Who Makes Onn TV? Are They Good? (2023)

Getting the best LED TV while on a tight budget can be challenging. However, many attractive offers are available; ONN TV is just one example. Numerous years have passed during which the ONN has made a name for itself.

The private label brand is associated with many TVs and Onn electronics like headphones, speakers, and mice. Walmart carries these in its stores in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The ONN television has a 50-inch LED screen that can display 4k video. They can also use the TV to play video games, connect to the internet, and watch live TV.

Many viewers probably think Onn TV isn’t as good as the competition. However, the brand’s affordable price remains a major selling point.


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Who is the Parent Company of Onn TV, and Who Makes ONN TV?

The retail giant Walmart is Onn’s parent company. The Onn brand is their generic electronics label, and you can find all Onn products (including the Onn TVs) exclusively at Walmart. Even though Durabrand is the company that makes Onn TVs, Walmart still markets them under the Onn brand.

Walmart’s private label Durabrand produces the Onn TV, and Element Electronics handles warranty repairs. Several factories in China produce the vast majority of Onn goods.


Who Manufactures Onn Products?

Several factories in China produce the vast majority of Onn products. They use the Koss brand name commonly when selling elsewhere.

Walmart’s fluctuating production budget means that similar-looking products may come from different manufacturers. Manufacturing in China can lead to products making it to Walmart shelves long after the original manufacturer has stopped making them.

Does Walmart sell the ONN brand? You’re right; it is. Onn TV is a Walmart private label brand, even though Durabrand produces it.


Are Onn TVs Worth it?

An Onn TV provides several convenient features. However, your preferences will ultimately determine whether or not you buy one. Walmart sells Onn televisions in various screen sizes, with low prices being the main selling point.

Onn TVs are great if you’re looking for an affordable option to watch movies and shows or stream content from services like Netflix without sacrificing picture quality. Be realistic, though, because these TVs won’t have as many bells and whistles as more well-known brands.

If you run into problems, you can rest easy knowing that this brand offers a comprehensive warranty program and a reliable support manual. If you have a significant performance issue with your Onn TV, the company that makes it may consider replacing it, which is not the case with many other major retailers.

The Roku Smart TV is a well-known example of an Onn TV. Variable sizes are available, beginning at 32 inches and going up to 65 inches. The Roku TV has three HDMI inputs and a sleek, modern design. You can also plug in an ethernet cable for constant Internet access.

In contrast to popular belief, Walmart is not affiliated with Roku in any way and merely retails the Onn Roku TVs. Even so, the Roku TV offers superb capabilities that aren’t available on every TV.


Advantages of Onn TVs

People recommend Onn televisions due to their many useful features. We have summed up the most compelling benefits of this brand as determined by our experts.

Worth your Money

If you’re looking for a smart TV that won’t break the bank but will still have all the bells and whistles of more expensive models, Walmart has you covered. The low cost is the brand’s primary selling point.

It has the same capabilities as other smart and LED TVs, including access to local channels, Fox Sports, and other cable and satellite networks.

The picture quality of Onn TV is first-rate for the cost. This brand supports 4K resolutions, giving users the most pristine images possible.


If you live near a Walmart, you can quickly and easily purchase an Onn brand TV. Connecting to Wi-Fi is made easier by this brand because it supports ethernet cables.

Aside from that, if you lose the original remote for your Onn TV, a universal remote will work just fine. There’s only one button to press in the TV’s menu to make it your own.


Element Electronics, which provides warranty repairs, is one of the best reasons to use this brand. Some customers who had problems with the manufacturer have had their products replaced. Some of the most common problems are easy to fix yourself, and we have an article covering the most common Onn TV Problems.


Cons of Onn TVs

Limited Engaging Features

In other words, you get what you pay for when it comes to quality. It’s not as good as rival brands like Samsung and LG’s televisions. According to some users, there has been a gradual decline in image quality. When in use, some people have reported seeing a dark blue blur appear suddenly.

Average Performance

Performance is subpar, especially in comparison to that of larger brands. It’s durable, but its performance doesn’t measure up to that of more well-known brands despite its longevity.


Should you Buy an Onn TV?

Whether or not you should invest in an Onn television is a matter of taste. The answer is a resounding “no” if you are the type of person who demands the highest quality from their technological devices. Onn televisions function adequately but aren’t great at what they do.

At the same time, if you’re not too concerned with having the latest and greatest hardware at home and want something to watch Netflix on, Onn TVs are a compelling option.

However, some users have complained that their Onn TVs started malfunctioning shortly after purchase. Even though Walmart has a solid warranty system and would likely take care of any customer with a problem, it is still helpful to be aware of the possibility.



Q1. Is Onn TV a Good Brand?

Ans: To answer your question, Onn TV is a terrific value. The video and audio are of high quality. The design itself is intriguing because of its sophisticated aesthetic. After all, this TV even has a 4K resolution for your viewing pleasure.

Q2. Is there another name for Onn TV?

Ans: Durabrand is another name for Onn TV. Walmart’s Onn TVs are Durabrand-made generics. Because of this, you might hear Onn TVs referred to as Durabrand TVs.

Q3. Does Walmart own Onn?

Ans: The answer is yes; Onn is a Walmart private-label brand. It is the Durabrand generic brand, and you can get it exclusively at Walmart and Walmart.com. Durabrand makes it, but it’s under a different label’s warranty.



By now, you must know Who makes Onn TV. Here, you will find all the advantages and disadvantages of Onn TV. You will also get to know about the various products of Onn.

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