How to Clean Laptop Touchpad


Apart from mobility, a touchpad is arguably one of the strongest features that distinguishes laptops from desktops. You definitely want to take care of your touchpad and make sure that it stays in the best condition possible. Without a functional touchpad, a laptop is pretty much useless and it’s never fun to replace genuine parts.

Whether you have a Windows machine or a Mac with a Magic Trackpad, you should know that your touchpad needs to be cleaned properly, that too, on a regular basis! If you’re a student you probably use your laptop in class, during lunch time, or on a bus/train on your way to school. Most of this is also true for working professionals. The more you use your laptop outside of your home, the filthier it gets! You don’t want to risk getting sick. To ensure functionality and durability, you must always keep your touchpad clean!

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The most thorough way of cleaning a touchpad is to remove it first. If you are not comfortable doing that, you should at least clean the outside of the touchpad and the keyboard as well. It really isn’t a lot of work, and with a little love and care you can ensure that your laptop keeps functioning at its best. Remember that a touchpad collects dust and debris all the time. It is also the most sensitive and the most exposed component of your laptop, so you want to be gentle and patient when cleaning it.

Steps for Cleaning Your Laptop Touchpad

Step 1: Power Off and Remove Battery

Before you start cleaning, it’s a good idea to turn off your laptop and disconnect the charger from the wall socket to avoid any issues. To make things safer, you should also go ahead and remove the battery from your laptop.

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Step 2: Removing Loose Dirt Around the Touchpad

Once your laptop is powered off, grab a vacuum cleaner or a can of compressed air and get rid of any debris stuck around the touchpad. If you go for the vacuum cleaner, it’s important to have the setting to the lowest level so you don’t end up damaging your touchpad.

Step 3: Wiping the Surface

Use an alcohol spray or wet wipes to thoroughly sanitize the surface of the touchpad. Do not use hard brushes or sponges for cleaning, use a microfiber cloth instead. You should use a plastic cleaner for heavier soiling. Make sure that no cleaning agent runs into the notebook. When you wipe the top, don’t use too much pressure to avoid damaging the components underneath.

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Make sure to use a gentle cleaning agent that is suitable for plastic. Do not use too much liquid as it will run into the housing. Household cleaners should also be avoided since they can damage the plastic surface.

Step 4: Cleaning the Slots and Spaces

If your touchpad also has left and right click buttons, you’re going to have to clean the space around those with a toothpick or another pointed object. At the same time, most laptops have recessed touchpads with a lip outline around the edges where debris can get trapped. You’ll have to patiently clean that area and make sure to sanitize it at the same time!

Since you’re cleaning the touchpad, it’s also a good idea to clean the adjacent areas to the left and right. This is where you rest the bottom of your palm while typing. Since it’s mostly a flat surface, you can go ahead and give it a quick wipe.

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