How to Remove Payment Method From DoorDash (2023)

DoorDash is regarded as the largest food delivery service in the United States. As of 2021, it has 6000+ employees and more than 100,000 Dashers across US and Canada. It is one of the giants of the gig economy. Besides the US, it also serves other countries such as New Zealand, Japan, Australia, and Germany.

How to Remove Payment Method From DoorDash


Some DoorDash users, however, are wondering “how to remove payment method from DoorDash?”. This can happen when you want to change or remove your DoorDash credit card information on the app. In this guide, we’ll show you how to remove DoorDash payment methods using easy steps.

Note: This article is for DoorDash customers, if you work for Doordash (a Dasher) then we have the article How to Cash Out on DoorDash for you.

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Removing Credit Card From DoorDash

When wondering how to remove your DoorDash credit card and other payment cards, you’ll need to replace them with updated card information, which will serve as your primary payment method. This allows you to still make orders on DoorDash while updating your payment information.

Also, credit or debit cards with pending transactions and subscriptions cannot be removed from your account unless you’ve indicated a backup payment card or method.

Note: If you are a DashPass subscriber and you want to cancel your membership, this article will show you how to cancel DoorDash Pass.


How to Remove Payment Cards on DoorDash

When updating your DoorDash payment methods, you’ll need to remove your old payment methods first, such as bank accounts, debit, and credit cards, especially the ones that are already expired. Also, if you’ve received a payment declined notification from DoorDash, it’s a sign to remove your expired payment method from the app.

To remove a payment card via the DoorDash app, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the DoorDash app on your iOS or Android device and log in to your account.
  2. Go to Account > Payment Cards. You will now see your linked payment cards on the DoorDash app.
  3. To remove your desired card, swipe left on that card and tap Delete.
  4. The payment card will now be removed from your list of payment cards in the DoorDash app.

To remove a payment card via the DoorDash official website, proceed to these steps:

  1. Open your com and launch its default browser.
  2. Visit the DoorDash officiaputerl website and log in to your account.
  3. Select Menu > Payment. You will now see your linked payment cards on your DoorDash account.
  4. To remove a payment card, click the three dots icon across that card and choose Delete.


Final Thoughts

DoorDash is one of the most popular food delivery and online food ordering apps in the United States. As of 2018, it’s supported by more than 100,000 food restaurants in the country and acknowledges various payment cards. However, you’ll need to remove some of your existing cards once they’re outdated or expired.

Hopefully, this guide helps you to remove your payment method via the DoorDash app or their official website. If the steps above were ineffective, try contacting DoorDash Support for further help.