How to Sync Roku Remote Without Pairing Button (2023)

Roku is a brand of various digital media players that are mainly used for streaming from online platforms. Most of their devices are user-friendly and affordable compared to cable TV subscriptions. You’ll first need to sync your Roku remote to use your Roku device efficiently.

How to Sync Roku Remote Without Pairing Button (2022)

However, some Roku users reportedly had problems doing this, especially when the pairing button on their remote was missing or faulty. This guide will show you how to connect Roku remote to TV and how to sync new Roku remote without pairing button.

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What is the Pairing Button on Roku TV Remotes?

You’ll need to use the pairing button to connect your Roku remote to a Roku TV or device. It’s usually found at the front or back of the remote, close to the remote’s battery slots. When pairing a Roku device to your remote, you’ll need to press this button until a light appears on the top of the remote.

However, this only works for enhanced Roku remotes—these remotes have the ‘point anywhere’ feature and will have a pairing button. On the other hand, IR Roku remotes use IR technology to control your Roku device. Also, it won’t have a pairing button.


How to Connect Roku Remote to TV

Typically, you’ll be given an enhanced Roku remote if you’re using a newer Roku device. However, you’ll have an IR Roku remote for older Roku devices. But this doesn’t mean you cannot pair a Roku remote to your device without a pairing button. Try following the methods below to pair your Roku remote while experiencing this issue.

Important: Before trying these methods, ensure that the batteries on your Roku remote are in good condition. If not, try replacing them with a new pair.


Method #1: Sync Your IR Roku Remote to Roku

Pairing an IR Roku remote with your Roku device is a straightforward task. Since they don’t have a pairing button, you’ll need to let your Roku device recognize the remote. To pair an IR Roku remote to your Roku device, proceed to these steps:

Note: This method will only work for Roku devices with IR receivers, like TCL Roku TVs, Hisense Roku TVs, etc.

  1. Turn on your smart TV with the Roku device connected.
  2. Navigate to the input source where your Roku device is currently plugged-in.
  3. Insert new batteries into your IR Roku remote control and press any button on the remote while pointing to the Roku device.
  4. Wait for both devices to sync automatically.


Method #2: Pair Your Roku Remote via the Roku App

An essential app for most Roku device users is the Roku App. It has a virtual remote feature where you can temporarily use your smartphone to control your Roku device or TV and connect your Roku remote via Settings. Also, ensure that your Roku device and smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

To pair your Roku remote via the Roku app, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Roku App on your smartphone or tablet. It’s free on the Google Play Store and the App Store.
  2. Launch the app and allow it to scan your Roku device.
  3. Tap the Remote option. You will now see a virtual setup similar to the Roku remote.
  4. Using the virtual remote, navigate to Settings > Remotes and Devices.
  5. Select Pair New Device. Your Roku TV will now scan for nearby Roku remotes.
  6. Wait for your Roku remote to be paired to your TV.


Method #3: Use the Pair Remote Option on Your Roku Device

Another method you can try to pair your Roku remote without a pairing button is to go to the Pair Remote option in the Settings app of your Roku device. But this will only work if you can navigate your Roku settings using a virtual remote on the Roku app.

To use the Pair Remote option on your Roku’s settings, do the following:

  1. Go to your Roku device’s Home screen and select Settings > Remotes.
  2. Choose Pair Remotes. The device will now find nearby Roku remotes.
  3. When your remote is successfully paired, you can now use it to control your Roku device.


Final Thoughts

Roku remotes are essential when using a Roku TV or other Roku devices. They help you do your tasks much more quickly and seamlessly navigate your device’s settings and features. However, your Roku remote might be missing the pairing button, or it’s not working. But at least your have your remote – if you can’t find it then check out our article on the Roku Remote Finder which helps you locate your lost remote.

Hopefully, this guide will help you to sync your Roku remote without a pairing button. If these methods were ineffective, you can try contacting Roku Support and order a new Roku remote compatible with your device.