How to Activate on ANY device (Apple, Roku, Fire TV, and More)

Many anime fans can agree that Funimation is one of the BEST anime streaming sites in the market. 

But it’s not just shounen and mecha animes that you get unlimited access to.

Heads out of the gutter now. That’s a different “anime” website!

We’re talking about the popular East Asian live-action series, movies, and your favorite East Asian dramas.

As someone who enjoys watching TV series, you may even be subscribed to other streaming services such as Apple TV and Roku. But do you know that you can stream Funimation content there too? 

Well, that got your attention! 

Stick around and find out how you can access the latest and greatest animes and East Asian TV series from your favorite streaming platform.

Table of Contents

Why Should You Subscribe to Funimation?

If you aren’t too familiar with Funimation, you’re probably wondering why many people hype it up so often. So we’ll do a small introduction for our dear boomers and non-anime lovers out here!

You’re most likely familiar with sites like Netflix and Roku, and Funimation basically has the same function: streaming.

Except, unlike series like Money Heist and Stranger Things, you will find shows like Naruto and Pokemon. 

You will be able to find a lot more shows than the two we mentioned, but these are the most popular ones that even non-anime watchers or “normies” know about.

But why would anyone pay a monthly subscription to watch anime? 

The same reason why most people pay for Netflix and Hulu: Entertainment

Anime and live-action dramas are great shows to unwind to. 

Plus, paying a subscription with a platform like Funimation gives you unlimited, ad-free, and safe access to the hottest, funniest, saddest, and most legendary anime of all time.

But can’t we watch anime for free?

Yes….illegally and that’s not something we want to encourage. 

Plus, illegal anime sites are crawling with suspicious links that probably have malicious malware. Imagine accidentally clicking on those? Yikes!

So if your younger sibling or child is asking for a Funimation subscription, maybe try it out. Plus, you can still monitor whatever they’re watching because you can link their Funimation account to your favorite streaming platforms.

And if you are someone who is always looking for cheaper ways to watch anime, just get a subscription! 

Or else you’ll wind up needing to get your computer fixed or even replaced, and that’s much more expensive. 

How to Activate on ANY Device

Activating your Funimation account won’t be too different across different devices. But we’re here to give you a solid guide to follow so you don’t make any mistakes accessing your account across different apps.


Apple TV

Got an apple TV that you want to stream code from? Here’s how you can do just that:

Step 1: Sign up for Funimation

Step 2: Go to your Apple Tv’s Home Screen

Step 3: Go to the app store and look up “Funimation”

Step 4: Install the Funimation app

Step 5: Wait for the download to finish. Now input your account information into Funimation/activate your account.

And Viola! Now you can stream your favorite animes and live-action dramas any time you want!



This is for all our Roku lovers out there. Did you know that you could also get unlimited access to the hottest, latest, and greatest animes and live-action dramas offered by Funimation through Roku?

Let’s get to the steps:

Step 1: Go to your Roku’s “Home” tab. Take your Roku remote and press “Home”.

Step 2: Go to your “Streaming Channels” tab and select “Search Channels”

Step 3: Now look for “” 

Step 4: Once you see Funimation, click “Add Channel”. Wait for it to finish installing.

Step 5: Once Funimation is done installing, you can now find it on the list of channels on your home screen

Step 6: Finally, open your Funimation app and log into your account

If you don’t have a Funimation account, go onto their website and signup.

There you go! Now you have all your favorite Funimation shows in your Roku account!

This is a similar method to how you activate Bravo TV to watch on Roku.


Fire TV

Do you have an Amazon Fire TV subscription? Great news, you can stream Funimation there too! 

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Go to your Amazon Fire TV Home Screen

Step 2: Locate the App Store and look up “Funimation” in the search bar

Step 3: Select “Download” and wait for the app to finish installing

Step 4: Log into your Funimation account

Now you can binger your favorite HunterxHunter episodes, take a trip down memory lane with Naruto, or go with the hype and watch some Spy x Family silliness!



Did you know that you could also stream shows on Xbox? Yes, this gadget is not only for games and online workouts.

Your Xbox may be your go-to for unwinding after a long day at work or school. Let’s talk about how you can vibe with your favorite animes on Funimation using your Xbox:

Step 1: Go to your Xbox’s Home Screen

Step 2: Go to the App Store and type “Funimation activate code tv” in the search tab

Step 3: Once you find Funimation, click “Install” and wait for your Xbox to finish the installment process

Step 4: Now that the download is done, log into your Funimation account

Done! That’s all you have to do to enjoy unlimited, ad-free access to all your favorite series and live-action dramas. This is basically the same process used to activate WE TV on Xbox.



If you have a PlayStation and live in the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland, and Australia, you will have exclusive access to Funimation’s streaming services. 

Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Locate your PlayStation Home Screen

Step 2: Go to the app store and type “Funimation”

Step 3: Now, select “download” and wait for the installment to finish

Step 4: Once you’re done downloading the Funimation app, log into your Funimation account

Now, you can access your Funimation account through your PlayStation and watch your favorite animes after a good gaming session!