How Much Does Alexa Cost?

While a smart home isn’t exactly a cheap pastime, Alexa is one of the more reasonably priced house assistants. What does Alexa cost, then?

The use of the Alexa voice assistant does not necessitate any membership or subscription fees. Alexa is free; the only things you’ll have to pay for are the Fire TV or Echo devices you use it with and any premium services you want to sign up for.

In this article, I’ll review the price of an Alexa device and a few other factors you shouldn’t overlook when purchasing.


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How Much Does Alexa Cost?

You may use Alexa in three major ways:

  • An Amazon Echo speaker
  • The Alexa mobile app on your smartphone
  • A third-party smart speaker

Here’s a rundown of the various options and an overview of how much it will cost to utilize Alexa:


Option #1: Amazon’s Smart Speaker

The Amazon Echo line of smart speakers is one of the most popular methods to interact with Alexa. The Amazon Echo line includes a variety of voice-controlled speakers, the most basic of which are:

  • Echo Dot
  • Echo Studio
  • Echo Plus
  • Echo

In contrast to the Echo Studio’s superior sound quality, the Echo Dot’s low price tag of $40 makes it a great entry point for those interested in bringing Alexa’s cutting-edge AI technology into their homes.

See Also: How to Put an Echo Dot in Pairing Mode.

It’s worth noting that no monthly charge is required to use Alexa’s core features with any of the Echo smart speakers. After the initial payment for the speaker, using Alexa is completely free for as long as you have the device. If your device stops speaking, we have an article on How to Get Alexa Back Online.


Option #2: Smartphone App

You may use Alexa with any regular speaker, not just the Amazon Echo. An alternative that doesn’t cost a dime is the Amazon Alexa app, which you can download for free on iOS and Android devices.

By downloading the Alexa app, you’ll have access to the same list-making, music-playing, and smart-home-device-controlling capabilities that come with an Echo or other third-party smart speaker.

You can use your voice to issue the same commands to Alexa as you would to your smart speaker. Still, now you also have the added benefit of seeing your lists and reminders as you scroll through them and being able to make instant changes to your regular schedule.

Amazon’s recently released Alexa Hands-Free feature enables voice-enabled access to Alexa on compatible smartphones just by uttering the wake word.

If you enable the feature in the app’s settings, your phone will reply whenever you say “Alexa,” giving you hands-free access to everything the Alexa app offers.

One caveat is that you must first unlock your phone to use Alexa Hands-Free. It is something to remember while deciding on the hardware you’ll need to get the most out of Alexa.


Option #3: Third-Party Smart Speakers

Many non-Amazon smart speakers now feature Alexa integration, so you’re not limited to those made by Amazon. The Sonos One, for instance, is one of the best smart speakers available and can easily connect to Alexa, but it can cost up to $180, depending on the exact model you buy.

However, the Ultimate Ears Megablast portable smart speaker (available for roughly $200) may be the answer if you’re searching for something with more oomph.

The Megablast joins Ultimate Ears’ lineup of high-quality Bluetooth speakers, and it doesn’t disappoint anyone with its stylish appearance and carefully crafted audio technology.

The Audio Pro Addon C5A, available for about $300, is another well-liked wireless speaker capable of filling a room with clear, powerful sound.


Is There Any Monthly Subscription Fee for Alexa?

Right now, Alexa doesn’t charge users any subscription or maintenance fees. Trying out the Alexa app on your smartphone is free and available now.

However, you’ll need a Fire TV device or an Echo smart speaker to maximize Alexa’s full functionality. In a moment, I’ll talk about how much these gadgets cost, but in general, you should anticipate paying $20-$100.

More devices cost less than $100, while the most expensive ones might go for $250 or more.


What do we get with the Alexa App?

The Alexa app and Echo devices can do a lot without extra memberships or costs. They are always adding new features, but here is a taste of what Alexa has to offer for no cost:

Perk #1: To-Do Lists

You can make and edit lists either verbally or through the app. Alexa helps you track what you need, notifies you of duplicates, allows you to text your list to others, and even makes it simple to purchase on Amazon.

Perk #2: Control of Smart Devices

The number of gadgets that Alexa can manage is constantly expanding. After integrating a Zigbee controller, Amazon Alexa has become the most capable voice-control smart hub available. See our article on How to Set Up Z-Wave Hub with Alexa for more details.

Perk #3: Alarms and Timers

One of Alexa’s best features for your smart kitchen is the ability to set named timers. If you have more than one timer set, the phrase “Meatball timer is complete” will be much more helpful.

Perk #4: Notifications

Alexa monitors your Amazon orders and sends you a notification as soon as they arrive. As a bonus, it’ll inform you of any impending emergencies or dangerous weather.

Perk #5: Weather Updates

Ask Alexa if you want a short rundown of the news when you wake up. You can also question her about the weather when getting ready to go somewhere.

Perk #6: Q&A’s

Alexa can provide pre-programmed responses to a wide range of questions and find information to answer many other kinds of questions using the information on the internet. Measurement conversions for the kitchen and interesting tidbits about famous people rank high on my list of favorite topics.

Perk #7: Communications

Alexa-enabled gadgets allow you to communicate with your loved ones in the house via an intercom system. Alexa also can make and receive phone calls, both to and from other Alexa devices.


Alexa Cost FAQs

Q1. Is There a Cost that you Need to Pay for Alexa?

Ans: If you’re wondering if you have to pay to use Alexa, the answer is no. Alexa’s core features are free to use monthly, and an Amazon Prime membership is not required. A free, basic Amazon account will do if you want to use Alexa.

Q2. Is Amazon Music Included with Alexa?

Ans: If you have an Alexa-enabled device, you can listen to any of Amazon Music’s three primary subscription tiers. There is a free, no-strings-attached edition and three paid upgrades.

Q3. Is there any Cost Associated with Alexa Skills?

Ans: No, you don’t have to pay to get them. Skills for Alexa are like applications; they can be downloaded and used on any device that supports Alexa.

Q3. What do I do if Alexa stops working?

Ans: If Alexa is not responding, but is yellow, please read Why is My Alexa Yellow? which runs through several fixes.


By now, you must know how much does Alexa cost and what the options are that comes with it. You’ll get many perks with Alexa, so I suggest you buy it ASAP!

I hope this article helped you know every detail about Alexa’s cost. Here, I conclude my article. For more informative articles, Stay tuned!