How to Change Ring Doorbell Sound – Easy Steps (2023)

RING provides an innovative doorbell with features never before seen or heard. Although it serves the primary function of a doorbell, the inclusion of a wireless connection and a video mode expand its usefulness considerably.


The Ring doorbell sound is an excellent tool for letting you know who’s at your door and monitoring activity on your front porch. When out and about, it might become confusing if you have a Ring Doorbell and a coworker, family member, or acquaintance also has a Ring Doorbell since all Ring devices use identical notification sounds or ringtones.

Sometimes you’ll hear a ring and look for your phone, only to realize it is someone else’s. I feel you. But do not worry! It’s terrific news that you can alter the sound of your Ring notifications to match the ringtone on your phone or the tune of your home’s Chime.

Now let me show you how!


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What is a Ring Chime?

Putting it simply, a Ring Chime is a wireless notification gadget. When you set up a Ring Video Doorbell or Ring Security Camera, you can also use the Ring Chime as a complementary device. Its built-in speaker will keep you informed wherever you are in the home.


How Does A Ring Chime Work?

When you link your Ring Chime to a security camera or Doorbell, it will sound a custom tone whenever either device detects motion or a visitor pushes a Ring doorbell.

Although Ring Chime serves a valuable purpose, it is not required. It’s just an accessory to your existing Doorbell and surveillance system. You may link it to your Wi-Fi connection by plugging it into an electrical outlet.


Why Change the Ring Doorbell Sound?

Do you ever switch up the ringtone on your phone? If you haven’t experienced it yourself, how can you possibly pass judgment on others who have?

You probably wouldn’t since you’re accustomed to hearing different ringtones on different phones. After all, why stop at mobile phones? Who would not love to customize their doorbell sound?

The doorbell ringer will first alert you through your phone. The concept behind the Ring Doorbell is to have the doorbell sound sent directly to your phone. You may be looking for an easily identifiable sound.

After all, nothing beats an in-person meeting or phone conversation to get your point through. Adjusting your Ring chime to reflect this is highly recommended. Finally, you may use the motion sensor to customize the chime sounds that play when the Doorbell rings and when the door opens.


How to Download Ring Doorbell Sounds

Ring lets you update your ringtone selection for Ring Chime with free downloads, keeping things fresh. The Ring app now makes it easy to choose and customize a new ringtone. Consider that downloading the new ringtone(s) might take a while.

  • Launch the Ring app on your mobile, then pick Chime from the list of available devices to download new ringtones for Chime.
  • After that, choose Chime Tones. An array of recent ringtones will appear. Give them a spin, adjust the level, and save your preferences.
  • As soon as you choose a new ringtone, the blue light on your Chime will begin blinking rapidly to let you know that the file is being downloaded successfully.
  • The download is finished when the light becomes a consistent blue.

Downloading Ring doorbell sounds requires your device to be connected to WiFi, so you can access its settings through the Ring app. If your Ring doorbell won’t connect to WiFi, read our article to learn how to troubleshoot it.


How to Change Ring Doorbell Sound

Changing Phone Ringtones

If you want a different ring doorbell sound effect to play when someone presses the button or the doorbell senses motion, you can set it up on your iOS or Android mobile connecting to your Ring Video Doorbell.

  1. Launch the Ring application on your mobile device, phone, or tablet.
  2. Then, at the upper left, choose the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) to see the menu bar.
  3. Third, choose “Devices” from the menu.
  4. Next, choose the Ring Video Doorbell (or whatever you’ve renamed, such as “Front Door”).
  5. Swipe down to the “Device settings” option and click it.
  6. On the next screen, choose “Notification Settings.”
  7. Select “App Notification Tones” at this time.
  8. You can customize the Doorbell’s ringtone for manual activation and motion detection. Every time you choose one, you’ll hear a little clip.
  9. Either close the program using the back button in the upper left corner or return to a single screen.


Changing Chime Ringtones

Ring Chimes allow you to choose the ringtone that plays when the phone is in your house. When you have many Chimes, you may adjust the pitch of each one individually.

  1. First, open up the Ring app on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Then, at the upper left, choose the burger icon (three horizontal lines) to see the menu bar.
  3. Third, choose “Devices” from the menu.
  4. The fourth step is to locate your Chime and touch on it.
  5. On the next screen, choose “Audio Settings.”
  6. By tapping “Chime Tones,” you may adjust the level and choose from various chimes that will play in response to motion or doorbell chimes.
  7. If you choose one, the app will test the sound by playing it. Or, you may re-play the selected tone by tapping the “Test Sound” button at the very bottom.
  8. To access additional Chimes on your device, shut the app, or you may go back by clicking the arrow in the upper left corner.


What are Outside Ring Doorbell Notifications?

A default notification sound plays when someone rings your Doorbell instead of your chosen ringtone. You cannot select a different ring doorbell sound effect at this time. This page has volume controls so that you may lower or disable the audio.


How to Disable the Outside Ring Speakers?

The option to turn off Ring’s external speakers is now unavailable, but the following workaround should help you get back up and running.

  • Pull up the Ring app.
  • The first step is to choose your Ring doorbell and go to the settings menu.
  • For more customization, choose “Settings” from the menu.
  • You must select the “General Settings” option.
  • Reduce the “Doorbell Ringer Volume” to 0% by dragging the slider to the left.


How to Enable Alexa for Ring Doorbell Sound

Do you want your Alexa-enabled smart speakers to join in on the fun? Alexa-enabled devices can alert you if there’s someone at the door, and if you have an echo display, it can even show you the live video stream.

To set off a ringtone on your Alexa-enabled device:

  • Launch the Alexa app.
  • Use the Devices menu.
  • To identify your Doorbell, go to “Cameras” and click on it. It’s true Alexa confuses smart doorbells for cameras.
  • If you want to change settings, click the cog in the upper right corner.
  • Pick the option labeled “Announcement devices,” then ensure your echo is checked off.
  • Now, whenever someone rings your Doorbell, Echo will notify you.



Even though many people are content with the basic “ding, dong, ding” sound, you may also employ a variety of other exciting and even ominous-sounding audible Chimes.

From now on, you can customize the ring doorbell sound on your phone, and the ring chimes in the most straightforward ways possible.

Time to say goodbye to the monotonous doorbell sounds!