How to Fix Firestick Remote Blinking Orange (2023)

Are you having trouble with your Firestick remote? Is it blinking orange instead of the usual blue? If so, you’re not alone. Many Firestick users have reported this issue, but the good news is that it’s usually an easy fix. This article will cover common reasons why your Firestick remote might be blinking orange and how you can fix it.

firestick remote blinking orange


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What Is The Orange Blinking Light on Firestick? 

If your Firestick LED light blinks orange, it means that your Fire TV Remote is not connected to your Fire TV.


What Causes Firestick Remote Blinking Orange?

Cause 1: Low Batteries

One common reason for a blinking light on your Firestick remote is that it’s running low on batteries.

If this is the case, replace the batteries in your remote and see if the light stops blinking. You can use any brand of AAA batteries as long as they are fresh and not expired.


Cause 2: Remote Not Paired

Another possible reason for a blinking orange light on your Firestick remote is that it’s not paired with your Fire TV device. To pair your remote, first, ensure that your Firestick is turned on and connected to the internet. Restart your Fire TV device and wait for one minute. Then, pair your Fire TV remote again by pressing and holding the Home button on the remote for 10 seconds. The remote should pair with your Fire TV device. 


Cause 3: Problem With The Fire TV Remote

If your Firestick remote is blinking orange but not pairing, there may be a problem with the remote itself. In this case, you may need to reset your remote.

To do this, press and hold the Home, Back, and Left buttons on your remote simultaneously for about 10 seconds until the light on the front of your Firestick device flashes three times. 

This sequence will reset your remote and fix any issues you have.


Cause 4: Faulty Fire TV Remote Firmware

Sometimes, a blinking orange light on your Firestick remote can be caused by a problem with your Firestick’s firmware. If this is the case, you’ll need to update your Firestick’s firmware.

To do this, go to the Settings menu on your Firestick, select the “System” option, and then choose the “About” option. If there is an update available, it will be listed here. Follow the on-screen instructions to update your Firestick’s firmware. 

Updating the firmware can also help if your Firestick is going slow.


Cause 5: Hardware Issue With Your Firestick Remote

If you’re still having problems with your Firestick remote after trying all the above steps, there may be a hardware issue. In this case, you may need to replace your remote. You can contact Amazon customer service to request a replacement remote or purchase a new one from a third-party retailer.


How To Fix Firestick Remote Blinking Orange

If your Firestick is blinking, here are the steps you can take to fix it.


Fix 1: Change The Batteries

  1. Get two fresh AAA batteries
  2. Open your Fire TV remote
  3. Change the batteries

Be sure to safely dispose of the old batteries so that you don’t accidentally reuse them again.


Fix 2: Reset The Remote

To re-pair your remote to solve the orange blinking, here’s how to do a factory reset.

  1. Unplug your Fire TV and wait 60 seconds.
  2. Press and hold the Left, Menu, and Back buttons simultaneously. Hold them for 12 seconds.
  3. Release the buttons and wait 5 seconds.
  4. Remove the batteries from your remote.
  5. Plug in your Fire TV and wait 60 seconds.
  6. Put the batteries back in your Firestick remote.
  7. Press the Home button on the remote.

When the LED indicator blinks blue, that means your remote is successfully paired. If it’s not paired, press the Home button for 10 seconds.

If you have a different remote model and these instructions don’t work, check out Amazon’s instructions on pairing your remote.


Fix 3: Update The Firmware

If your firestick remote is still flashing orange and not pairing, it’s time to try a firmware update.

  1. Use the Fire TV app to go to Settings on your Fire TV device.
  2. Select Controllers and Bluetooth Devices.
  3. Select Amazon Fire TV Remotes.
  4. Select your remote from the list.

If an update is available, you can install it from here.


Fix 4: Contact Amazon Customer Support

If all else fails and your Fire TV remote is still flashing orange and won’t connect to your TV, you may need to contact Amazon Customer Support. You can explain the issue to them and ask for a replacement remote.


How Can I Use My Fire TV When My Remote Is Flashing Orange?

If you want to use your Amazon Fire TV while the LED is blinking orange, don’t worry! You can still use your TV while you’re fixing your remote. 


How To Use Your Phone As A Firestick Remote

  1. Connect your mobile device to the same Wi-Fi network as your Fire TV Device.
  2. Open the Fire TV app on your mobile device.
  3. Select an available device on the screen.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompt.
  5. Use the on-screen navigation, keyboard, and other menu options to control the selected Fire TV device.

If your Firestick remote is flashing orange, you can use your phone as a remote in the meantime.



In conclusion, a blinking orange light on your Firestick remote can be caused by various issues, but most of them are easy to fix. If your remote is blinking orange, try replacing the batteries, pairing your remote with your Firestick, resetting your remote, resetting your Firestick, updating your Firestick’s firmware, or replacing your remote. By following these steps, you should be able to fix the problem and get your Firestick remote working properly again.