Samsung TV Won’t Turn On and Red Light Flashing FIXED (2022)

Samsung TVs are among the better choices for smart TV brands today. They are capable streaming devices compatible with popular streaming apps, such as YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, and others. But, it can have issues over time, primarily power-related.

Samsung TV Won't Turn On and Red Light Flashing FIXED (2022)

Some users reportedly have experienced that their Samsung TV won’t turn on no red light. This can happen because of several factors, including a failing power supply, faulty remote, etc. In this guide, we’ll show you the most common reasons why your Samsung TV won’t turn on and how to fix the flashing red light Samsung TV issue.


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“Why Won’t My Samsung TV Turn On?”—Most Common Reasons

When you’ve decided to use your Samsung TV, and it suddenly won’t turn on, it can be caused by various factors. We’ve listed down below the most common reasons for the Samsung TV won’t turn on red light on issue:

  • Faulty Power Supply – The power supply on your Samsung TV is one of its most essential parts. It’s responsible for providing power for all internal components of the TV. Power-related issues on your Samsung TV can most likely be linked to a faulty power supply, especially if it’s an older model. This can also cause Horizontal or Vertical Lines on your Samsung TV Screen.
  • Defective Samsung Remote – Your Samsung TV’s remote is the primary way to control your TV and do basic tasks. If your TV doesn’t respond well to the remote’s commands—such as turning on—try replacing the batteries first and check if it solves the issue.
  • TV is Not Receiving Enough Power – Like other devices, your Samsung TV needs enough power to keep itself running. Try using a different outlet for your TV’s power cord and see if this solves the problem. Also, avoid using a surge protector or an extension cord since they tend to provide less power than what’s needed for your Samsung TV.


How to Fix Samsung TV Won’t Turn On and Red Light Flashing Problem

If your Samsung TV suddenly doesn’t turn on, here are some fixes you can try. Remember to review each fix and see which is the most effective for your Samsung TV.


Fix #1: Power Cycle Your Samsung TV

Power cycling is the safest and easiest fix you can try on your Samsung TV. This resets your smart TV’s internal components to their stable state. It’s effective when your TV is not turning on due to minor bugs and glitches.

To power cycle your Samsung TV, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off your Samsung TV and unplug its power cord from the socket.
  2. Wait for one minute to drain the power. During this step, also press and hold the Power button on the TV for fifteen seconds for the same purpose.
  3. Then, plug in the power cord of your Samsung TV. If it shows a solid red light, it is now receiving power.
  4. Press the Power button on your smart TV to turn it on.

If the problem is fixed, try turning it off and switching it on using the remote. Once it doesn’t turn on, you have a defective remote—try replacing its batteries with new ones and see if it now works correctly. 

If it still doesn’t turn on, contact Samsung Support for a remote replacement or visit an appliance store near your area—remember to take note of your TV and remote’s model number (if applicable).


Fix #2: Choose the Right Input Source

If you’re using a different input source for your Samsung TV, such as a streaming device or a DVD player, you’ll need to switch to that input to display its content. It’s possible to mistakenly assume your TV doesn’t work when it only shows a black screen and an empty input source.

To switch between input sources on your Samsung TV using a remote, follow these steps:

  1. Switch on your Samsung TV and press the Source button on the remote.
  2. Select your desired input mode.

If you don’t have a Samsung remote or it isn’t working, you can do it manually by using the Menu button on your Samsung TV. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Turn on your TV and press the Menu button on the bottom or side of the TV.
  2. Navigate through different input sources by pressing the Volume buttons.
  3. Then, press Menu to switch to your selected input.


Fix #3: Try the Flashlight Test on Your Samsung TV

To check if you have problems with the LCD backlight of your Samsung TV, you can proceed to do the flashlight test. The backlight system of your TV illuminates the LCD and helps it to produce a bright and visible image.

To do the flashlight test on your Samsung TV, follow the steps below:

  1. Turn on your Samsung TV. Then, switch your flashlight on and point it close to the TV screen.
  2. Check if there’s a faint or unclear image. If you see one, there’s a high chance that you have a failing LCD backlight.

If you have the technical skills and tools to do it, you can replace the TV’s backlights yourself. However, we recommend contacting Samsung Support and letting their TV technicians handle the issue.


Final Thoughts

Samsung TVs are superb for streaming and watching free TV on your local stations. Their smart TVs support most streaming services and have a variety of displays to choose from—like 8K, 4K, OLED, LED, and much more. But, you might experience power-related issues over time.

Hopefully, this guide helps you to solve the Samsung TV Won’t Turn On and Red Light Flashing problem. If all fixes didn’t work, or your TV experiences hardware failure, contact Samsung Support to request a repair service.