Reddit Undelete and View Deleted Posts (2022)

Reddit is a social news aggregation site that mainly focuses on mainstream topics. It also has active communities (termed “subreddits”) where users—called Redditors—can discuss, interact, and rate content through upvotes. Like other social discussion sites, users are free to delete their comments and posts anytime.

Reddit Undelete and View Deleted Posts

But this can be a problem for moderators and other Redditors; whether it was a meaningful post or an entertaining meme, it’s still sometimes worth retrieving. In this guide, we’ll go over ways how to undelete or see deleted Reddit comments and posts. Read this guide to know more.


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Why are Posts and Comments Not Visible on Reddit?

Due to Reddit’s popularity on the internet today, some viral comments or posts can quickly attract Redditors, especially when it suddenly becomes missing. However, there are some reasons why you cannot anymore see a Reddit post or comment, below are the most common ones:

  • The Post or Comment was Flagged – Reddit can sometimes flag a comment or post, especially when it’s detected to be spam or an irrelevant post.
  • Deactivated Account – Once someone deletes or deactivates their Reddit account, there’s a chance that their posts and comments can no longer be available. You can see this when a comment or post is unavailable and the username displays “u/[deleted]”.
  • The Post or Comment violated Reddit Guidelines – Subreddits essentially have mods or admins that review all comments and posts. When a post or comment violates a rule or policy in a subreddit, it will be quickly taken down and deleted. Hence, it can appear as unavailable.


How to Undelete or View Deleted Reddit Posts

Now that you know the possible reasons why a Reddit post or comment gets deleted, here are some tools that can assist you in finding a certain post or comment that was deleted a while ago.

The most trusted solution for viewing deleted Reddit posts was Removeddit—up until it became unavailable. However, there are many Removeddit alternatives available online. So, if you’re looking forward to finding a deleted Reddit post, you can try these third-party tools.



One of the most trusted tools for retrieving deleted Reddit content is Reveddit. Although it doesn’t retrieve user-deleted content, you can still view mod or bot-deleted posts and comments. Also, if your own Reddit comments and posts were unknowingly deleted, you can use this tool to dispute the mods of the subreddit.

To use Reveddit on your computer, follow these steps:

  1. Open the browser and go to Reveddit’s official website.
  2. In the popup window, enter a Reddit username, post title, or subreddit in the field and click Go.
  3. Reveddit will display all deleted posts and comments related to your search. You can search through the list and click to view.


Another Removeddit alternative is Resavr. Although it’s a less powerful tool compared to other Reddit tools in this list, you can still use it to view deleted comments. All you’ll need to do is navigate to Resavr’s official site and search for the deleted comment.

You can mainly see the recently deleted comments on the site’s homepage. Resavr lets you view comments that go up to 650 words and less; Reddit posts are unfortunately not supported.


Unddit is a tool that uses the database, which automatically stores Reddit posts and comments. However, some users reported that they cannot view deleted Reddit posts, and the website can sometimes be buggy, hence some deleted comments cannot be viewed.

Also, this tool was developed as an alternative for both Ceddit and Removeddit—two third-party tools built to view deleted Reddit posts and comments. 

To use Unddit, proceed to these steps:

  1. Go to Unddit’s official website.
  2. In Chrome, press the keys Ctrl + Shift + B and save the Unddit link as a bookmark.
  3. Next, go to the Reddit post where you want to find the deleted comment and click the saved bookmark.
  4. Unddit will now display all deleted comments associated with that Reddit post.

Note: Alternatively, you can navigate to the Reddit post and replace reddit with unddit in the page’s URL. You will be soon redirected to Unddit’s site and all deleted comments on the post will be displayed.

Wayback Machine

One trusted tool that you can use to view deleted Reddit posts and comments is the Wayback Machine. It’s a non-profit site that stores archived snapshots of websites at a certain time. With this, you can access versions of a certain website at a specific date.

To use Wayback Machine to view deleted Reddit posts or comments, follow the steps below:

  1. Access Wayback Machine’s official website.
  2. Paste the URL to the Reddit post or subreddit on the empty search field and press the Enter key on your keyboard (Return on Mac).
  3. On the next page, you can pick which year, month, and date where you want to view the archived version of the Reddit post.
  4. After selecting a particular timeline, you can now view the deleted Reddit post along with its comments.

If you use Snapchat, we have a similar guide which shows you how to view deleted messages on Snapchat.

Final Thoughts

Reddit is a mainstream social news site that’s accommodating millions of users worldwide. However, there are times when some posts and comments are deleted unknowingly. Hence, this article can hopefully guide you in viewing deleted Reddit posts and comments using easy-to-use, third-party online tools.

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