PS4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting From PC FIXED (2023)

Although most PC gamers settle for the keyboard+mouse setup (KMS), it’s sometimes refreshing to play games with a PS4 controller. Because it’s a handheld device, it can provide you with more immersive gameplay and ease of use compared to a typical KMS. Some games also work better with a PS4 DualShock controller.

PS4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting From PC FIXED

But there are some situations where your PS4 controller won’t stay connected to a PC or your PS4 controller suddenly turns off when connected to a PC. In this guide, we’ll go over some reasons why your Bluetooth PS4 controllers keep disconnecting to the PC and how you can fix this issue.

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Why PS4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting in Steam

Depending on the controller’s connection type, several factors can cause it to disconnect from your PC. From damaged USB cables to Bluetooth interference, your controller may have trouble maintaining a stable connection. Here are the common reasons why your PS4 controller disconnects from your PC.

  • Damaged USB Cables – If you’re using your DualShock controller via USB for a while now, your controller’s USB cord may have been damaged due to wear and tear. If you’re using a generic USB adapter, it’s best to convert to a Sony wireless adapter to make sure there are no compatibility issues.

  • Outdated Bluetooth Drivers – Your Bluetooth devices—like PS4 controllers—can encounter various glitches when connected to a PC with outdated Bluetooth drivers. Updating them to their latest version can solve most connection problems with Bluetooth devices.

  • Interference – When using a PS4 controller wirelessly, it needs to be in a supportive environment and free of any interferences. Other Bluetooth devices, fluorescent lights, microwaves, and other similar devices can weaken the Bluetooth signal from your controller to the PC. Also, use your wireless controller not more than one hundred feet away from the computer to avoid sudden disconnections.

  • Steam Controller Settings – Steam has its configuration settings for every controller; for instance, you’ll need to configure the right settings for your PlayStation controller in the PlayStation Configuration Support menu.

How to Fix PS4 Controller That Keeps Disconnecting on PC

Before going straight to the fixes, make sure that your controller is fully charged. Controllers that have low to no battery will disconnect more often. Once it flashes a red light, it’s a sign that there’s not enough power on your controller’s battery.

Also, it’s important to change your PS4 USB connector if it’s damaged. Try to buy a new one that’s compatible with your controller and works well with your computer. Finally, make sure that all USB ports of your computer are in good condition. Check for dust or any debris inside the ports that can cause faulty connections.

Here are more fixes that you can try; make sure to go over them individually to see which one helped you the most.

Fix #1: Reconnect your PS4 Controller to your PC

Sometimes, glitches can occur with your PC and can lead to connectivity issues. Reconnecting it to your PC will reset all drivers and potentially solve this problem. To reconnect your PS4 controller on a Windows PC, follow these steps:

  1. Turn your controller off and on your PC, go to the Search Menu and type in “control panel”. Click the Control Panel icon to open.
  2. Choose Device and Printers. If you’ve previously connected your controller to the computer, you should see it—it’s typically named “Wireless Controller”.
  3. Right-click on it and select Remove Device.
  4. Restart your computer to fully forget the device.
  5. Next, go back to Device and Printers and select Add a Device. A new window will open showing all nearby devices that your computer detects.
  6. Next, turn on your PS4 controller then press and hold the PS and Share button simultaneously to set it to pairing mode.
  7. Wait for the computer to detect your PS4 controller. Once it’s detected, select it and right-click to go to Properties.
  8. Under the Services tab, tick the Drivers for keyboard, mice, etc. (HID) option and click OK.
  9. Your computer will now install the necessary drivers for your PS4 controller. After the drivers are installed, a notification will appear on the taskbar. Click it and select Next on the new window.
  10. Your PS4 controller is now successfully connected to your computer.

Fix #2: Try other USB Ports on your Computer

If your USB cable is in good condition, the issue might be with the computer’s USB ports. Try plugging into each port and see which one works well. On some older computers, USB ports can be quite ineffective due to corrosion.

Also, if you’re using a USB extender, try connecting your controller directly to the PC’s USB ports and see if it recognizes your controller faster.

Fix #3: Update your Computer’s Bluetooth Drivers

Outdated Bluetooth drivers can cause a lot of bugs and glitches that lead to sudden disconnects. Updating them to their latest version can solve most connectivity problems between your Bluetooth device and PC.

To update your computer’s Bluetooth drivers, follow these steps:

  1. Using the Search Menu, type in “device manager”. Click the Device Manager icon to open it.
  2. From the list of drivers, select Bluetooth and choose the default Bluetooth adapter name—it may include the name “radio”.
  3. Right-click on it and select Update Driver then click Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software.
  4. After all updates are installed, restart your computer.
  5. Try connecting your PS4 controller and see if it still disconnects.

Fix #4: Configure Steam Controller Settings

If you’re playing games via Steam, your controller can sometimes be shut down automatically due to a built-in feature. Although this saves your controller some of its power, it can also cause sudden disconnects after inactivity.

To turn off this feature in Steam, follow the steps below:

  1. With your PS4 controller connected to your computer, launch Steam.
  2. Go to Settings > Controller > General Controller Settings.
  3. Tick the PlayStation Configuration Support option and navigate to Controller Shutdown Time—set it to Never.
  4. Your controller will now remain connected while playing games on Steam.

Have you wondered, can you use a PS4 controller on Xbox One? If you’ve ever used your PS4 controller to play Xbox One, it might keep disconnecting from that console, too. Find detailed instructions on how to avoid this annoyance in the link above. 

Final Thoughts

Playing games with your PS4 controller is always a unique experience, especially for controller-supported games. Unlike a keyboard+mouse setup (KMS), you’ll have more control over your character through various controller buttons. More often than not, you’ll wear your hands down with a KMS setup than a handheld device like a wireless controller.

Hence, this guide will hopefully help you when your PS4 controller keeps on disconnecting from your PC. If these fixes didn’t work, try assessing your device for hardware damage or try out your other PS4 controllers and see if they work better.