How Long Does a MacBook Last? (2023)

This is a question that often gets asked and quite frankly it’s a lot more complicated than you might think. In the last few days, we have ourselves wondered how long an Apple MacBook that has been bought will stay with its owner, and when the device will be exchanged for a new one.

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How Long Does a MacBook Last?

The devices from Apple have a significantly longer lifespan than devices from other manufacturers, most of which usually last for a little over a year. Apple can hold its own particularly well in the notebook sector. On average, a MacBook lasts for a good 6 to 8 years before it is exchanged or retired as a second laptop. Basically, Apple devices are extremely durable, and they last for a good 100% percent above the normal average. This is also supported by the fact that there are MacBooks in use for more than 10 years, still working fine to this day.

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It is a fact that there are clear differences between MacBooks and other mass produced easily available laptops. Due to their sturdy reputation, MacBooks are used in several technical professions such as network engineering and computer science. They are also used heavily in the creative space for running high duty programs such as Adobe Illustrator, After Effects and even in music production for running programs like FL Studio!

how long does a macbook last

Now we don’t mean to talk down windows machines, as a matter of fact, Lenovo’s ThinkPad series is extremely well regarded, and, without a doubt, their laptops are as good as MacBooks. There are also other manufacturers who do a stellar job with windows computers. However, if you go ahead and purchase the latest model MacBook available, unless you have some sort of an accident, it will last you for a very long time! You cannot say that for all windows machines!

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Factors Affecting a MacBook’s Life

However, there are other factors that affect a MacBook’s life. Let’s go through a few of them below.


Operating System and MacBook Age

The age of a MacBook determines which OS it supports and that is one of the most important factors. For example, if you bought a MacBook Pro made in 2022, you can expect at least another six years of support. The long lifespan of macOS support is the reason why MacBooks are so valuable and sell for a decent price in the refurbished market.

Apple periodically releases new versions of its MacOS operating system. They build this software so that older MacBooks can still handle it. After eight to ten years, the new MacOS version will no longer be compatible with a MacBook. You can still use your MacBook afterwards, but it will no longer receive the latest security updates.

If you decide that your Macbook is so old that it is better to replace it, then you will most likely want to remove all your photos from it before selling it. Please read our guide on How to Delete Photos From MacBook But Not in iCloud which will safely delete your images.

Use Cases and Other Specifications

The specifications on your Mac have a direct impact on its performance. You have to take into consideration what it is that you want to do, for example, if you are into video editing or gaming, then you are definitely going to need something with a high performance standard.

Over time, computers become more advanced since the average user performance goes up. Developers then code programs that make use of the available power. If you are someone who is constantly in need of newer features, then you will probably need a new MacBook a lot sooner.


Hard Drive and Battery

The hardware has two components that are sensitive to wear, the hard drive and the battery. A MacBook with an SSD hard drive has an added advantage that there are no moving parts, which means that there is hardly any wear and tear!

However, the batteries in all laptops are subject to wear. There are a few ways to combat this though. You can stay close to an electrical outlet so you can have your device plugged in when the battery loses life. This is not really the ideal solution, but it works out fine if you only use your computer at home. If your battery dies, have it replaced. New battery in, problem solved!

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With age, the battery performance of any laptop, including the MacBook, goes down. However, if you don’t mind putting in some work to maintain and calibrate your battery, then you can enjoy improved performance without having to worry about replacements for a very long time.

The good thing about most modern MacBooks, such as the ones released post mid-2009, are already pre-calibrated. With these models, you do not have to waste your time worrying about calibration.


Final Words

It’s just a given that a Mac doesn’t age as quickly as a PC. People have different needs over time, and they find themselves ready for an upgrade. This is not only due to the hardware, but mainly because of the software (windows, drivers etc.).

A Mac is more balanced and well designed, made with good quality parts. Ultimately, it is entirely up to the user how long their MacBook will last. Keep in mind that these are computers, and you should handle them with care, this applies not only to Macs but also to other computers in general.

Long story short, MacBooks are certainly among the best quality devices on the market. Most of them run without any problems even years later. But you can also get unlucky and break your computer after a year and a half. When you get an expensive MacBook and you really plan on keeping it for a long time, it is a good idea to invest in Apple Care which will give you an extended warranty in case something goes wrong!

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