Can You Have Two Modems in One House? Explained (2023)

When connecting to the internet, it’s essential to have a modem as an internet device. It acts as the primary mode of communication with your internet service provider (ISP) and helps your devices easily connect to the internet. 

Can You Have Two Modems in One House? Explained (2022)

Although having one modem is enough for your devices to have a stable internet connection, more users have wondered if they can have multiple modems in one house. The short answer is, yes, it’s possible to have two modems in one house, but there are disadvantages.

Note: This is a separate issue from Can You Have Two Internet Providers in One House?

This guide will show you the most common advantages of having multiple modems on your house and how to do it using two methods. Read this guide to know more.


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Pros and Cons of Having Multiple Modems

Having multiple modems in one house has been increasingly popular nowadays. Adding a second router is sometimes ideal for security purposes or various connections. However, it also has certain disadvantages.

Here are the pros and cons of having multiple modems in your house:


  • Security – Modems, like other devices, can get compromised. It’s susceptible to malware attacks and data breaches on its connected devices. However, having multiple routers can decrease the odds that an attacker affects all devices since each modem works separately, though connected to one network.
  • Multiple Networks – Since you will have two modems, you can have two separate networks registered on the same ISP. It lets your users have internet access to various parts of your home while having fast internet speeds. Of course your choice of modem affects how fast your connection will be – see Do Modems Affect Internet Speed?


  • Connectivity – A general rule for most ISPs is one modem per internet service. Your internet plan will be tied to the modem provided to you, specifically the modem’s media access control (MAC) address.

For a second modem to work, you’ll need to have it provisioned by your ISP—which will most probably mean that you’ll need to avail of a different internet plan for that modem and future additional modems.

  • Cost – If you don’t have your second modem, you’ll need to buy one first and get it authorized and installed by your ISP. Also, you’ll need to buy a separate internet plan for your second router since it has a different MAC address.

Besides the cons mentioned above, a second modem doesn’t really increase your bandwidth and connectivity since it provides the same network and is just bridging the network connection from the original modem. If you want better coverage, you’re better off purchasing a longer Ethernet cable.

On the other hand, buying multiple routers provides more range and connectivity, creating an inter-network. Additionally, newer routers support two frequencies for Wi-Fi connections—2.4 GHz and 5 GHz—and can host up to 200+ devices simultaneously. If you want better bandwidth speeds, you can ask for an upgrade to your current internet plan or opt for a new ISP in your area that provides better internet service.


How to Connect Two Modems in One House

If you’re still interested in having a second modem in your house, despite its disadvantages, there are two methods that you can follow.


Connect Two Routers via Bridge Mode

You can connect two modems in one network using bridging. This works by using one modem as a router—it hosts multiple devices via a VPN, which hides the IP address. The other modem, on the other hand, provides the internet connection and bandwidth needed by the connected devices.


Connect Two Routers Using a Two-Way Splitter

Another method you can try is connecting the two modems using a two-way splitter. The splitter splits the connection into two, sending bandwidth to both modems. However, this is only recommended for users with enough internet speed to spread into two modems without affecting the whole connection.

Also, we recommend you contact your ISP when planning on doing this connection method since installing a splitter incorrectly can cause connectivity issues, including loss of internet access.

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Final Thoughts

Having two modems in one house is an interesting way to provide internet access in your home efficiently. However, it has distinct disadvantages that can cost you more compared to availing of an upgrade of your current plan.

Hopefully, this guide gives you an idea of connecting two modems in one house. If you want to amplify your Wi-Fi network’s range, you can connect a new router instead. Regardless, contact your ISP if you’re going to add a new modem or router for further assistance from their network technicians.