How to Block YouTube on Chromebook. (2022) 2 Easy Methods

In today’s digital age, kids can have access to just about anything online—a hot-button issue among parents, teachers, and the rest of the adult population. 

The internet is such a powerful source of information and entertainment. Some parents even gift their children with gadgets like the latest Chromebook. The proper implementation of gadget usage can set kid’s imagination free.

However, things can quickly get out of hand without the appropriate supervision.

Some parents entrust their children with certain “child-friendly” apps installed on their devices. However, these apps are not impenetrable by unadulterated content. 

If you are looking for ways to solidify parental supervision on your child’s gadget, you can block them instead of implementing parental controls in settings.

There is no need to take your child’s Chromebook away from them, as it is one of the best devices on the market today. They can continue to enjoy the perks of having a Chromebook without the risk of being exposed to content that isn’t age-appropriate. 

Read on if you are looking for ways to block YouTube on ChromeBook to ensure your child isn’t exposed to anything you disapprove of.

Block YouTube On Chromebook

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How to Block YouTube on a Chromebook

Use an Extension

You can install an extension on your Google Chrome web browser and launcher. These extensions are multifaceted tools that possess the necessary blocking functions to block YouTube and other websites. 

  1. Go to the Chrome Webstore and download the extension if you don’t already have it.
  2. Now that you have opened the site type in keywords like block website, website blocker, or site blocker. When a drop-down menu appears, you can click one that you prefer.
  3. When you click one, you can see more details about it, including pictures and logos. Once you find one suitable, you can click download.
  4. Click Add to Chrome, and a window will appear initiating download and will display how much longer it will take for installation to be completed. 
  5. Click on extensions, and you will see all the extensions you have installed. Click on the site blocker to launch it. 
  6. Extensions are typically easy to navigate but depend on the app you downloaded. Once you click on the extension, type in, and all links under it will be blocked along with it.

You can undo this anytime by unblocking it on the extension and retrieving access to the site once more.

Things to Remember When You Block YouTube on a Chromebook

Suppose you are only looking for automated functions that help block and unblock YouTube on a ChromeBook to promote productivity instead. Install extensions that have timer features for easier management. 

You and another parent or trusted guardian should be the only people who know the password to your chosen site blocker. You cannot blame a child, especially a teenager, who seeks entertainment amidst homework and other responsibilities. 

If you want to use it yourself to prevent yourself from wasting time and increasing your productivity in working from home, you can opt for these extensions with automated functions and give the password to someone else. 


How to Block YouTube on a Chromebook Without an Extension

The addition of an extension is pretty easy, but if, for whatever reason, you don’t find integrating an extension suitable for you, you can follow the steps below instead. 

Here is an easy workaround blocking YouTube without extensions.

  1. Click on Settings on your Chrome OS device.
  2. When a Menu window is prompted, you will find options on the left; click on Apps.
  3. Click on the Turn On button you see next to Google Play Store.
  4. Click on Accept on the Google Play apps.
  5. Click on Accept on the service screen when the previous action prompts it.
  6. Launch Google Play by clicking on the icon on the Chromebook shelf.
  7. You can now access and install any Android app, including site blocker apps, on Chromebook.
  8. Install the app you have successfully downloaded and use it to block YouTube or any website and app you choose.


As you can see, it’s pretty easy to block YouTube and any other application or website on a Chromebook with or without extensions. Chromebooks are one of the most user-friendly and versatile gadgets out there. 

They are made for all ages and can be customized to fit your needs. 

While there are several security integrations you can make, Chromebooks have some of the most secure software in the market today. However, it isn’t 100% immune to viruses like all devices. Maybe you are looking for ways to block sites and applications on your Chromebook to prevent virus attacks and other breaches.

We assure you there is no need to block websites to protect your Chromebook. 


Chromebook Security 

When it comes to malware prevention and privacy protection, the Acer Chromebook Touchscreen is leading the pack. 

The Acer Chromebook is a 15” Energy-efficient LED touchscreen running on an Intel Celeron. Its Chromebook software is as reliable as any other.

Fresh out of the box, Chrome OS starts up and runs a self-diagnosis on its system called the “verified reboot.” Should its security system pick up on any indications of tampering, corruption, or breaches, it will repair itself and ditch any malware.

Another exciting gadget featuring Chromebook software is the Lenovo Chromebook DUET that is a little more budget-friendly. 

If you are thinking of getting gadgets with reliable privacy protection and security features within a more affordable price range, the Lenovo DUET is worth looking into for your child. 

Final Words

We hope you found what you were looking for in our article. As you can see, there are many ways you can block YouTube on gadgets with ChromeBook software. Although, we suggest extensions and applications with automated timer functions. 

Not to encourage dilly-dallying online when you are supposed to be working or anything, but YouTube also has great educational content. You can set up family-friendly videos, create playlists of pre-approved videos, or download content for your child to access offline. You can also remove Youtube shorts which are usually more frivolous videos.

There are many other ways you can regulate YouTube on your Chromebook instead of blocking it altogether. You can also download YouTube Kids