How to Connect Nintendo Switch to Hotel WiFi (2023)

The Nintendo Switch is probably one of the best and most popular handheld gaming consoles. Since its release five years ago, it has supported more than 5,000 games and counting. Among its key features is support for both wireless and wired internet connections.

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to Hotel WiFi

However, you might be traveling alone or with someone and might think about connecting your Switch to hotel WiFi. In this guide, we’ll show you how to connect your Switch to WiFi that needs registration and the various methods to do it. Read this guide to know more.

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How to Connect Hotel WiFi on Switch

Upon checking into a hotel room, you’ll be given a keycard and the network details for the hotel’s wireless network. Or in some cases, most hotels accommodate their guests via contactless check-in. Here are some methods that you can try when connecting your Nintendo Switch to hotel WiFi.

Important: If the hotel staff forgot to give you the network details for the hotel’s WiFi, you can contact them via the in-room telephone and ask for it either over the phone or have it given to your room by the hotel staff.

Method #1: Connecting to Hotel WiFi Directly Using Nintendo Switch

One of the easiest ways to connect your Switch to hotel WiFi is by connecting it directly to the network. It’s easy and practical once you follow the right process. Generally, you can follow the steps below to connect a Nintendo Switch to WiFi with a username and password:

  1. Turn on your Nintendo Switch and navigate to System Settings > Internet.
  2. Select Internet Settings. You will now see a list of available wireless networks nearby.
  3. Choose the Network name indicated on the network details given to you. Then, you’ll see this message:

Parental Controls are currently enabled. The Parental Controls PIN must be entered in order to proceed.”

  1. Select Enter and input the PIN for the Parental Controls setting. Next, this message will appear on the screen:

“Registration is required to use this network.”

  1. Select Next to proceed. Another message will appear before you can enter the hotel WiFi’s login details:

“The security certificate for this page could not be confirmed. Allow access to this page.”

  1. Choose Allow. You will now need to enter the username and password to connect to the hotel WiFi.
  2. After entering the correct login details, select Log In and wait for your device to successfully connect to the wireless network.
  3. Once it’s connected, go back to the Internet section under System Settings and select the Test Connection feature.
  4. If the WiFi network is stable, you’ll see the message: “Connection test successful”. You can now access the internet on your Nintendo Switch using hotel WiFi.

Method #2: Connect Nintendo Switch to WiFi using a Laptop Hotspot

If for some reason you cannot connect to the hotel WiFi using your Nintendo Switch, you can use your laptop as a hotspot. This will ease your problems of logging into the hotel’s WiFi network, given that you have the right login details.

To connect your Nintendo Switch to hotel WiFi via a laptop running Windows OS, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your laptop and click the WiFi icon on the bottom-right side of the taskbar.
  2. From the options, right-click the Mobile Hotspot feature and select Go to Settings.
  3. Enable the Share my internet connection with other devices option by toggling its switch to On. This will activate the Mobile Hotspot feature on your laptop.
  4. Also, ensure that WiFi is selected on the Share my internet connection from option.
  5. Then, connect your laptop to the hotel’s WiFi by selecting the Network name on the list of available wireless networks nearby and clicking Connect.
  6. You will now be redirected to the login page of the hotel WiFi. Enter the login details and select Log In. Wait for your device to be connected to the network.

Note: If the hotel login page is not displaying, please check out our article on what to do if the Hotel Wi-Fi is not Redirecting to the Login Page.

  1. Once it’s successfully connected, turn on your Nintendo Switch and go to System Settings.
  2. Select the Internet section and go to Internet Settings. A list of available wireless networks will show up on the screen.

Note: If the mobile hotspot doesn’t show up on the list, try restarting the Mobile Hotspot feature on your laptop. You can also restart the laptop if you still can’t see it on the list.

  1. Select the network name of your laptop’s mobile hotspot and enter the password.
  2. Choose OK. Your Nintendo Switch is now connected to hotel WiFi via a laptop hotspot.

Method #3: Contact the Hotel Staff

If the above methods didn’t work, the last resort that you can do is to contact the hotel staff and inform them about this issue. They can usually solve problems related to vital network information such as improper mac and IP addresses and other data that prevents your Nintendo Switch from connecting to the hotel WiFi. You can also ask for direct contact with their ISP for additional troubleshooting methods.

As well as connecting your Switch to the hotel wifi, you can also connect it to the hotel TV. If that doesn’t work, we have an article which tells you what to do when your Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect to TV.

Final Thoughts

Connecting your portable console to the internet is an important way to get the most out of its features. To play, stream, and access certain games and media, you’ll most likely need a stable wireless connection (an unstable connection can sometimes cause Nintendo Switch error 2123). Typically, hotel WiFi’s are easy-to-access once you have the right login methods.

Hence, these are all the few, easy-to-do methods to help you connect your Nintendo Switch to a hotel WiFi. If the main methods didn’t work, you can always contact the hotel staff for further assistance.