How to Connect Roku to Multiple TVs (2022)

Roku is a streaming device that lets you access various free and on-demand channels on your TV wirelessly. It’s affordable and compatible with most smart TVs and other devices. However, some users have wondered if it’s possible to have one Roku for multiple TVs or do you need Roku for each TV.

How to Connect Roku to Multiple TVs? (2022)

Besides being cost-effective, having a single Roku multiple TVs is a great way to simultaneously provide content to your TVs. This guide will show you if it’s possible to connect Roku for multiple TVs and how to connect a second TV on your Roku device.

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Do You Need Roku for Each TV?

Yes. You’ll need a separate Roku device for each TV. It’s impossible to connect Roku to multiple TVs simultaneously. But the device will work on a different TV once you unplug it as long as it’s connected to Wi-Fi.

Since your Roku device needs to be connected to one HDMI port, it cannot be used on multiple TVs at once. However, Roku devices don’t need to be synced with a single TV; they will work with another TV by unplugging it from your current TV and if it has access to a wireless connection.

If you want to use a single Roku, please follow our guide on How to Connect Two TVs Together to Display the Same Picture.


How to Connect Roku to Another TV

As mentioned earlier, Roku devices are not required to be synced to one device only. Therefore, you can easily unplug it from your current TV and move it to another TV in your home or anywhere you go. 

Also, all channels, apps, and configurations on your Roku device will be saved. So, you can similarly use your Roku as you used it on your original TV. However, a Wi-Fi connection is essential every time you use your Roku device.


Factors to Consider When Using Multiple Roku Devices

When you’re planning on owning multiple Roku devices for your smart TVs, there are some factors that you’ll need to consider. It can vary from enough internet speed and considering your smart TV’s features, which might make an extra Roku device redundant.


Wi-Fi Bandwidth

To continuously stream and accommodate multiple Roku devices, you’ll need enough bandwidth for your Wi-Fi plan. You’ll need a minimum of 50 Mbps to run multiple streaming devices simultaneously. 

But having more than the minimum will make you get the most out of your Roku devices. So, upgrade your internet plan to if you’re planning on using multiple Roku devices.


Roku Remotes Will Only Recognize One Device

Unlike your Roku devices, their remotes must be synced with a single Roku device. A Roku player’s remote will not work on other Roku devices. With multiple Roku devices in your house, it can get confusing. You can label each Roku remote to the Roku device it belongs to. Also, keep their remotes in the same room or area.

If you need to re-pair the remote and you cannot find the pair button, please read how to sync your Roku remote without a pairing button.


Check the Features and Apps of Your Smart TV

While Roku is a streaming device that gives you access to an array of channels and streaming apps, you might have the same access on your smart TV. Many modern smart TVs will have streaming apps pre-installed and ready to be used if connected to Wi-Fi.

This makes Roku devices redundant since you can use the built-in features and apps on your smart TV instead of relying on multiple Roku devices. If apps such as Netflix, YouTube TV, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, etc., are not yet on your smart TV, try downloading them via your TV’s app store for free.

However, if your desired streaming apps are unavailable due to compatibility issues, you can consider buying a new Roku device for that TV.


Number of Users on a Single Account

Streaming apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, YouTube TV, and others will limit each user account, specifically on the users or devices currently logged in. Depending on how many Roku devices you’ll use on a single account, you may need to pay a fee for additional users.


Final Thoughts

Using your Roku device on multiple TVs simultaneously is challenging since Roku devices are designed to work exclusively on one device. However, you can use it as a plug-and-play device on another TV while keeping all installed apps, settings, and channels. To seamlessly stream with your Roku device, ensure it’s connected to a stable wireless connection.

Hopefully, this guide gives you an idea if connecting a single Roku device to multiple TVs is possible.