How to FIX Minecraft Internal Exception (2022)

Minecraft is a beloved sandbox video game by Mojang Studios. Children and adults alike enjoy building their own worlds in this 3D game.

However, many players have recently received a stressful error message: Internal Exception: When you get the notification “an existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host Minecraft,” you won’t be able to continue playing. 

So what exactly does the error mean? The main reason you received this error is an internet connection error. There are several possible causes of connection failure, such as firewall blocking, router and issues, or outdated Minecraft or Java.

While fixing the internal exception error in Minecraft might seem too technical, the problem can easily be resolved with the help of our step-by-step guide. If a standard power cycle or re-installing Minecraft or Java doesn’t work, set up your DNS, IP address, and server settings.

In this article, we’ll begin by giving you an introduction to this common error. From there, go through our list of tried-and-tested troubleshooting solutions.


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What is  Minecraft Internal Exception Java io ioexception?

When you receive “Minecraft Internal Exception: an existing connection was forcibly closed,” this means that there was a problem with your internet connection. This network issue likely prevented your device from connecting with the Minecraft server.

Getting this error can be very frustrating because you won’t be able to continue playing. 

On top of that, it’s difficult to find the main cause of the problem. Any disruption in your network can cause a Minecraft server error.

This means that you’ll have to try multiple solutions to try and fix the error.


What causes the error?

As mentioned, there are many possible reasons why you received the connection error. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact point where the connection failed, but these are some of the most common causes:

  • Firewall permissions blocked access to the Minecraft server
  • Incorrect DNS, IP address, or router settings
  • Incompatible or outdated Minecraft and Java softwares


How to fix Minecraft internal exception

As mentioned, the Minecraft internal exception error is a bit complicated because there are many possible causes of the glitch. 

To help you out, we provided 11 solutions on how to fix the issue. 

Before proceeding, make sure that you have a stable internet connection. Try not to use mobile data or a mobile hotspot as these are much more unstable compared to a WiFi network.

Make sure to try which solution works for you, and don’t skip any steps. 

However, if none of these work, you may need to contact your internet service provider (ISP).


Check your Internet Connection

Before trying anything complicated, make sure that your internet connection is stable. 

Unreliable internet connection using mobile data or mobile hotspot can prevent your PC from connecting to the Minecraft server. Standard multiplayer mode will use 40MB of data per hour.

Open an internet speed checker, and check if your bandwidth is up to par. The host computer should have at least 1.5 Mbps bandwidth.

The appropriate bandwidth speed will depend on how many other gamers you’re playing with in Multiplayer mode. Ideally, though, bandwidth should be at least 100Mb an hour per user. 


Powercycle your system

The first thing you should try is restarting your PC, internet connection, and Minecraft. 

For many users, simply doing a full power cycle fixes the issue. This is because it restarts the services and closes all failed processes.

  1. Close Minecraft and shutdown your PC. Remove your PC from the power source.
  2. Unplug the router from the power source while it is still running, then switch it off. Disconnect the ethernet cable from the power source.
  3. Leave your router and PC unplugged for five minutes.
  4. Reconnect the ethernet cable and switch on your router and PC. Connect your PC to the internet network.
  5. Launch Minecraft and see if the issue persists.

If this doesn’t work, try connecting to the internet using a different device, such as your smartphone. If you can’t connect to the network, the problem might be with your ISP. 

Call your ISP so they can find the issue with your network setup. 


Update Minecraft

This is another effective solution that fixes the Minecraft internal exception error for most users. Updating Minecraft will do two things: it will remove the glitch in the installed program, and it will match your client application to the Minecraft server you’re connecting to.

If your current Minecraft version doesn’t match your server, you will likely encounter some sort of connection error.

  1. Open the Minecraft launcher and double-click the Minecraft app. Log in with your email address and password if necessary.
  2. Look for the Download button beside Play in the main menu. The Download option will appear if a new Minecraft version update is available.
  3. Click Play. The update will start to download –– wait for the green progress bar to finish downloading. You can now start playing.

Here’s another way to update Minecraft:

  1. Open the Minecraft launcher and double-click the Minecraft app. 
  2. On the Login page, click on Options.
  3. From the list, click Manage game & add-ons > Updates.
  4. Click the update you want to download. You can now start playing.

If there’s a problem with updating Minecraft, you need to uninstall the game, then reinstall it again.


Uninstall and Reinstall Minecraft

You need to re-download Minecraft if the available update in your area fails. Here’s how to uninstall and reinstall the latest version of Minecraft:

Reinstall Minecraft on Windows:

  1. Press Win+R on your keyboard and type %appdata%. Press enter and select the Roaming folder.
  2. Open the .minecraft folder and locate saves. Copy and paste the saves folder to a secure location. You will need this folder to restore your Minecraft progress.
  3. Return to the Roaming folder and delete the .minecraft folder. This will uninstall the game. 
  4. Visit the Minecraft website and log in with your Mojang account if necessary. Download the latest Minecraft Windows version available in your region.
  5. Launch the Minecraft installer and follow the on-screen instructions. After installing and loading, close Minecraft.
  6. Open the .minecraft folder and drag the saves folder to this location. This will restore your Minecraft gameplay.

