Can I Wear My Apple Watch In The Pool or Shower? Full Details (2023)

If you’re an Apple fan, there isn’t much out there that can compete with the wonders of a wrist-worn gadget. An Apple Watch allows users to keep track of their fitness and get notifications when away from their phones – but the real question is whether you can wear your Apple Watch in the pool or shower. 

Can I Wear My Apple Watch In The Pool or Shower

If you’re pondering the same question, we’ve got all the relevant answers. Keep reading to learn all there is to know about how Apple Watches respond when exposed to water. 


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Is The Apple Watch Waterproof?

The level of water exposure depends on which model of Apple Watch you own. If you want to wear your Apple Watch to the pool or shower, you’ll have to check your watch’s specifications. Below, we break down different models based on their deep you can submerge them in water. 


Apple Watch Series 1

The first-generation Apple Watch — commonly known as the Series 1 Apple Watch — is built to withstand only the occasional drip or splash here and there. Both models should never be submerged because doing so could damage the speaker and microphone. 

Turn your Apple Watch over if you’re unsure of the model; you’ll find the name written in small print around the sensors.

These initial Apple Watch versions must be taken off and laid on their side with the speaker facing down if you accidentally take them to a pool with you. You’ll find the speaker on the left side of the housing. Doing so will enable any water to drain out of the cavity. You risk causing damage if you try to remove the water with a tool or a can of compressed air.


Apple Watch Series 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7

The Apple Watch’s specifications have evolved as it transitioned from an extension of your iPhone to a fitness tool. Thus, the more recent Apple Watch models are waterproof, allowing you to take them out for a swim! 

However, despite the excellent water exposure rating, Apple advises against wearing the watch when scuba diving or water skiing. It would help if you avoided a circumstance where water could be pushed into the watch’s ports quickly or at a significant depth. 

Wearing the watch in fresh or salt water is acceptable; however, after swimming in salt water, remember to rinse it off with fresh water (from a low-flow faucet). As you do so, spin the Digital Crown to clear any debris to ensure no long-lasting damage.


What Does Apple Mean by High-Velocity Water?

The Apple Watch Series 7 has 50m of water resistance, just like its predecessor versions. However, Apple also claims these new watches can endure deep or high-velocity submersion. Here’s what it means. 

Given that the average swimming pool is only eight feet deep, 164 feet of water resistance may seem like a lot. But things work differently than that. The depth to which you can submerge a watch without damage is only one aspect of a watch’s water resistance certification. Additionally, the amount of atmospheric pressure (ATM) the watch can resist determines whether the product can withstand high-velocity waters. 

Sustainable water depth and Apple Watch Series 7 water resistance are related in some ways. The atmospheric pressure increases by around one ATM for every 32 feet underwater. A swimming pool’s top has a water pressure of 1 ATM. At the bottom of an eight foot/2.44 m deep pool, the pressure doesn’t even reach 2 ATM.

However, as you move through the water and your watch makes contact with it, the pressure in the water rises. Therefore, the pressure increases every time you strike underwater, and so does the likelihood of possible damage if you wear a first-generation Apple Watch. Therefore, high-velocity water submersion in Series 7 Apple Watch refers to the product’s ability to withstand high atmospheric pressure.

“Possible Damage” can include scratches to your watch – but these can be removed. Please read our guide on How to Remove Scratches From Your Apple Watch if you have any scratches.


What Is The Difference Between Water-resistant & Waterproof? 

Certain Apple Watches are advertised as water-resistant, while others are labeled as waterproof. Here’s the difference between the two terms (plus a couple more). 

The ability of a product to partially but not wholly withstand water penetration is known as water-resistant. It can nevertheless sustain some degree of water damage. Being resistant to water penetration is known as being water-repellent, mainly when something has been specially treated with a surface coating. 

Swim-proof refers to the product safeguarded from total immersion at shallow depths in the bathtub, sea, or pool. Waterproof refers to a product not being susceptible to water damage at all. Therefore, you can easily swim or take a shower with the product on. 


What is the Water Lock feature on Apple Watches?

Make it a practice to turn on Apple Watch Water Lock when swimming. Thanks to this feature, water cannot activate the touchscreen on your watch. Water Lock is supposed to be enabled before starting a swim exercise. Otherwise, you can touch on the water drop icon in the Control Center (swipe up from the bottom of your watch face to access this screen) to turn on Water Lock. 

To turn off Water Lock, crank the Digital Crown on your watch until you hear a series of beeps. Any water that may have built up inside the cavity is blown out using the speaker’s loudness and air pressure.


How To Take Care of Apple Watch After Swimming?

After indulging in high-velocity water sports, you can take several precautions and aftercare measures to ensure that no long-lasting water damage is done to your Apple Watch. Here are some tips that we believe you’ll find useful. 


Tip#1) Ensure You’re Using the Correct Band 

Not every Apple Watch band is water-resistant. For example, Apple claims that leather, Milanese, link, and modern buckle Apple Watch bands are not water resistant. Therefore, you should invest in a particular sports band for your Apple Watch to not ruin the material in the long term. 


Tip#2) Ensure There are no Chemicals in the Water

According to Apple, the watch’s water resistance might be damaged by the chemicals in soaps and shampoos. Therefore, you should avoid using perfume, insect repellant, lotion, sunscreen, hair dye, and oil, which all contain chemicals. 

Instead, rinse your watch with new water if any gets on it. Then, to ensure any chemicals between the digital crown and the housing are gone, turn the digital crown once more while cleaning your watch.


Tip#3) Stay Away from Saunas & Hot Tubs

Sauna and steam room water exposure is not recommended since the heat can shorten the Apple Watch’s water resistance life. It’s best to keep your Apple Watch out of spas and saunas entirely, as heat also deteriorates battery life and is an excellent accelerator for wearing down technology faster. 


Tip#4) Wipe or Wash Appropriately After Swim

Make careful note of being meticulous when you wipe or spray down the watch’s screen, buckle, and straps before using wipes or a cleaning spray. Also, ensure the water is fresh and non-chlorinated if you’re rinsing it.


Tip#5) Use the Correct Fabric to Dry the Apple Watch

Drying your watch with a cloth made especially for screens or glasses is best. Some towels and cloth materials include minute fibers or debris that can scratch the glass.


Tip#6) Remember to Dry it Down

Drying your watch thoroughly is essential, especially if you just got it out of a saltwater pool. If you let it air dry, new dirt or salt particles may dry off and get trapped in tiny spaces, increasing the likelihood that the band and watch may become damaged.


Final Thoughts

If you clean the watch afterward, whatever model you purchase or upgrade will be OK in your pool (unless you have the Series 1). We know that phrases such as  waterproof, water-resistant, and swim-proof interchangeably can get confusing real quick, but our guide has cleared up all these confusions! 

It would be a good idea to spend money on alternative metal-free bands, guards, and Apple-specific cleaning wipes/kits if you want to get the most out of swimming with your Apple Watch. Lastly, rejoice that you may wear your Apple Watch and swim in your pool whenever you like!