Can You Use a Laptop Without a Battery?

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We’ve all been in a situation where we urgently need to get some work done, but the device in question starts malfunctioning, almost as if it can sense your urgency to finish your tasks. From your printer jamming when you need a hard copy of important documents and assignments, to your phone charger working improperly just as your phone is about to die, we’ve all been in similar, nerve wracking situations.

As a matter of fact, some users have been unlucky enough for their laptop battery to die and stop functioning during an important task, causing them to frantically search for various other substitute devices they can finish their work on. But what if it was possible to use your laptop without a battery itself?

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Watching a movie, listening to songs, playing games, getting work done – all of these tasks are possible, even on a laptop that does not have a battery. And there’s only one, simple way to do this.

Can You Use a Laptop Without a Battery

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Keep Your Laptop Plugged In

According to multiple user reviews, as well as based on our own personal experience, your laptop will continue to function normally without a battery as long as its charger is securely plugged into the socket. In theory, this will make your laptop function the way a computer does, meaning that your device will automatically switch off upon removal of the charger.

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It is of utmost importance to make sure that your charger is securely plugged in, and that the adapter being used isn’t loose or too old. Any uninterrupted shutdowns due to power failure, or a loose cable can be quite damaging to the RAM and other various components of your laptop. This can result in a loss or corruption of files and data and recovering such data can be a task that is both painstaking, and possibly even impossible!

Although this method gets rid of the portability feature laptops provide to users, it is pretty much the only way to work around using your laptop without a battery until you get a replacement battery for your device. This trick works like a charm, however, professionals advise against using this “hack” for longer time periods, mainly because a laptop isn’t designed to be used like this.

Precautionary Steps

Before trying out this method, it is recommended to keep these precautionary measures in mind to avoid inflicting any extra damage on yourself, or your precious device.

Making use of a UPS or a Power Backup Device

This precaution is particularly necessary for those individuals who may reside in areas that frequently experience power outages. Having a UPS at hand will make sure there aren’t any interruptions in the power supply, and that your precious data is not lost. A UPS also works well as a surge protector, which further stresses upon the importance of having one. 

One issue with UPS devices is – how long will it last? We have a handy Laptop UPS Runtime Calculator which helps determine how much battery backup you will have.

Keeping the Charging Cable Intact

Even the slightest touch or movement to the charging cable can cause a pause in the flow of electric current, which may cause your laptop to unexpectedly shut down, resulting in a loss of data. Along with that, it can also be quite damaging to your laptop’s internal components if it forcefully shuts down. Always make sure to manually shut down your system before you actually remove the charging cable from its socket.

Staying Clear of the Battery Slot

It is extremely dangerous to come in contact with or touch the exposed battery pin slots while your laptop is plugged in. Doing so might cause serious damage to you, and may result in a fatal injury as well.

Using the Original Adapter

Power variations will cause harm to various components of your laptop’s motherboard. Using the original adapter that came with your device will help lessen the effects of any power variations. It should be mentioned that these effects cannot be completely eliminated considering the fact that there is no battery present in your laptop to mimic the functions of a UPS.

Advantages of Using a Laptop Without a Battery

You don’t necessarily have to have a damaged battery to use a laptop without one. In fact, most users remove their batteries and use their laptops without it because it proves to be more beneficial for them.

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Prolonged Battery Life

The effects of a removable battery in a laptop are negligible. As a matter of fact, it actually ends up extending the life of your battery. You can even charge up the battery, store it, and take it out for use when required. It is recommended to remove your battery if your laptop won’t be in use for a long time, such as when you are on vacation. Users that work for longer periods of time with their laptop plugged in are also advised to remove their batteries. This prevents the batteries from overheating and prolongs their life as well.

Preventing the Laptop from Overheating

Removing the battery from your laptop creates more vents and reduces insulation properties, allowing more heat to escape out from your laptop. Professionals actually recommend users to remove their laptop batteries if their device is constantly heating up. Removal of older batteries that are constantly trying to charge while your laptop is plugged in also reduces any extra heat that might be generated.

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Although this hack has proven to be effective for most users, there can also be instances when your laptop does not turn on or function normally as it would, despite being securely plugged in. The success of this method depends from laptop to laptop, and may not work on some devices or models. There is also the possibility of your laptop having issues with the adapter, or the system board if it is unable to function on AC power.

Final Words

Well there you go, we went through the most commonly used method of using your laptop without a battery and discussed some precautions and advantages. The final thing we’d like to add is that you can also use your laptop with the old battery still plugged in even if the battery is dead. This helps eliminate any battery socket issues that you may have. It’s a good idea though to turn off your laptop when not in use so that the battery doesn’t heat up and in return overheats your machine.

While using your laptop without a battery is definitely possible, it is not recommended for extended periods of time. It’s best that you use this solution temporarily until you can get a replacement battery.

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