Reinstall Minecraft on macOS:

  1. Open the Finder Window and click Go on the Toolbar. Click Go to Folder and type ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft. Press Enter.
  2. Copy and paste the saves folder to a secure location. You will need this folder to restore your Minecraft progress.
  3. Select all the other folders in the Minecraft folder and drag them to the Trash. Empty the Trash folder.
  4. Visit the Minecraft website and log in with your Mojang account if necessary. Download the latest Minecraft macOS version available in your region.
  5. Launch the Minecraft installer and follow the on-screen instructions. After installing and loading, close Minecraft.
  6. Open the .minecraft folder and drag the saves folder to this location. Click Replace to overwrite to restore your Minecraft gameplay.

Reinstalling Minecraft is also a recommended fix for jna-4.4.0.jar Error (the File Contents Differ From What Was Expected).

Update/Fix Java

For Minecraft to work, your Java software should be up to date. 

  1. Press Win + S on your keyboard, then type Configure Java. Click OK.
  2. Navigate tot he Update tab, then click Update Now.

There are some cases when updating Java doesn’t work. You’ll need to reinstall Java:

  1. Type Control Panel on the Windows Search Bar then launch the program.
  2. Click on Uninstall a Program, then look for Java.
  3. Download the latest version of Java, and install it onto your PC.
  4. Restart your computer, then launch Minecraft. Check if the problem persists.


Reset the Server

If you receive a connection error and restarting your PC or internet connection doesn’t work, you may need to reset the Minecraft Server.

If you’re using someone else’s server, the only way to configure the server is to request the owner to reset it. If you own the server, you can use programs like Shockbyte, CraftyControl, or Multicraft.

  1. Log into your server’s Control Panel, and select the server you want to reset. Make sure to stop the server from running to prevent creating or modifying files.
  2. Navigate to the Server Type dropdown menu and select the action you want to take after the restart.
  3. Navigate to the Setup tab of your control panel choose Reset or Delete All server files. Enter your password when prompted.
  4. Click Apply or Done to confirm the changes.
  5. Start the Server, then launch Minecraft. Check if the error still persists.


Flush DNS and Renew IP address

If your DNS or IP address is corrupted, you can flush DNS and renew your IP address.

  • Launch Command Prompt from the Start menu.
  • Type these commands: 

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /renew

  • Restart your computer, than launch Minecraft. Check to see if the error persists.


Change Router DNS to Google DNS servers

In cases where it’s difficult to get a stable internet connection, your ISP may have temporary issues that prevent your computer from connecting with the server. To fix this issue, you need to adjust your DNS settings in your router control panel.

  1. Access your router settings –– enter your login and password when prompted.
  2. Navigate to the DNS tab then type the following under Primary DNS server and Secondary DNS server. These settings will automatically connect to Google’s more reliable DNS servers.

Primary DNS Server:

Secondary DNS Server:

  1. Apply the changes, then restart your internet connection. Launch Minecraft and see if the problem persists.

While this strategy may not work all the time, connecting to Google DNS servers usually works better than the settings given by your ISP.


Disable Server’s Resource Pack

Resource Packs allow users to add more personality into their gameplay. You can customize textures, music, and other skins onto Minecraft.

However, if you have Resource Pack enabled, there are times when you will be blocked from the server. In this case, you need to adjust Resource Pack permissions:

  1. Launch Minecraft then navigate to Multiplayer.
  2. Click Problematic Server, then Edit.
  3. Locate Server Resource Packs, then click Disable.
  4. Save the changes and check if the error persists.


Turn off Firewall Permissions

Another common reason why Minecraft players get the connection error is because their PC fails to connect to the server because of Windows Firewall permissions:

  1. Click the Windows search bar and look for Windows Security. 
  2. Open Firewall & Network protection, then click on the network and Firewall protection option on the menu.
  3. Select the network that you’re connected to, and toggle off Windows firewall protection on your device.
  4. Apply the changes, then restart your computer. Launch Minecraft and check if the problem persists.


Enable Java Native Sandbox

Java Native Sandbox allows users to access Java applications in a restricted environment. This means that you can play Minecraft while bypassing connection issues to the server.

  1. Type Control Panel on the Windows Search Bar then launch the program.
  2. Look for the header labeled ‘Programs.’
  3. In the next section, look for the Java icon. A small pop-up notification labeled ‘Java Control Panel’ will appear. In the same window, navigate to Advanced > Advanced Security Settings.
  4. Select the option Enable the operating system’s restricted environment (native sandbox), then apply and click OK.
  5. Restart your computer then launch Minecraft. Check if the problem persists. If it does, try disabling Native Sandbox then enabling it again.



The Minecraft Internal Exception is caused by failed connections between your PC and the Minecraft server. This error is more complicated compared to other Minecraft connection errors because there are a lot of possible causes of the issue. 

Before troubleshooting your PC, the first thing that you should do is check that you have stable internet connection. After confirming a strong connection, you can try powercycling your router and PC, updating or reinstalling Minecraft.

If these don’t work, try to fix your internet connection by changing your DNS, router settings, or IP address. You can also try turning off Firewall permissions and disabling server resource pack.

Other gamers solved the issue by enabling Java Native Sandbox.

If these solutions don’t work for you, try contacting your ISP.