How to Pair Firestick Remote to TV Volume (2023)

Amazon Firesticks are one of the most popular streaming devices today due to their diverse app support while being affordable. Upon purchasing a Firestick device, you’ll be given a custom remote. While it’s mainly used to control your Firestick, some users have wondered how to control TV volume with Firestick remote.

How to Pair Firestick Remote to TV Volume (2022)

It’s another way to control your TV, especially when you’re easily confused with different remotes for other devices. In this guide, we will show you how to program Firestick remote to TV volume. So, if you’re looking forward to using your Firestick remote as a multi-purpose device, read this guide to know more.


Using Your Firestick Remote To Change TV Volume

From setting up your Amazon Firestick to doing basic controls, the Firestick remote is a powerful accessory that’s been improved over the years. The remote for the Firestick 4K is the latest remote available and is being sold separately as a backward-compatible device.

This means that if you’re owning an older version of the Firestick device and an old remote model, you can buy the latest, third-generation Firestick remote without having to purchase a new Firestick. 

Also, your TV needs to have HDMI-CEC or High Definition Media Interface-Consumer Electronics Control support for this method to work. Otherwise, your TV might not respond to the remote’s controls. If you are not sure, please read check if your Smart TV works with Firestick.


How to Pair Firestick Remote to Control TV Volume

To enable Firestick volume control on your TV, you’ll need to first pair your Firestick remote to your TV. The latest Firestick remote supports various TV brands, so you won’t have a problem with compatibility. 

After plugging in a fresh set of batteries on your Firestick remote, follow the steps below to pair your Firestick remote to your TV:

  1. Turn on your smart TV with the Firestick device plugged in.
  2. Press the Home button on the Firestick remote and navigate to Settings > Equipment Control.
  3. Under Manage Equipment, select TV and choose Change TV.
  4. Select your smart TV brand from the list.
  5. Press the Power button to turn the TV off. Wait for a few seconds before pressing the Power button again to turn it back on.
  6. If your TV is turned off and on using the remote, select Yes from the choices on the screen. 
  7. If it didn’t work, select No. It may take several attempts before your remote is successfully paired with your TV.
  8. Once you choose No, you will now be taken to the IR Profile options. If you know the IR profile for your TV, select it from the options. However, you can also proceed with a trial and error method, though it’s time-consuming.
  9. After finding the right IR profile for your TV, try testing out the volume controls by adjusting them based on the sound being played by the device.
  10. Select Yes if you successfully changed the volume. Otherwise, pick No to pick another IR profile for your remote.
  11. Once your Firestick remote is successfully set up, proceed to save all changes.
  12. You can now use your Firestick remote for basic controls to your TV, such as power and volume controls.

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Final Thoughts

Firestick remote controls have been steadily improved by Amazon over the years. Besides controlling your Firestick device, it can also be paired with your TV and be used for volume and power control. 

If your TV has HDMI-CEC support, it makes Firestick volume control possible—even without using your TV’s original remote. Hopefully, this guide helps you to utilize your Firestick remote to control your TV’s volume and power.