How to See Deleted Messages on Discord (2023)

Discord is a popular instant messaging social platform where users can chat, do video and voice calls, and share media and other types of files via Direct Messages or private communities called servers. These servers can be accessed via invite links and contain various chat rooms and voice channels.

How to See Deleted Messages on Discord (2022)

But, some Discord users have recently asked how to see deleted messages on Discord. This can come in handy once someone has seemingly deleted a message while you were inactive. On a related note, we have an article which covers how to tell if someone has blocked you on Discord.


In this guide, we’ll go over ways to check deleted messages on Discord and how to recover your desired messages.

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How to Recover Deleted Messages on Discord

It’s important to know that messages on Discord might be deleted automatically if they are considered abusive and violates Discord’s Terms of Service. Also, Discord has not yet created a method to recover deleted messages from a chat or direct message.

However, you can use specific plug-ins or apps to see deleted messages on the Discord website, desktop, or mobile app.

Important: The apps below go against Discord’s Terms of Service; hence, you’re technically restricted from using them and must acknowledge any risks.


Method #1: Viewing Deleted Discord Messages on the Desktop App via BetterDiscord and MessageLoggerV2

BetterDiscord and MessageLoggerV2 are extensions on the Discord app to help add more advanced features, including viewing deleted or edited messages on a server. These apps are also free and safe to use on your computer.

To view deleted Discord messages via BetterDiscord and MessageLoggerV2, follow these steps:

  1. Download BetterDiscord and install it on your computer. It’s available for free and has versions for both Windows and macOS.
  2. Once installed, the Discord app will automatically launch and indicate that a version of BetterDiscord is now installed.
  3. Next, download MessageLoggerV2 and save it to a familiar location on your computer.
  4. Then, launch the Discord app and navigate to Settings > User Settings.
  5. Scroll down to find the BetterDiscord header and select Plugins.
  6. Choose the Open Plugins Folder and go to the file location of the MessageLoggerV2 plugin.
  7. Drag the plugin to the Plugins Folder in Discord and enable it.
  8. If asked, select Download Now to download and install any missing files.
  9. Next, select the server that you want to check for deleted messages.
  10. Right-click on the server name and choose Message Logger > Open Logs.
  11. To view the deleted messages on your selected server, go to the Deleted tab. You can also view edited, purged messages and ghost pings.


Method #2: Viewing Deleted Discord Messages on Android via BlueCord by BlueMods

One way to view deleted messages on Discord on your Android device is by using the BlueCord Mod. Besides access to custom themes and other advanced features, it lets you view deleted messages on a specific server. The app is free and safe to use on your smartphone.

  1. Download the APK file of BlueCord Mod by BlueMods via their official website.
  2. Install it on your smartphone and launch the app.
  3. Select the Settings icon and choose User Settings.
  4. Choose Blue Mods and select Chat. Tap Deny and select Anti Message Delete.
  5. Enable the Block Delete + Log option. You can now see all deleted Discord messages on the mobile app.

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Final Thoughts

Discord is a fun way to engage and socialize with other communities through chat servers and voice channels. However, you might be curious about seeing deleted messages on the desktop and mobile apps. It includes messages that bots might have deleted.

Unfortunately, Discord has not yet set up a direct way to recover deleted messages on a chat server. Hopefully, the methods above help you check deleted messages on Discord.