How to Turn on an Onn TV Without Remote (2023) 4 Methods

One of the various brands partnered with the Roku streaming platform is Onn TV. It’s an affordable smart TV made by Walmart with built-in Roku. But, some Onn Roku TV users have wondered how to turn on Onn TV without remote.

How to Turn On Onn TV Without Remote (2022)

This happens when a user loses their remote accidentally, or in rare cases, it wasn’t provided upon purchasing their new Onn TV. In this guide, we’ll show you how to turn up volume on onn TV without remote and Onn TV volume control without remote. If your problem is not covered in this article, it may be listed in our roundup of Common Onn TV Problems.


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How to Turn On onn TV Without Remote

One of the most common problems users face when using their TV is losing their remote. Some Onn users have also experienced the same issue and were left wondering, “how can I turn on Onn TV when I’ve lost my Onn Roku TV remote?”.

Here are some methods to try to turn on your Onn Roku TV without a remote. Remember to review each method and see which is the most effective for your Onn TV.


Method #1: Locate the Power Button on Your Onn Roku TV

Fortunately, most Roku TVs have a built-in Power button on the TV itself. But it’s hidden on the back, side, or under the TV. Below are the four most common locations for the Power button on your Onn Roku TV.

Back of the TV, Right-hand Side

The first area of your Onn TV that you can check when finding the Power button is the back right-hand side. After moving your TV slightly to the front, you should see the Power button in a small slot on the right, at the back of the TV.

Middle of the TV, Underside

The next location that might have the Power button on your Onn TV is underneath the middle of the TV. It might be hidden below the Onn TV logo, on the sides of it, or further back. You can use a flashlight while searching for it if it’s too dark.

Back of the TV, Left-hand Side

If you didn’t find the Power button in the middle of your Onn TV, try checking it on the back left-hand side. Move your TV slightly forward and search for a small slot on the left side—it might contain the Power button.

Left of the TV, Underside

The last area you can search for is on the left underside of the TV. Depending on the TV model, it might be behind the signal receiver of your Onn TV. Try reaching for it until you feel a small button, most likely the Power button.


Method #2: Download the Roku App

Another method you can try is downloading the Roku app on your smartphone. This free app has a virtual remote feature, which you can use to control your Onn Roku TV without a remote.

To download and use the Roku app as a virtual remote, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Roku app for free on your tablet or smartphone. It’s available on the Google Play Store and the App Store.
  2. Launch the app. It will now search for nearby Roku devices. Select your Onn Roku TV to connect.
  3. Once connected, you can now use your smartphone as a remote. To turn on your Onn TV, press the red power icon on the top right corner of the screen.

Besides turning your TV on and off, you can also do other basic commands, like controlling the volume, accessing the Options button, and much more.


Method #3: Use the Onn Roku TV User Manual

Its user manual is an effective method to find your Onn TV’s Power button, along with instructions for other features. Just search for the parts of your TV to know the exact location of the Power button on your Onn TV.

If you lost your user manual, you could search for it on Google by typing the model number and year of release of your Onn Roku TV, along with the ‘user manual keyword on the search bar. The user manual should show up in the search results.


Method #4: Use a Universal Remote

A universal remote is an excellent alternative to your Onn TV remote once you’ve lost it or it’s broken. Most universal remotes work well with Onn Roku TVs—find the program code for your Roku TV and follow the steps to link your remote to it. However, some buttons on your universal remote might not work on your Onn TV.

To get the most out of your onn TV, we have another article which covers How to Fix Onn TV Sound Issues and who makes Onn TVs.


Final Thoughts

Onn Roku TVs are cost-effective smart TVs by Walmart that are built-in with the Roku platform. Like other partnered Roku TV brands, they perform well in streaming channels and paid subscriptions. However, you might have trouble using your Onn TV without a remote.

Hence, this guide hopefully helps you turn on your Onn Roku TV without a remote. If these methods don’t work, you could instead buy a brand-new remote designed for your Onn TV.