What is an Application?

An application is a program that is used to solve tasks or user problems, just like an operating system is used to operate a computer.  Since the “iOS App Store” came onto the market in 2008, apps are often used synonymously with mobile apps.

Microsoft now also calls desktop application software apps from the “Windows 8” operating system onwards since Windows 8 can be used on both desktop PCs and tablets. Even system administrators refer to the tools they work with daily as applications.

There are three concepts associated with the term application:

  • Multimedia applications: A multimedia application is the specific use of a particular multimedia system, which offers certain functions, by one or more users. A workstation equipped with audio and video devices can offer audio-visual communication in real time as a function. If this system is used in an office, video telephony can be provided at the individual workstations. In a conference room it can support the distribution of lectures.
  • Application programs: Application programs are software packages that, in comparison with system software, are not included in the hardware scope of delivery and can be installed on a computer for certain tasks. In this sense, multimedia applications are also software packages.
  • Application areas: These are areas of activity or market segments in which a specific multimedia application is used. A shared whiteboard can be used as a multimedia application in the field of joint mechanical construction or a shared imaging application in the field of medical diagnosis.

An application is basically what the word implies. It is code that is placed to apply to something and is specific, such as an accounting application. The purpose of the application is defined and very user / consumer oriented. A user is understood here as the person who will interact directly with the application, be it an administrator or a normal user. Software, on the other hand, is code that controls some computer actions and controls various aspects.

What is interesting here is that application software is also a type of software.

However, all software need not be limited to one application. It could just be code to help run two devices in sync, or it could be calibrating a device to its microcontroller.

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