How to Reset Amazon Fire Stick Without Remote [Easy Steps] 2023

If you’re facing bugs on your Amazon Fire Stick or want to clean up its storage, resetting it might be a good way around.

But what if you’ve lost your Fire Stick remote? Or maybe the Firestick Remote is Blinking Orange and doesn’t work? Is there a way to reset Amazon Fire Stick without a remote? That we’ll find out in this guide. For instance, this guide will walk you through detailed steps on resetting Fire Stick without using a remote.

With that said, let’s dive in.


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How to Reset Amazon Fire Stick Without Remote

Follow the steps below to reset your Amazon Fire Stick without a remote:

1. On your TV Enable the HDMI-CEC

To enable the setting of HDMI-CEC on your TV, select Menu via its remote, locate HDMI-CEC, and enable it. As you do that, you’ll be able to use your TV remote to control your Fire Stick TV.


2. Reset Your Fire Stick TV

Now that you can control your Fire Stick TV with your TV’s remote, follow the steps below to factory reset it:

  1. You need to open the Settings menu on your Fire TV Stick.
  2. You need to Navigate to Device and then select Reset to Factory Defaults.
  3. Select Reset and confirm the action.

That’s it; your Fire Stick TV will be reset. As it reboots after the factory reset, you can configure it once again from the start.


How Does an HDMI-CEC Controller Work?

If you’re wondering what HDMI-CEC is, how it works, and how to enable it on your TV, the following information will be helpful.

HDMI-CEC stands for HDMI Consumer Electronics Control. It’s a TV feature designed to assist your TV in working well with other devices connected to it through HDMI. As your Fire Stick is connected to your TV via HDMI, this feature can help you control your Fire TV using the TV remote.

Many users find it confusing to enable HDMI-CEC on TV, as different manufacturers call it differently. That said, below is a list of manufacturers and their representation of the HDMI-CEC feature to help you quickly identify this feature on your TV:

TV Manufacturer
Name of the HDMI-CEC Feature
Aquos Link


CE-Link or Regza Link
Runco International
Kuro Link
HDAVI Control, VIERA Link, or EZ-Sync


Once you know which option represents the HDMI-CEC feature on your TV, go to the menu and enable it. Now, disconnect your Fire Stick from the TV, wait a minute, and reconnect. Wait for your Fire Stick to turn on. As it switches on, enable the HDMI-CEC feature on it too.

To do that, go to the menu and find HDMI-CEC. You can always do a quick Google search to see what this feature is called on your exact Fire Stick model.

Once you’ve enabled this feature on both devices, navigate to Factory Reset settings on your Fire TV and confirm the action. That’s it – your Fire TV will be reset.


No TV Remote Either? Here’s What to Do

While the above method works well for users whose TV remote is available, what if yours is not? In that case, the following fixes might help:


Use Fire TV App to Control It

The Fire TV app lets you control your Fire Stick. It’s a great solution when your Fire Stick remote is out of order or unavailable. But first, you’ll need to download the Fire TV app from the Google Playstore or App Store on your phone.

As you install the app, open it on your phone and follow the given instructions to pair it with your Fire Stick. Once the pairing is complete, you can control your Fire TV from your phone. Using this Fire TV app, you can reset your Fire TV Stick by navigating to factory reset settings.


How to Connect Your TV to Ethernet

As you might expect, using the Fire TV app to control your TV will require connecting your TV to the same network as your smartphone. Or, you’ll need internet on both devices. Either way, if you have an ethernet cable at hand, you can plug it into your TV to connect it to a network. But before that, see if there’s an ethernet port on your TV (most TVs do).

To connect your TV to ethernet, plug one end of the cable into one of your Wifi device’s LAN ports. Now, plug the other end of the cable into your TV. If the TV doesn’t pick up this connection, try restarting it. As you follow these steps, your TV will connect to the ethernet, allowing you to control it via the Fire TV app.


Control Your Fire TV Via a Keyboard

Another effective way to reset your Amazon Fire TV stick when you don’t even have your TV remote is using a keyboard. But connecting a keyboard to your TV will require resetting it. As this process varies depending upon the TV manufacturer, it’s best if you search for factory resetting your exact TV model.

The process will be simple as you’ll need to open Settings and find the factory reset settings. As your TV is reset, connect a USB keyboard to its back.

If you have a wireless keyboard, you may connect it to your TV instead. You can complete your TV configuration via this keyboard. As the network settings screen appears, enter your Wifi details and connect to it. From here onwards, use the same HDMI-CEC method to reset your Fire TV Stick.


Final Words

Resetting Amazon Fire TV Stick without its remote is straightforward, as you can use your TV’s remote. But if your TV’s remote is unavailable, there are still a few ways around it.

For instance, you can use the Fire TV app to control your Fire TV Stick. Or, you can temporarily connect a keyboard to your TV to factory reset it. Whichever method you pick, back up your important data before resetting your Fire TV Stick!