How Much Does a Laptop Screen Repair Cost? (2022)

Your laptop’s screen is one of its most critical parts and at the same time, the most fragile. To visualize most tasks, commands, and all kinds of content, you’ll need a working screen. However, the screen of your laptop can be broken due to various reasons.

How Much Does a Laptop Screen Repair Cost


Whether it’s due to internal or physical damage, the cost to repair a laptop’s screen will depend on the severity of the damage and sometimes, the manufacturer or brand. More established laptop brands like Apple’s MacBook can cost more than an average Windows laptop.

In this guide, we’ll show you how much a laptop screen replacement can cost on most laptops and how much it is brand-wise. So, if you’re curious about how much you will spend to repair your laptop’s screen, read on to learn more.

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How Much is it to Fix a Laptop Screen?

Before worrying about the repair cost for your laptop screen, it’s important to know what the damage is and if it is covered under warranty standards. If the damage was manufacturing-related and was diagnosed during its warranty period, it’s safe to assume that the screen will be replaced for free.

But more often than not, laptop screens are damaged due to accidental damage. These include cracked, broken, and tampered screens that cause the laptop’s display to fail. Damages of this kind are not covered by warranty, so you’ll need to shoulder all costs with your own pocket.

These types of costs are taken into account in laptop screen repairs:

  • Labor
  • Laptop screen and parts
  • Shipping and applicable taxes

Depending on the manufacturer, labor costs are usually $200 but can go as high as $400. Assuming that these are done by trained laptop technicians, it’s a guarantee that all repairs will be done professionally. Also, prices can vary at various authorized repair centers due to the availability of parts and manpower.

In some local repair shops, however, it can go as low as $100, excluding other costs, like the laptop screen and other parts. Depending on your laptop’s screen display, here are the most common screen replacements:

  1. LCD Screen Replacement – Laptops with a Liquid-Crystal Display or LCD are usually cheaper than LED screens. The cost for an LCD laptop screen is $30 to $100, excluding labor.
  2. LED Screen Replacement – A screen that’s using an LED (Light Emitting Diode) display is more expensive than an LCD. For instance, screens for the older models of MacBook usually cost $100 or lower but can go up to $750 for newer models, like the MacBook Air which uses a Retina display.

Laptop Screen Replacement Costs (Brand-Wise)

As mentioned earlier, the costs of laptop screen repairs can vary from brand to brand. Whether it’s due to cheaper and more available parts or its screen display, it can quickly determine the screen repair cost. Here are the laptop screen repair costs of the most common laptop brands in the market (excluding labor costs):

#1. Lenovo Laptop Screen Replacement

Due to the availability of most laptop screen parts, repairs for Lenovo laptops are cheaper than other brands. A screen for a Lenovo laptop can cost as low as $60 for older models and $300 or higher for newer ones.

#2. HP Laptop Screen Replacement

Similar to Lenovo, HP laptop repairs are also cheap and easily done by most authorized repair centers. Screens for their latest laptop models can cost up to $200 or greater but can go low as $70 for older models.

#3. Dell Laptop Screen Replacement

Dell laptops are known for their outstanding quality at a budget price. However, their screens are also suspected to wear and tear or hardware damage. Screens of Dell laptops can cost $90 or lower for older models and $250 for the latest laptops.

#4. Asus Laptop Screen Replacement

One of the most durable laptop brands out there is Asus. Also, most of their laptops generally have LCD-type screen displays—which means it’s cheaper. Screens can cost up to $200 for flagship models and $80 or lower for older models.

#5. Acer Laptop Screen Replacement

Among the mid-tier of laptop brands is Acer. They’re known for having cost-friendly laptops with a variety of models. The average Acer laptop screen can cost $100 but can go up to $300 for flagship models.

#6. Samsung Laptop Screen Replacement

Besides phones, Samsung also has durable laptops with various screen display types. A typical LED laptop screen can cost $60, and an LCD screen display can go up to $200.

#7. MacBook Laptop Screen Replacement

Known as one of the most popular and lucrative laptop brands in the market, MacBooks are surprisingly cheap when it comes to screen replacements for older models ($70-$80). On the latest models of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, however, screens can cost $350 at the lowest and go up to $500 or more.

Final Thoughts

One of the few ways that will render your laptop useless is a damaged laptop screen. It’s such an integral part of your laptop that it won’t be possible to use it once minor damage is diagnosed. If your laptop screen was damaged due to manufacturing reasons, it can be replaced for free, given that it’s still under the warranty period.

Hence, this guide will hopefully help you with how much it will really take you to get your laptop screen replaced. Regardless of your laptop’s brand, it’s sometimes more practical to attach an external display or just buy a new one, if it gets too expensive.