How to Fix Chromebook Keyboard 2022 (3 Methods Unlock, Reset and Restart)

You might be having problems with your Chromebook’s keyboard. Not to worry, we have compiled some solutions to help you troubleshoot them. 

Below you will see some of the most frequent issues consumers have with their hardware that runs Chromebook OS and a few that are less common. You don’t have to go out and buy yourself a new laptop. Keep calm and Chrome on.

Chromebook-powered devices, like the Samsung Chromebook 4 are generally less problematic than their counterparts. If it does encounter problems, Chromebook OS has troubleshooting solutions available offline. 

Chrome, after all, is powered by Google. Most likely, the same search engine that led you here. 

Let’s start with one of the most straightforward issues to rectify – Unlocking your Chromebook Keyboard when it’s locked.

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Chromebook Keyboard Locked: How to Unlock

If none of the keys on your Chromebook keyboard are working, chances the keys are not broken – the keyboard is locked. 

Your keyboard may seemingly be unresponsive when in fact, it’s only following orders. If you accidentally got your Chromebook keyboard locked, you can easily undo this by unlocking it.

Unlock Chromebook Keyboard

You will have two indications that your keyboard is locked –

  1. You are diverted back into your Log-in page.
  2. All of your keys are unresponsive.

You can unlock your Chromebook’s keyboard by typing in your user password. That’s all you have to do to gain back control of your device. 

Why Does My Chromebook Lock My Keyboard?

Well, it’s for your safety to avoid any accidental key presses. It’s an added layer of security for users to enjoy.

It’s also helpful when you have playful kids and curious pets in the range of your device. You won’t have to delete an infinite number of letters or numbers when you get back to your documents after getting coffee.

The worst-case scenario would be your documents getting deleted entirely.

Trust us. It’s a valuable function to have. 

You can lock your keyboard in various ways.

How to Lock My Chromebook Keyboard

Here are your options:

  1. Click these keys together “CTRL + SHIFT + LOCK” 

Suppose anyone gets any ideas of snooping through your files while you go to the bathroom. This will keep your apps running in the background while your display is brought back to the sign-in page. It is useful in using your laptop in public areas outside or inside your home. 

Not today, mom.

  1. Press down on “LOCK” for at least two seconds

This doesn’t only lock your keyboard. It locks your device altogether. Varying from one device to another, locking your device may pause your apps from running in the background. 

  1. Click the “Power Button” until a window prompts and select “LOCK

This locks your device by putting it in sleep mode. Upon waking your device, depending on your Accessibility, it may require a Google PIN or your Google Password to unlock.

It’s a different story if only a few of your keys are working. It may not be locked at all. You might be experiencing what auto-tuned singers like to call “technical difficulties.” 

No worries, Mariah Carey, we have the answers written in the section below.

How to Reset Chromebook Keyboard

There are various reasons why some of your keys aren’t registering, one of which might be dirt caught in your hardware. 

When there’s an obstruction within keys, such as dust or crumbs, some of your keys may not register. Try dusting away at your keyboard first, turning it upside down, and jimmying out any possible debris caught within. If that fixes the issue, you might consider buying a keyboard protector. 

The Keyboard Cover for Acer CB315 makes a vibrant and functional addition to your Chromebook. It comes in many colors and will protect your keyboard from the next time you decide to have lunch at your desk. 

If cleaning out your hardware doesn’t rectify the situation, we can try executing an EC Reset your device instead. 

How to EC Reset Chromebook Keyboard

Performing an EC (embedded control) Reset on your device will flush out the current powering your device. It’s like rebooting its systems to revitalize power distribution. Follow the steps below to perform it on your device.

  1. Completely Shut Down your Chromebook

DO NOT just restart it or set it to sleep. Shut it down.

  1. Press down on the Refresh Key 

DO NOT tap on it. Press it down entirely until Step 5.

  1. Simultaneously hold down the Power Button

DO NOT release it immediately. Press down on it until Step 6.

  1. Hold down the two keys for ten seconds

You have a finger pressing down on both the Refresh Key and Power Button by this time. Maintain that position for at least ten seconds.

  1. Release the Refresh Key first

Before the next step, you can now let go of the Refresh Key.

  1. Release the Power Button next

You can now let go of the Power Button, too.

If you have followed these steps precisely and accordingly, your Chromebook will restart, and all the EC power will be flushed out. 

If you want to start with the simplest and quickest way out – a simple Restart might do the job.


How to Restart Chromebook with Keyboard

Have you ever called a manufacturer’s hotline and heard the phrase, “have you tried turning it off and on again?”

Well, have you? 

A computer’s R&R stands for Restart & Refresh. Sometimes, we spend too much time at work and look for a bit of R&R to revitalize our minds and bodies. Our computers need that, too, except their R&R doesn’t stand for “rest and relaxation” like ours. 

Restart & Refresh Your Chromebook

Restart your device to refresh its internal mechanism. Giving your computer a little R&R might solve a lot of other issues you might be having, like glitching, lagging, and delayed response times.

How to Restart Chromebook with Keyboard 

On your keyboard, press down on “CTRL + SHIFT + Q(2x)

  1. Press and hold down CTRL 
  2. Press and hold down SHIFT
  3. Tap Q twice

This should restart your device without you having to use your mouse. This is especially helpful when your screen is frozen. 

If your keyboard is the issue, hover your mouse over the Power Options on your screen click the Restart Option.

If you are having trouble finding the cursor on your screen, perhaps change it to something larger or a color that stands out more. We have a short guide on how to change your Chromebook Cursor Color.

Final Words

We hope this article helped you resolve any keyboard issues you might be having with your Chromebook. 

In case you missed it, as we have mentioned above, Chromebook offers offline access to troubleshooting common issues users have encountered with their devices. 

Among its many perks are its offline FAQ database. However, added layers of security are what most find appealing about Chromebook OS powered devices. Who doesn’t want extra data protection for their personal and professional files?

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