How To Get Playstation Plus Free Trial (2023)

PlayStation Plus is an excellent investment for avid gamers who want to one-up their console by paying monthly. In addition, being a PlayStation Plus member can get you many additional perks, such as playing personalized and select content, joining people you know in multiplayer, and other exclusive features that considerably improve your gaming experience. 

How To Get Playstation Plus Free Trial

If you want a free PlayStation Plus trial, you’re in the right place. Today’s guide will demonstrate the easiest way to get this exclusive feature without paying. Furthermore, We’ll also explain other vital specialities you need to know about PlayStation Plus and what it offers. 


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Can You Get PlayStation Plus Trial Using Paypal?

Yes, you absolutely can. There are many ways to sign up for the 14-day free trial if you’re interested in trying out PlayStation Plus. For example, you may join up for the free trial using your Paypal account if you’re hesitant to use your card online. However, even without a card connected to your Paypal account, you may join up for the Playstation Plus programme. 

If it works, you won’t need to worry about your credit card being charged since it won’t be. Instead, you can join using Paypal and edit your account settings to stop the automatic renewal. In addition, since PayPal is officially linked with your credit card, you won’t have to deal with any hindrances in the future either. 


Is It Secure To Add Card Information For Free Trial?

Sure, it is. Your credit card company is there to safeguard you, and the online traffic of the PlayStation website is entirely encrypted. So while it’s plausible that any website is at risk for hacking, PlayStation keeps your information relatively safe. 

Setting your credit card as the primary payment method on your PlayStation account is the one thing we do not advise doing since, in the event your account is stolen, your credit card information will be accessible to scammers. So don’t let your PSN account save your credit card details. However, you can always put in your information again whenever required. 


Steps To Get a Playstation Plus Free Trial

Getting a PlayStation Plus free trial is straightforward, and you don’t have to go through complicated hoops to get a slice of its exclusive features. All you have to do is follow the instructions below, and you’re ready to go. 


Step #1: Navigate to the PlayStation Plus section

If you own a PlayStation, a distinct section deals with everything PlayStation Plus-related. All you have to do now is navigate to that section and opt for the 14-day free trial.


Step #2: Select the 14-day trial 

Next, select the option for the trial of your choice and add it to your basket. This action is essential to do so despite it being free as it allows PlayStation to register it as an official purchase, and you’ll have to enter credit card information for auto-renewal. 


Step #3: Confirm auto-renewal 

You’ll get a pop-up asking to confirm auto-renewal and the purchase of your 14-day PlayStation Plus trial. You must click the ‘Accept’ option, and most of your work is done. Once again, confirm your purchase and type in your password for safety purposes. 


Step #4: Enter the payment method

Unfortunately, most free trials require a payment method for auto-renewal. You’ll have to do so now if you do not have an acceptable payment method on your console. You can access PlayStation Plus without a credit card but more on that later in our guide. Once you’re done entering the appropriate credit card information, you’re all set to enjoy the exclusive features of PlayStation Plus. 

Once you have finished creating your free trial, don’t forget to set a reminder to cancel it before the 14 days are up. It is also worth knowing How to Turn Off Auto Renew PS4 (PS5 guide coming soon!).


How to Access The PlayStation Plus 14-Day Free Trial Without A Credit Card

Getting a free trial without giving away your credit card information is possible. On the other hand, auto-renewal can be quite a kicker, especially if you do not intend to invest in the subscription. However, our guide below will provide an easy and efficient way to bypass this. 


Step #1: Access DoNotPay

DoNotPay is an excellent solution to avoid getting charged for free trials in the future. This online tool creates a virtual credit card for free trials without manually toying with the auto-renewal options. Instead, you must sign up on their website, go through their authentication process, and create an account. 

Keep in mind that these virtual cards only operate with free trials. No money will be used after your 14-day PlayStation Plus free trial, and you will not be charged. The subscription will also not be auto-renewed. 


Step #2: Add The Card

Once your DoNotPay account is set in place, add the details of the virtual credit card where you’re supposed to put payment method details. Doing so will automatically activate your free trial, and you don’t have to worry about keeping track of when your 14 days ultimately end. You don’t have to cancel the trial manually, and the auto-renewal process will be halted. 


4 Unique Features Of PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus offers a variety of exclusive features that make your gaming experiences not only better but also more interactive. We’ll break down some of its most beneficial features if you consider opting for a free trial or a monthly subscription. 


Feature #1) Online Multiplayer

It’s become quite widespread to enjoy certain games with a group. With PlayStation Plus, you’d be able to join in on gaming servers and join people from around the world or your friends to play cooperative games. However, remember that this feature is limited to specific games and won’t translate into every game you purchase. 


Feature #2) Cheap And Exclusive Game Collection

If you’re a fan of purchasing games, you’ll quickly realize that it’s a cash-consuming hobby. However, with PlayStation Plus, you can get many games at no additional cost. In addition, you can also access exclusive games that are specifically curated for PlayStation Plus members and are not available to everyone. 


Feature #3) Online Storage 

Gone are the days when you have to worry about storing and deleting some of your most beloved games. With PlayStation Plus, you’re offered options to save your game files online and access them in the future whenever you need to. 

If your hardware crashes, you lose everything connected to your console. However, not with the Plus subscription; your cloud account allows you to save specific files. If any misfortune occurs, you can swap out your console and transfer your previous data to your new system. 


Feature #4) Early Access

If you’re an avid gamer, you’ll want to be the first to get your hands on new games. With PlayStation Plus, you’ll be able to do so without waiting till the game is released to the general public. Awaited game titles can have their physical copies sold out, but with PlayStation Plus, you can get most of them online before the official release date. 


What Is The Cost Of A Playstation Plus Subscription?

PlayStation Plus has many variants; therefore, the price range varies according to which variant you wish to subscribe to. For example, PlayStation Plus Essential costs $9.99 monthly and offers basic exclusive features.

Playstation Plus Extra offers a wider variety of features but is still restricted to an extent. This package costs $14.99 monthly. Finally, the most expensive and vast package by far is PlayStation Plus Premium which gets you the most out of any other package. This subscription costs $17.99 monthly. 


Final Thoughts

Getting a free trial for PlayStation Plus is a wise move as it allows you to test out the features before fully committing to a subscription and spending money. We’ve outlined all the ways to access this exclusive subscription and how to do so without a credit card. All in all, PlayStation Plus is the perfect thing to try out if you’re into gaming.