What is CAD?

CAD (Computer Aided Design) is software used by architects, engineers, and other creative professionals to create technical illustrations and drawings.

Instead of creating drawings of components and shapes on the drawing board, computers are used to develop a two or even three-dimensional representation of different components.

The application of CAD has become an indispensable part of the industry today and it is used in a wide variety of areas such as product and machine design. CAD’s application is also prevalent in video game design and programming.

Common uses of the CAD software include:

  • Drawing construction plans
  • Reviewing design ideas.
  • Creating exploded drawings.
  • Creating photorealistic renderings.

Working with CAD software means that individual steps in the design process are no longer carried out manually but are taken over by the computer. With the help of CAD software, steps from concept development to the final project handover can be carried out directly on the computer. The concept applies both to 2D (e.g. creating a city map) and 3D (e.g. planning entire building complexes).

CAD software has completely changed design in the last 30 years. The drawing board on which a designer used to laboriously design models and the technical draftsman who drew them in detail has now become a thing of the past.