good feedback. However, they are not as good as other options on this list. But you’ll find great ergonomics with the overall layout and keycap shape. This is quite a comfortable keyboard to type on.

The typing experience is still very satisfying and you can expect great durability from the switches. Even the construction of the keyboard is above this price range. You’re getting metal and ABS construction throughout which will ensure minimal flexing and bending with the keyboard frame. Havit has done a good job with the build quality of this device. It’s a sturdy and well-rounded keyboard.

What We Liked
  • The free mouse is good value
  • Clean and sleek design
  • Good build quality and ergonomics
What We Didn’t Like
  • Switches could have been more accurate
  • Tactile feedback is only average

VicTsing Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Closing off this list is the VicTsing Mechanical Keyboard, a solid offering from VicTsing. A relatively new name, the brand doesn’t disappoint with this keyboard. It’s the first and only keyboard on this list to feature a dedicated wrist rest. It’s a massive benefit for those who suffer from wrist and finger strain from long gaming, typing and coding sessions. Having that wrist rest paired with good ergonomics will ensure you can keep on typing without feeling the pain. The honeycomb surface of the wrist rest is also pleasant to the touch.

Moving on to the actual switches, VicTsing opted for the tried and tested Outemu Blue Switches. But through some tweaking, they’ve managed to get the switches to be more accurate than average. Even though tactile and clicky feedback won’t blow your socks off, the accurate typing is a big win. You still get that clicky typing experience that is characteristic of blue switches. You’re also getting the full 100% layout with function keys, media keys, and a numpad. All the keys have anti-ghosting to prevent mis-presses.

The build quality is quite impressive for the price. The metal superstructure gives texture to the keyboard and makes it sturdy. While the whole device might be bulky and require more desk space, it’s a worthy tradeoff for the build quality. The keyboard is also splash proof which is a nice addition in case you like to consume Monster Energy drinks while you game. The RGB backlighting is markedly average with only 9 different modes but it gets the job done.

What We Liked
  • Wrist rest is a welcome comfort addition
  • Accurate mechanical switches
  • Splash proof design
What We Didn’t Like
  • Can be a bit too bulky
  • Key feedback is not the best

Final Words

The budget range of computer peripherals is rapidly heating up with competition from many different brands. It’s a treasure trove of quality hardware that you can get at bargain prices. All one needs to do is to keep a keen eye and search for those sweet deals. That’s exactly what we aimed to do with this list. We’ve looked at five different mechanical keyboards under $50 that offer good quality without breaking the bank.

The Redragon K552 is a compact, well-rounded mechanical keyboard. The Outemu blue switches are very clicky with good tactile feedback. You can expect a responsive typing experience. It’s made better with the ergonomic 60% layout that makes it easier for you to adjust based on your needs. It’s particularly great for gaming and for those with a smaller desk space.

The Redragon K582 opts for Red switches that offer a linear typing feedback with minimal noise. It’s great for those who don’t like clicky switches and the noise they make. It’s a balanced, accurate, and comfortable typing experience. You also get the full layout with excellent build quality. The K582 is great for both typing and gaming.

The VicTsing mechanical gaming keyboard has great ergonomics and a dedicated wrist rest. It’s clearly built for long typing sessions as it also features a strong metal construction with durable key caps. While the feedback from the switches is not the best, they are quite accurate.

We think the Redragon K582 is an excellent budget option. It has the full 100% layout that caters to the widest user base. The red switches strike a brilliant balance between tactile feedback, low noise, and accurate typing. For its great performance in both typing and gaming, we recommend the K582.