How To Get HBO Max On Vizio Smart TV (2023)

If you’re an HBO fan, you’ll be happy to know that the network has released its most comprehensive offering yet: HBO Max. It’s on Roku, Amazon Prime Video, and many other streaming services.

Unfortunately, there is no native HBO app for the Vizio Smart TV; however, the HBO Max app is available.


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Solution: How To Get HBO Max On Vizio Smart TV

You may quickly use the HBO Max app if it is preinstalled on your Vizio TV. If you want to start streaming, here’s what you need to follow:

  1. Register for HBO Max on their official website.
  2. Hold down the Home button.
  3. Enter your name and IP address on Vizio Smart TV’s home screen.
  4. Open the App Store.
  5. HBO SearchMax.
  6. Add the app to Home.
  7. Sign into HBO Max with Google.
  8. Watch TV.

If you have an earlier model of Vizio TV, though, you won’t be able to access HBO Max in its natural form.


What Model of Vizio TV Do You Have?

One of these Vizio TV streaming devices will allow you to watch HBO Max.

  1. P-Series Smart TVs
  2. Smart TV on an OLED screen
  3. M-Series Smart TVs
  4. The Smart TV V-series
  5. Smart TV D-Series

For more details about Vizio TVs, please read our article Who Makes Vizio TVs?

To use the Vizio SmartCast, you’ll need to install the software on your mobile device. The Vizio SmartCast app may be obtained through the Google Play Store or Apple Play Store.


Method #1 AirPlay HBO Max to Vizio TV

Thanks to Airplay compatibility, iOS users can effortlessly stream HBO MAX to their Vizio smart TV. Here’s how to use Airplay to stream HBO Max on a Vizio TV.

  1. Download HBO Max for iPhone or iPad.
  2. Join the same Wi-Fi network as your Vizio Smart TV and iOS device.
  3. Access HBO Max.
  4. Browse for and load up your preferred media into your Apple device.
  5. The Airplay symbol should be in the upper-right corner. To use, tap the image.
  6. Choose Vizio TV and stream.


Method #2 Chromecasting HBO Max To A Vizio TV

Casting HBO MAC to a Vizio TV is possible for Android users thanks to Google Chromecast. Just stick to these simple instructions, and you’ll soon enjoy your favorite program.

  1. Search for “HBO Max” in the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  2. Get the app from the app store and install it.
  3. Use your existing HBO GO or HBO MAX account to sign up.
  4. Connect your phone and TV to the same Wi-Fi network.
  5. Find your favorite program on the HBO Max app.
  6. To listen to media, press play. The broadcast function may be found on the media player’s menu bar.
  7. Select Vizio TV from the broadcast icon’s list.
  8. Watch Vizio TV.


How Can I Get HBO Max On My Vizio TV Using A USB Stick?

Here’s how to use a USB stick to watch HBO Max on your Vizio Smart TV:

  1. Download the HBO Max APK from a reliable source.
  2. Don’t trust unfamiliar sources.
  3. Copy the APK files for this program onto a USB drive.
  4. Plug the drive into the TV’s USB port.
  5. Start My Files and the TV.
  6. Find the HBO Max App APK on USB.
  7. Install the app on the TV.
  8. The HBO Max app will automatically run on your TV when the installation procedure is finished.
  9. Stream your favorite shows and movies.

Sometimes, the HBO Max app will not open on the TV even after installing it from a USB device. Please use the instructions below to fix the issue and see the media.

  1. Use settings.
  2. Launch the app.
  3. Click on applications.
  4. Open the HBO Max launcher.
  5. Watch your fav program.


Costs of an HBO Max Membership

HBO Max is a paid subscription service that provides entertainment. You’ll need to subscribe, and that costs money. There are now two different HBO Max subscription options available.

  • With a monthly or annual advertising plan for $9.99.
  • Ad-free for $14,99/month or $149,99/year.

You may try HBO Max risk-free for a week if you’re not an HBO customer. But this benefit is no longer available to citizens of the United States. The risk-free trial period of seven days is still open for use in other countries.


What Features Does HBO Max Have?

Feature 1: Multiple Profiles

HBO Max allows you to create up to five individual profiles, each with its color scheme.

Feature 2: Child supervision

You may set up kid-friendly accounts and restrict what they can view. Additionally, it prevents many NSFW shows and films from playing automatically. You may protect your account with a PIN so only you can access it and make any necessary changes.

Feature 3: Multi-device streaming

Three simultaneous streaming devices are permitted.

Feature 4: View Offline

With HBO Max, you may stream or download episodes at your convenience for up to 30 days. HBO Max with an ad subscription does not include access to this content. Upgrade to HBO Max Ads for free if you want to use this feature.

Feature 5: Originals

Euphoria, Westworld, Barry, and Watchman are just some of the unique series you can find on HBO Max.

Feature 6: TV show

The Big Bang Theory, Friends, and Game of Thrones are just a few iconic shows that can be viewed on HBO Max.

Feature 7: Films

Two or three days after their theatrical debut, HBO Max subscribers may see the newest movies. Disney Plus makes you wait 7–8 months to stream the same film.

Feature 8: Educational Games

Kids may enjoy hours of programming on HBO Max as well. Animated shows and other media may be accessed online.


Users of HBO Max may watch the newest episodes and seasons of their favorite series. By now, you might be able to get HBO Max on your Vizio Smart TV.

I hope this article answered your question on how to get HBO Max on Vizio Smart TV. Here, I conclude my article. For more information, stay tuned!