How Long is the Expected Kindle Battery Life? Answered (2022)

Amazon Kindle is one of the most famous reading devices today. Besides the capacity to store an array of e-books, magazines, comics, audiobooks, etc., it also has longer battery life compared to most e-book reading devices. However, some users wonder what the average battery life of Kindle Paperwhite devices is.

How Long is the Expected Kindle Battery Life (2022)

Typically, the battery life of your Kindle device will depend on the device and how you would use it. This guide will show you how long does a Kindle last in terms of battery life on a single charge and the battery life expectancy.

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What’s the Capacity of a Kindle Battery?

The battery capacity of a Kindle device will depend on the version or model you own. Basic Kindle devices have at least 890 mAh, the Kindle Oasis has a battery capacity of 1130 mAh, and the Kindle Paperwhite has the largest capacity of 1700 mAh.

Here’s a quick overview of the battery capacity of most Kindle models available today:

Kindle Version/Model
Expected Battery Capacity
Basic Kindle
890 mAh
Kindle Oasis
1130 mAh
Kindle Paperwhite 4
1500 mAh
Kindle Paperwhite
1700 mAh
Kindle Paperwhite (Signature Edition)
1700 mAh


As you might see from the trend above, the Paperwhite has the most battery life available on all Kindle devices. The bigger the battery capacity of your Kindle, the longer you can use it after a full charge. When replacing the battery for your Kindle device, it’s essential to know its battery capacity first.


How Long Does a Kindle Last After a Single Charge?

According to Amazon’s charge data, a fully-charged Kindle device will last between four to ten weeks, depending on the model of your Kindle device. A basic Kindle device will last up to four weeks when fully charged. On the other hand, the Kindle Paperwhite has an expected battery life of ten weeks, and the Kindle Oasis has a battery life of six weeks.

For context, Amazon collected this data based on controlled conditions. The battery life was based on 30 minutes of reading per day, with the brightness set to 13 and the Wi-Fi feature turned off.

Compared to the average user, the data above seems too limited, especially since most users now prefer leaving the Wi-Fi feature enabled, and the brightness setting will most likely be higher. 

With this being the case, we also gathered more accurate data for the battery life of each Kindle model after a single charge, shown in the table below:

Kindle Model/Version
Amazon Data
Actual Battery life (With Wi-Fi Off)
Actual Battery Life (With Wi-Fi On)
Basic Kindle
4 weeks
15-20 days
2-3 days
Kindle Oasis
6 weeks
3-4 weeks
4-5 days
Kindle Paperwhite (All Versions)
10 weeks
6-8 weeks
7-10 days


Compared to Amazon’s data, the actual battery life was based on 1 hour of reading per day with the Airplane mode turned on. The other row showed an identical experiment with the Wi-Fi feature enabled.

If your Kindle will not restart once the battery is exhausted, see our article on what to do if your Kindle will not open.


How Long Does a Kindle Battery Last?

A Kindle battery can last up to 4 to 6 years before replacement. Since Kindle devices typically use Lithium-ion batteries, they can last from 300 to 500 charge cycles—a complete charge and discharge on a rechargeable battery.

Overall, basic Kindle devices (e-ink version) will last longer since the charge cycles on these devices are much more significant due to the bigger battery capacity. Other Kindle device versions will tend to have a lower battery life since they will need to be charged more often.

However, factors such as Wi-Fi usage and other features can increase battery consumption. Hence, the battery can deteriorate at a faster rate.


Final Thoughts

The expected battery life of your Kindle device will depend on what its device version is. However, it’s natural for your Kindle’s battery to degrade over time. Also, when the battery of your Kindle doesn’t charge fully, it’s best to replace it as soon as possible.

Hopefully, this guide gives you an idea of your expected Kindle battery life and how long it will last after it’s fully charged.