Minecraft Fix Failed to Synchronize Registry Data From Server (2023)

Minecraft is one of the most iconic 3D sandbox games of the 2010s. Created by Mojang Studios, it enables players to explore and customize a virtually-generated environment made up of one-meter cubic-sized blocks, various items, plants, and other creatures. Users can also integrate mods into the game, making it more interactive.

Simple Way to Fix Failed to Synchronize Registry Data From Server

However, some players have faced the “failed to synchronize registry data from server” error while playing a modded version of Minecraft. This guide will show you what does “failed to synchronize registry data from server Minecraft” mean and how to fix this issue on your device.

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What Does “Failed to Synchronize Registry Data From Server” Mean in Minecraft?

Getting this error message on Minecraft likely means that the game has trouble loading data to the server—specifically, modded servers. While playing Minecraft with mods is popular nowadays, it can sometimes contain bugs, corrupted files, and incompatibility issues that lead to in-game problems.

However, this common problem has been proven fixable once you know the proper troubleshooting steps.


How to Fix “Failed to Synchronize Registry Data From Server”

Here are some effective workarounds that you can try to fix the “failed to synchronize registry data from server” error in Minecraft. Remember to review each fix and check which one you think is the most effective:


Fix #1: Check for Mod Updates

One common reason this error occurs is outdated mod versions—e.g., running a version 1.18 server with a mod that’s only compatible with version 1.17. To solve this problem, check the mod’s official website for updated versions compatible with the game’s server.

Depending on the mod that you’re using, they’ll feed constant updates for their mod, while others might take a while. So, patience is necessary until a new, compatible mod update is available.


Fix #2: Install a Compatible Version of Minecraft Forge

Minecraft Forge, or called Forge, is the server you’ll use with Minecraft: Java to run community-generated mods. It’s necessary to keep it compatible with your mods to avoid in-game issues and errors, like “failed to synchronize registry data from server.”

To install a compatible version of Minecraft Forge, follow these steps:

  1. Open your computer’s browser and visit Minecraft Forge’s official download page.
  2. View the versions under Latest and Recommended since they’re more stable than the other versions available.
  3. To search for a specific Forge version compatible with your game version and mods, use the Minecraft Version pane on the left.
  4. Once found, select the Installer icon and follow the on-screen instructions to install the client to the game.
  5. After it’s installed, open the Minecraft Launcher and play using the latest Minecraft Forge version.
  6. Check if the issue is fixed.


Fix #3: Delete the Mods Individually

If the server issue still exists after updating the game, client, and mods, you can try deleting each Minecraft mod you use individually. This helps you pinpoint which mod is unstable and causes apparent problems to the game. However, remember that this removes all game progress you’ve made with that mod once it’s removed.

Important: Always try keeping a backup of your game files before doing this method. Also, avoid deleting game mods on a live server to prevent file corruption and running into further errors.

To delete Minecraft mods, navigate to the /mods folder of the game and delete your desired modpacks.


Fix #4: Reinstall All Your Mods

Another way to fix the “failed to synchronize registry data from server” error is by reinstalling all your Minecraft mods. While this may be a lengthy process—especially when you’re using various mods—it’ll ensure that all game files on the mod are updated and in good condition.

To reinstall Minecraft mods, first, delete all mods on the /mods folder of the game and redownload them individually from the mod’s official download page. Once downloaded, copy all mod files to the same mod folder.


Fix #5: Try Different Mods or Play an Unmodded Version of Minecraft

Once all fixes on this list don’t work, the last resort that you can try is installing different mods. With the vast array of mods created by the Minecraft community, there are always other mods that you can try playing with and might end up liking.

Playing the vanilla client of Minecraft isn’t a bad idea, either. Since mods will always possibly bring issues to the game, you can try playing it in an old-fashioned way to completely solve the “failed to synchronize registry data from server” problem in Minecraft.


Final Thoughts

One of the known errors you’ll experience when playing on a modded server in Minecraft is the “failed to synchronize registry data from server” error. This happens when your mod files are incompatible, corrupted, or outdated with the server. Hopefully, this guide helps you to fix this common issue in Minecraft.