How to Get Alexa Back Online. 8 Methods (2022)

What if I told you that you could get your Alexa devices back online in simple steps within just 10 minutes? This guide will dive deep into what causes Alexa to go offline and how to get it back online in 2022.

This way, you will no longer face the issue of Alexa not connecting to the internet. With that said, let’s roll in.


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How to Get Alexa Back Online

Below we’ll explore the most potent ways to get your Alexa back online:


Restart Your Device

It’s not uncommon for software glitches to keep your Alexa device from connecting to the internet. In that case, the best thing you can do is try restarting your device. As it reboots, the glitches may be removed, and the device may connect to the internet successfully. To restart your Alexa device, unplug it from the power and then plug it in again after waiting for around 10 seconds. Now, see if the device connects to the internet.


Ensure Your Internet is Working

If your Alexa device isn’t connecting to the internet, your internet may be faulty. To check if your internet is working, connect your phone to the same Wifi and use the internet on it, like scrolling through a social media app. Remember, even if your phone picks up Wifi signals, you can’t be sure if the Wifi signals contain the internet.

So, checking if the internet is working in real-time is essential. If the internet is working fine, then there must be some other issue keeping your Alexa device from connecting to the internet. If your internet is faulty, you can try restarting your Wifi router (more on this below) or contacting your internet service provider to help resolve it.


Restart Your Wifi Router

In case your internet is not working fine, you can try restarting your Wifi router to help fix it. Though Wifi routers are generally relatively stable and consistent, they may sometimes misbehave, leading to poor internet.

As a result, the internet may not work fine on some of your devices, such as Alexa. It’s always a good idea to try restarting your router before looking into a complicated solution.

To restart your Wifi router, remove its power cable from its back and wait for around 30 seconds. Now, plug the power cable back in and wait for the device to boot up. After a few seconds, try connecting to the internet on your Alexa and see if it works now.


Ensure Your Alexa Device is Turning On

If you’re unable to get your Alexa device back online, it’s possible there’s an issue with its power cable, outlet, or another power component. In such a case, there may be fluctuations in power being supplied to your Alexa device, causing it to not turn on properly.

Generally speaking, Alexa devices come with indicator lights that let you identify if they’re getting power. In case the indicator light doesn’t glow up when you turn on the power, there must be a power issue with your device.

First of all, try plugging your Alexa device’s adapter into a different outlet and see if it works now. If the issue remains, try a different power adapter. As you find out what’s causing the issue, you’ll be able to resolve it immediately and get your Alexa back online.


Place It Closer to Your Wifi Device

As a rule of thumb, your Alexa device won’t connect to the internet if your Wifi signals are weak (Alexa may be flashing yellow). Walls, windows, doors, roofs, and other objects can drastically lower the range of your Wifi signals, causing them not to reach your Alexa device.

A good fix can be to replace your Alexa device closer to your Wifi router and see if it connects to the internet now. If it does and you still have to place the device far away, get a Wifi extender to strengthen your Wifi signals.


Ensure the Router Isn’t Overloaded

As most everyday tech gadgets nowadays are internet-enabled, it doesn’t take long to reach your Wifi router’s maximum limit of connections. Generally speaking, the traditional Wifi routers allow connecting 10-20 Wifi devices max.

If your Wifi connections limit is already reached, you can get a Wifi extender device to enable more connections on the same internet source. As you arrange the Wifi extender, set it up and try connecting your Alexa device to Wi-Fi again.


Ensure All Devices Are Using the Same Network

If you have a network of Alexa devices that you want to use simultaneously, it’s important to connect them to the same network. Using the same Wifi on your Alexa devices ensures they synchronize well with each other. With that at hand, ensure your Alexa devices are using the same Wi-Fi to get them back online.


Factory Reset Your Alexa Device

Factory resetting your Alexa device will erase all its data, meaning bugs and glitches (if any) won’t interrupt its network connection.

Since factory resetting an Alexa device requires backing up your essential data and setting up and customizing your device, it can be a bit complicated. That is why we recommend trying this solution after you’ve tried the more straightforward solutions above.

That said, the steps required to factory reset an Alexa device vary from model to model. But generally speaking, there is a small button on your Alexa device that you can press to reset it. Otherwise, there might be a tiny hole where you put in a little clip to press the button inside.

Once you’ve factory reset your Alexa device, let it turn on, complete the setup, and try connecting to your Wifi. You may need to reconnect any 3rd party devices (see How to Set Up Z-Wave Hub with Alexa).


Final Words

A slight disturbance in your everyday Alexa device can disrupt your lifestyle, such as an internet connectivity issue. If you’re struggling to connect your Alexa device to the internet, there may be various causes. The common ones include faulty internet, an overloaded Wifi router, and poor Wifi signal range.

In this guide, we dived deep into how to get Alexa back online using eight different ways. Until next time, cheers!