How Long Does a Gaming Laptop Last? (Updated 2023)

There are people who treat gaming as a hobby, and then there are professionals who make a living streaming with their laptops on Twitch! Regardless of how intensively you use your machine, even if a gaming laptop is used sparingly, after a few years you will eventually have to invest in parts.  The quickest to go are the battery and the hard drive followed by the display, which is extremely vulnerable if there are no spacers on the screen housing next to the keyboard. A gaming laptop is a commodity whose lifespan is usually limited to a few years. The durability and the wear and tear depend primarily on the use. But how long will a gaming laptop last?

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Depending on the model and maintenance, a replacement is usually due after three to five years. Most people end up selling their old laptops on eBay a few years after the purchase because laptops, just like any other gadget or technology dependent item, get outdated pretty quickly. There is always a new processor or a new configuration that is required for the latest games being released.

If you are looking for something that will last longer, then it is a good idea to invest in a higher end machine. Before buying, you should investigate what laptops are durable and which manufacturers build laptops that stand the test of time. You should also read reviews for the specific model that you are interested in to get insight from firsthand buyers of the device.

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Although, long term tests are the only way to attest to a laptop’s build quality with certainty, such tests are usually not carried out, even by the manufacturers themselves.

how long will a gaming laptop last

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Factors That Affect Durability of Gaming Laptops

Where Was it Used?

Various factors influence the life of a laptop, the most obvious of which is the environment in which the laptop is used. That means, for example, was it in a smoker’s household? Was it close to a heater? Was it often carried back and forth or in a bag carelessly placed on the floor? If you want your machine to last you a while, you need to take proper care of it!

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How Was it Used?

Another important factor in terms of durability is of course how the laptop used. If a laptop is used constantly, especially for playing games, or if numerous files are stored on it, the battery and hard drive performance depreciate faster than with occasional use.

Build Quality

The make and model and overall build quality of the laptop play a huge role. If it does not have a good ventilation system or is made of inferior plastic, the likelihood of an early defect is higher than with a well-made laptop. Laptops are generally more susceptible to defects than normal PCs because they are more densely built and more sensitive to heat.

Gaming laptops in particular get loud and tend to overheat due to long periods of use. One reason for this is clogged fans that cause dust to accumulate. The service life of the battery is influenced by whether the device draws its energy more from the socket or the internal accumulators. Experts advise not to keep the laptop plugged in, but to occasionally use the computer without an external power source between charging times. Otherwise the battery will go bad quickly.

The average shelf life of a particularly inexpensive laptop is two years. However, depending on the type of use and the brand, the service life can increase massively. If a laptop shows a defect within the first two years, owners of the devices can usually make a warranty claim.

On average, after about three years, gaming laptops become obsolete. The wear and tear on the mouse pad and keyboard is always noticeable and the accuracy and response times of these peripheral devices also become increasingly shorter. One possible solution for this problem is to use an external keyboard or mouse which are both quite inexpensive and easy to replace.

Maintaining a Gaming Laptop Properly

Even though a gaming laptop will not last forever, its shelf life can be significantly extended through proper storage and use. Make sure that the laptop does not overheat quickly by using a cooling pad and placing it on hard surfaces such as a table or a mat instead of a bed or a sofa. It is really important to keep a laptop cool while gaming

It should also not be stored too close to a heater or exposed to direct sunlight. Also try to keep the average CPU temp while gaming within 65° to 75°C to prevent damage.

Careful maintenance also includes cleaning the laptop. This not only ensures that the laptop looks good, but also protects the screen and keyboard from dust, which can also lead to defects in the long term.

A laptop should be cleaned with care. It is best to use a soft cloth and some water. When using the laptop at home, for example, it is advisable to use the laptop in mains operation – i.e. on the charging cable – and remove the battery while doing so. Finally, when charging, you should wait until the battery is fully charged.

Despite all the care and conscientious use, one or more parts of your gaming laptop will stop working. This is usually the battery or the hard drive. However, this isn’t always a reason to buy a new laptop right away. With a new battery or the installation of a new hard drive, the laptop is like new again. It is important to make backups in advance on a security disc or an external hard drive. Good replacement parts can add a few more years to the life of your gaming machine!

Final Words

No one can tell you how long will a gaming laptop last. It also depends on how many FPS / details you expect. What I would recommend, however, is to pay attention to the service manual for the laptop that explains how to dismantle and maintain it.

Replacing the thermal paste and cleaning the fans are things that you must do, otherwise you will simply lose performance over time due dirt and drying of the thermal paste. Especially because gaming laptops already run at the upper end of the temperature range.

Even with high-priced devices, it is becoming more and more difficult for people to maintain their laptops. Even though batteries are easy to change, the maintenance hatches and other components such as stripped mainboard screws are often a nuisance. The technically experienced user will usually be able to open the device anyway and perform tasks such as renewing the WLP or cleaning the fan. Those who do not trust themselves have to pay the manufacturer or specialist shop.

In the case of defects, for example on the mainboard, you can no longer do anything. Since the GPU and CPU are almost always firmly soldered nowadays, a failure always results in a total loss. A replacement outside the warranty costs as much as the brand new device itself.

What I do liked about the older devices, the ones with the socketed CPU (Haswell MQ) and GPU (MXM), was that if you looked hard enough, you would find a mainboard for only $200 – $300. Of course, a defective GPU (MXM) would be more expensive to replace, but still much cheaper than a brand new machine. The CPU smokes much less often. Even if it did, it would not be impossible to get a replacement.

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