Samsung or The Samsung Group is a multinational manufacturing conglomerate based in Samsung Town, Seoul, South Korea. Besides various affiliated businesses, Samsung is known to be the largest business conglomerate in South Korea and has the 8th highest global brand value in 2020.

Samsung was founded by Lee Byung-chul in 1938 as a trading company that later on diversified into electronics in the 1960s. In the 2000s, Samsung opened its first development center in Warsaw, Poland. Here, they developed ideas for digital TVs and smartphones.

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Samsung TV Models in 2022


Neo QLED or new Quantum Light-Emitting Diode TVs are among the top-of-the-line TV models of Samsung. It features an improved brightness, viewing angles, and contrast compared to QLED TVs. It also shows precise colors and has better light control.

Samsung QN900B

The most notable Samsung Neo QLED TV today is the Samsung QN900B. It has 8K support and a bezel-less Infinity Screen. It’s powered by the Neutral Quantum Processor 8K and 12 in-built speakers. The Samsung QN900B is available in 65”,75”, and 85” screen sizes.

Samsung QN95B

Another Neo QLED smart TV that’s quite popular is the Samsung QN95B. It has 4K support and is powered by the Neutral Quantum Processor 4K. It has an identical Infinity One design from the Samsung QN900B. 


A tier lower than the Neo QLED TVs is Samsung’s QLED TVs. Most of its TV models feature a Quantum Dot color filter that helps produce the best picture quality when watching content. In turn, QLED TVs naturally have higher resolution, brightness, and better upscaling abilities.

Samsung Q80B

The Samsung Q80B is the top-of-the-line QLED TV in 2022. It features 4K support and is powered by the Quantum Processor 4K. It uses Quantum Dot technology and is affordable compared to 4K televisions in the Neo QLED line of TVs.

Samsung Q60B

The Samsung Q60B features an AirSlim design, which means it has a thin, lightweight display (25mm depth measurement) and smaller video and power components. It uses a less advanced processor (Quantum Processor 4K Lite) and is available in 43” and 85” screen sizes.


Samsung’s OLED TVs or Organic Light Emitting Diode TVs feature a richer and brighter display compared to LED TVs. Because each pixel produces its own light, it has an excellent contrast ratio, absolute blacks, and pure whites.

Samsung S95B

The newly released Samsung S95B is Samsung’s first OLED TV this year. It’s powered by the Neutral Quantum Processor 4K and has a brightness booster that helps in creating accurate and realistic images. It’s available in 55” and 65” screen sizes.


Samsung’s standard line of 4K TV models includes TVs in the LCD-LED range. Although they’re considered similar, LED TVs are generally a better choice than LCDs, especially when streaming movies, TV shows, and other related content.

Samsung BU8500 and Samsung BU8510

These models are using Samsung’s Crystal Processor 4K and an AirSlim display design. Both feature 10-bit panels that are capable of producing over a billion color palettes. The BU8500 model is available in three screen sizes (55”, 65”, and 75”), while the BU8510 is available in 43” and 50” screen sizes.


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