How to Fix Fios Router Yellow Light. 8 Methods (2023)

Understanding why routers start flashing at irregular intervals and what each colour means may be somewhat intimidating, especially if you’ve never had a router in your house or place of business. When you see strange flashing, you must exercise caution and do some research since blinking colours signify whether the network is functioning correctly or not.

If you constantly see a yellow blinking light on your Verizon Fios router, we’ve got all the solutions. Apart from that, we’ll describe what various blinking rates signify and how to stop any unusual network indications.


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Status Lights Of Fios Router

Although it’s understandable to be alarmed by all the numerous colours you can see on your router, not all of them are signs of anything that can be dangerous.

To identify a problem with your router before it’s too late, you must understand what the lights on it mean. A Fios router has blue, red, green, yellow, and white status lights. These hues represent the stability of your internet connection and how well-functioning your linked gadgets are.

The condition status for “normal” is shown by your Fios router continuously emitting white light. This steady light indicates that there is nothing to fret about and that your router is functioning normally.

Your Fios router is booting if it displays white; the white hue will blink rather than show a steady stream of white light. A firmware update and hard reset will also show a blinking white light.

The condition status indicating abnormal behaviour, such as hardware or total system breakdown, is a stable “red.” For instance, if your router is continually blinking red, it may be overheating.

If you see a constant “green” emission, your WiFi is disabled. Likewise, a slow “blue blink indicates a failed pairing.” However, if it blinks quickly in the blue colour, your router is in pairing mode. 


Methods to Fix Yellow Light on Fios Router

If the solid yellow light on your Fios router is on, it signifies a no internet connection. This might be caused by several things, including an Ethernet cable that is broken or old, a scheduled or unexpected Verizon network outage, issues connecting with devices or the ISP, or the router could be overheated.

Since the causes behind a yellow light on FiOS routers vary, we’ll discuss various solutions that are the most effective for you to perform at home.


Fix #1: Ethernet Cables On Fios Router

Checking that your Ethernet cables are plugged in properly should be your first course of action if your Fios router is blinking yellow. You probably plugged in a cable incorrectly if you’ve been moving your router around the premise. 

Loose wires are an easy remedy. Plug in all of your cables securely and make sure they are side-by-side. It’s crucial to remember that the wire needs to be correctly plugged in and out on both ends.

Frayed Wires

Replace any frayed, damaged, or twisted wires as soon as possible. Although it is feasible to splice and mend frayed cables at home, it is better to avoid endangering your router.

Clean Fios Router’s Ports

Another step to ensure there are no persisting issues with cables is to brush away all the dust and debris from inside your ports. Debris that has accumulated on your Fios router’s port can potentially damage the router in the long-term. 


Fix #2: Try Power-Cycling 

A yellow light may appear on your Fios router can be attributed to errors and issues. Moreover, the yellow LED can come on due to overheating as well. Since power cycling resets your router’s internal components, it provides a quick and easy remedy.

Power cycling essentially means unplugging a device, such as your modem or router, from its power supply. Electrical equipment performance may be impacted by information overload or overheating as they operate on software and hardware. Let’s break down how you can carry out this procedure efficiently:

  1. Turn off your Verizon router
  2. Pull the power cord out of the outlet
  3. To exhaust its power, wait a minute or so 
  4. If it’s hot to touch, wait for about 10 minutes to let it cool
  5. Reconnect the power cord
  6. Wait for the router to turn on
  7. Check to see if the router’s indicator light is white
  8. Check the internet connection on all of your devices; you can do so by surfing the web or allowing something to buffer


Fix #3: Change The Location Of Your Fios Router

Overheating can cause the yellow to be emitted frequently. Consider moving your router to a fantastic location if it often overheats even after a power cycle. As these may cause your router to heat up rapidly and operate poorly, keep it away from heating devices, bright sunlight, and vents.


Fix #4: Replace Backup Batteries 

Batteries experience long-term wear and tear, much like any other piece of technology. If your router contains backup batteries, you should consider changing them since they might make the LED lights on the Fios router malfunction.

Contact Verizon’s customer support for the replacement of batteries. 


Fix #5: Faulty LED Lights

If your yellow light has been flashing continuously, you have a defective router light. Ensure there are no connectivity or signal strength difficulties if your yellow light has been flickering and indicating no internet connection for hours. Ensure everything buffers usually by browsing the web.

If everything appears to be in order, your LED light is probably just broken. While leaving it to blink is entirely OK as long as it doesn’t cause any significant issues, it might be challenging to tell when your network isn’t available and when the light is broken.

The only method to resolve this issue is to contact Verizon and request a replacement. If a replacement LED light is not provided, you can also request that Verizon fix the LED light for you by sending a customer support guide. If you have exceeded the wireless router’s lifespan, then it may be time for a full replacement.


Fix #6: Extender And Router Pairing Issue

Another reason your yellow light is steady for so long could be the router’s attempts to pair with the extender adequately. To pair them manually, you can follow the quick steps provided below:

  1. The extender and router’s front buttons must be pressed
  2. Hold the buttons for five seconds to enter pairing mode
  3. Link the two devices
  4. Both devices have been appropriately linked when they display a flashing blue light.

If this doesn’t resolve the pairing issue of your Fios extender and router, you can move on to the fix provided below. 


Fix #7: Change The Location Of Your Extender

A yellow indicator that blinks can mean there are issues with your distance. To maintain a suitable distance from the router, you will thus need to move your extender.

If the blinking happens quickly, your extender could be too close to the router. On the other hand, your extender could be a little out of reach for the Fios router to enter pairing mode if the yellow light on the router is blinking relatively slowly in that situation.

A solid yellow light may emerge when the extension and the router are perfectly spaced apart. You may use this to gauge how much relocation is necessary.


Fix #8: Reset Your Fios Router

If the yellow light persists, it may be time to move on to the last resort. Resetting your Fios router can resolve many issues, even the yellow light. However, it’s crucial to remember that all your network configurations will also reset themselves back to default, and you may need to reconfigure your router again. 

These easy-to-follow steps are provided below on you can reset your Fios router and fix your connectivity issues:

  1. Locate the reset pinhole button on the back of your Verizon router when it is powered on (It ought to go above the power port)
  2. Push and hold the button for 20 to 30 seconds while using a pin or other sharp item to do so
  3. Now the router will shut down and restart
  4. After that, configure your Verizon router
  5. See whether the Verizon Fios yellow light problem has been resolved


Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why the yellow light on your Fios router may come on, such as no internet connection. However, if your router or extension has connectivity problems, you can also encounter the Verizon Fios yellow light issue.

As a result, once your Fios router and extension display a solid yellow light, our guide should assist you in fixing them. If none of the previous options works, contact Verizon Support for more help. Consider replacement as an option if none of the other options works for you!