Do You Need a Fire Stick With a Smart TV? [Explained] 2022

With technology advancing round the clock, streaming services have taken over traditional cable television and broadcast services – thanks to their flexibility and versatility. Among the most popular live streaming services on the market is Amazon streaming service, packing a whopping 16% market share.

But if you already have a smart TV, do you still need an Amazon fire stick? That we’ll find out today, in this guide. For instance, we’ll dive deep into whether getting an Amazon fire stick for your smart TV is worthwhile, and when you should do so.

With that out of the way, let’s roll in.


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Do You Need an Amazon Fire Stick With a Smart TV?

Simply put, you don’t necessarily need an Amazon Fire TV with your smart TV to access Amazon streaming services. It’s because your smart TV will let you view your favourite shows on the Amazon streaming service, provided that it supports the apps you need.

That said, the key is to determine which apps your smart TV supports and whether they cover your favourite ones. You can simply switch off your TV and search for your favourite apps on its app store to see if they’re available. If you haven’t got a smart TV yet, search for the supported apps of the model of smart TV you’re considering.

Once you know if your smart TV supports your favourite apps, you can determine if you should hook it up with an Amazon fire stick. That said, here’s when you can opt for an Amazon fire stick to connect to your smart TV:


Case 1: You’re Using Amazon Prime

If you’re subscribed to Amazon Prime, you’ll want to have an immersive video, music, and movie playback experience on your smart TV. In that case, getting an Amazon fire stick for your smart TV might be a worthwhile investment. Since Amazon Prime covers both Prime Video and Amazon Music Prime, you’ll get access to thousands of videos, music, and movies on your TV.


Case 2: Your Favorite Apps Are Incompatible With Your Smart TV

Amazon Firestick converts a regular TV into a smart TV. But if you already have a smart TV that lacks some capabilities others offer, you can get them by investing in a fire stick. The same goes for when your desired apps are unavailable on your smart TV. By connecting a fire stick to your TV, you’ll be able to access your favourite apps on it effortlessly.


Benefits of Having an Amazon Fire Stick With a Smart TV

As you already have a smart TV, you might wonder how connecting an Amazon Fire Stick to it will improve your life. Well, here is how:


More Versatile

Amazon Fire Stick is highly versatile and probably supports more apps than your smart TV. In fact, Fire Stick lets you access over 14,000 free and paid apps to ensure your favourite app is just a click away. So, connecting a Fire TV to your smart TV will allow you to access the apps you can’t on your smart TV. Plus, you can subscribe to apps that are only available for Fire TV Appstore users.


Better User Experience

Designed by a renowned brand, Fire Stick takes your user experience to a whole new level.

Unlike smart TV remotes that are equipped with so many buttons you’ll never use, Fire Stick comes with compact and simple remotes. So, getting used to a Fire Stick is quick and easy for kids as well as senior users. On top of that, fewer buttons mean you can use the remote without looking at its button each time. And if you lose the Firestick remote – we can show you how to reset your firestick without a remote and how to connect your firestick to wifi without the remote.

Also, Fire TV offers a clean and minimal interface to make it a user-friendly solution. This straightforward interface ensures you can run your favourite app within a few clicks. Unlike smart TVs, it won’t require passing through detailed menus that require much more steps to play your favourite music or movie. All of this adds up to a nicer, more effective user experience.


Lag-Free Performance

It’s not uncommon to experience lags and glitches when using smart TVs. Generally speaking, it takes a while to navigate between different menus or choose between different apps when using a smart TV.

Also, switching between different parts of a playing movie or video can make you wait for many seconds, ruining your entertainment time. Amazon Fire Stick, on the other hand, provides fast, lag-free performance. That said, if you feel annoyed by the slow response rates of your smart TV, going for an Amazon Fire Stick will be a good solution.


How to Connect an Amazon Fire Stick to a Smart TV?

Follow the steps below to set up Amazon Fire Stick with your smart TV:


1. Have All the Needed Items Around

First of all, make sure you have everything that will be needed to connect Fire Stick to your TV, such as:

  • 2 AA batteries
  • HDMI extender
  • USB cable
  • Power adapter
  • Fire TV stick
  • Alexa voice remote

That said, all the above items are included in the Amazon Fire Stick box.

2. Switch on the Device

To power on the Amazon Fire Stick, connect the micro USB cable to your device and its USB end to the included adapter. Now, plug the adapter into a wall outlet and let the device turn on. Alternatively, you can plug the USB cable into your TV (if there’s a free port) to use it as a power source.

3. Connect HDMI

In this step, find the HDMI ports on the back of your TV and put the Fire TV into that. You can also use the included HDMI extender if needed.

4. Switch on the Smart TV

Now, power on your smart TV and select the Amazon Fire Stick input on your TV.

5. Connect Fire Stick Remote to the TV

As you’ll be using the Fire Stick remote to use your Fire TV device, plug the AA batteries into it. Once your TV boots up, press and hold your remote’s home button to let it pair with your TV.

6. Configure the Device

In this step, you’ll need to set up your Fire Stick on your TV. Simply follow the instructions and let the device complete its configuration.

7. Sign Into Your Amazon Account

As the device configures, you’ll be asked to log into your Amazon account. Simply input your credentials to log in. Next, set up parental controls and tweak other settings to personalize the device.

8. Enjoy!

That’s it – your Fire TV is all set up on your Smart TV. It’s time to install your favourite apps and start playing the music, videos, and movies you love!


Final Words

Many smart TV users wonder if they need a Fire Stick with their TV. If you want to access Fire Stick-centric apps and your TV doesn’t support them, you can certainly go for an Amazon Fire Stick. Otherwise, you can install your favourite Amazon streaming apps on your smart TV and enjoy them