Expansion Board

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What is an Expansion Board?

An expansion board or an expansion card is a circuit board or card that can be added to a computer adding new functionality. Expansion cards plug directly into a slot on the computer motherboard.

Types of computer expansion cards include network cards, sound cards, video cards, and modems. Expansion cards can have a variety of benefits; You can improve sound quality, video quality, and wired or wireless network connectivity. Expansion cards have to be designed in such a way that they fit into PC cases, so they are usually no wider than an average computer case and can be held in one hand.

Computer motherboards can have different types of expansion card slots such as PCI, AGP and PCI-Express slots. Mainboards are designed with a different number of expansion card slots; most computers can accommodate three or more expansion cards.

Common Types of Expansion Cards

Graphics Card

As the name suggests, these cards are used to output the graphic and send it to the monitor. Graphics cards take on the task of calculating the image.

For non-gaming PCs the graphic cards are sometimes already built into the mainboard. This means that the computer can be built cheaper because there is no need to buy an additional graphics card. In addition, the chips on the mainboard usually require less power than an additional graphics card. A disadvantage of this integrated graphics is that it is not as powerful as a modern graphics card.

You can also get laptops without graphics cards, if you are sure you will not be needing one.

Network Cards

Network cards connect the PC to a computer network. In the past, computer networks were not as common as they are today, especially in private households. Almost every mainboard is now equipped with a network chip, a separate network card is no longer required.

Sound Cards

With the help of a sound card, a computer can play sounds or music. Just like network cards, sound cards are also built into the mainboard. However, there are benefits of using an external sound card, for example a recording studio setup where musical instruments are connected to the computer via a MIDI interface.