How to Chromecast Steam Link to Your TV (from Desktop, iOS or Android)

Now that most game controllers are compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems, it would be a shame not to play your favorite PC games on a TV.

Steam is a gaming platform that allows you to buy and play games on your PC. Using a Steam link and a Chromecast device, you can use your PC/laptop, Android, or iOS to extend your gaming experience to the TV. 

With the help of the Cast function on Google Chrome, you can Chromecast Steam games from your PC to your TV. Android and iOS users can download the Google Home App and the Steam app + Chromecast Streamer app respectively to Chromecast Steam Link to TV.

In this article, learn how to Chromecast steam link to your TV using Steam link supported devices connected to your home network


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What do I need to Chromecast Steam Link to TV?

Using a Chromecast device to play PC games on your TV is quick and simple. You can also use the Chromecast device to surf the web and access streaming platforms on your TV.

Before you can successfully stream PC games to TV via Chromecast, make sure that your PC and TV setup meet these requirements:

PC or Laptop

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or higher, MacOS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or higher, Linux Ubuntu 12.04 or higher, SteamOS
  • Installed with Steam


  • Has HDMI input for Chromecast device
  • Has a resolution of at least 720p

Note: Samsung Smart TVs released after 2016 have built-in Steam link functionality. You can download the Steam app from the Samsung Smart Hub to play directly on your TV. The Smart Hub does not support as many native apps as other smart TVs, so we have an article on how to get the Peloton app on your Samsung Smart TV, which will also work for other apps.

Lastly, make sure that the host computer and your TV are connected to the same home network. 

To get the best connection, your WiFI frequency should be at least 5GHz. Wired LAN connections are also a good option. If you do not have a wired LAN, then we have a guide on How to Connect a Smart TV to a Mobile Phone Hotspot.

Other Steam link Supported Devices

Aside from setting up your host PC and TV, you can also use Steam Link supported devices to Screencast Steam games to your TV.

  • Android: Use any mobile device (phone or tablet) to screencast to your TV using the Google Home App from the Google Play Store.
  • iOS: Use an iPhone or iPad to screencast to your TV using the Steam Link app from the Apple Store.


How to Chromecast Steam Link to Your TV

Before you can use Chromecast to play Steam games on your TV, you will have to attach and set up the Chromecast device.

The next step will depend on the device you want to cast from: either your PC (desktop/laptop) or mobile device (Android or iOS).


Step 1: Attach the Chromecast Device to your TV

Here’s how to setup your Chromecast device to your main TV:

    1. Connecting Chromecast: Locate the HDMI port on your TV and plug in the HDMI end of your Google Chromecast with Google TV Device. If your TV doesn’t have an HDMI port, you can use an HDMI adapter to connect an older TV with Chromecast.
  1. Source: On your TV’s remote control, press Source or Input. Set the source input to the HDMI port (HDMI 1, HDMI 2, etc) into which Chromecast is attached to.
  2. Connection: Next, connect your TV to the Wifi network. Press the Menu button on your remote control –– the menu path may vary, depending on the model of the TV. For newer TVs, navigate to Settings > General > Network Settings. Choose either Wired or Wireless connection and enter the password when prompted; make sure that your host device is connected to the same network.

After setting up your TV with Chromecast, you can move onto the next accessing the Steam link on supported devices.


Step 2: Set up Chromecast with Steam Link Supported Devices on your TV


The best way to use your Chromecast device is through the Cast function on Google Chrome. The Cast function on Google Chrome is applicable for Windows, Linux, and MacOS users. 

The function will mirror your computer screen to the Chromecast device.

If you don’t have the Google Chrome browser on your desktop or PC, make sure to download the latest version. The Cast function is only available on Google Chrome version 72 or higher, so update your browser if needed.

  1. Open Google Chrome on your laptop or desktop.
  2. Open the Steam website or application and log in with your username and password.
  3. Click on the 3 vertical dots on the upper right corner of the browser. Select Cast in the dropdown menu.
  4. Select the Chromecast device from the list of available devices.
  5. From the Sources dropdown menu, choose Cast Desktop. Your computer screen will now be displayed on your TV.
  6. You can now stream PC games to TV (Chromecast).

Note: Be sure to turn off casting if you want to work privately. On a Mac, if you leave screen sharing enabled & go to another app, you will be shown a “Your Screen is Being Observed” notification.


You can also use the Google Home app on Android devices to Chromecast Steam link to your TV:

  1. Download the Google Home app from the Google Play Store.
  2. On the Home screen, tap Set up 1 device.
  3. Select Home > Next.
  4. The app will try to locate your Chromecast device. Once the Chromecast device is located, tap Yes.
  5. A code should appear on your TV screen and Android phone. Tap Yes if you see it on both devices.
  6. Select the location (room) of your Chromecast device to organize your devices.
  7. Select the network you wish to connect to and enter your password to start the screencast. 


Steam Mobile app is compatible with iPhone and iPad:

  1. Download the Steam Mobile from the App Store and sign into your Steam account.
  2. Download Chromecast Streamer from the app store and connect your Chromecast device.
  3. Select the Screen mirror mode and adjust the bit rate, resolution and sound.
  4. Tap Start Mirroring > Start Broadcast to Chromecast Steam from your iOS to TV.


Using the Chromecast device is the easiest way to connect your game controller and TV to the Steam Link:

  • For PC: Use Cast function on Google Chrome
  • For Android: Use the Google Home App
  • For iOS: Use the Steam Mobile and Chromecast Streamer app

Happy gaming!