LG Remote Not Working: Quick Fix (2022)

When using your LG smart TV, you’ll most likely need a remote. Whether it’s for adjusting the volume, channel, or TV input, a remote will make your smart TV easier to operate. All LG TVs come with a magic remote upon purchase.

LG Remote Not Working: Quick Fix (2022)

However, you can sometimes be troubled with your LG TV remote not working. This affects various LG remote models, including the LG magic remote. This guide will show you how to connect your LG remote to TV and how to fix an LG magic remote when it’s not working. If you have a different TV, we have another article which explains how to turn on an onn TV without a remote.

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How to Connect LG Remote to TV

To connect your LG TV to a remote, keep these in mind:

  • Keep your LG TV turned on and turn off other LG TVs or appliances in the area. This is to keep the remote signals directed onto your LG TV.
  • Once turned on, wait for one minute to initialize the operating system of your LG TV. Then, you can start pairing the remote.
  • Pair the remote at a close distance to your LG TV so it can detect the remote’s signals and make pairing much faster.

To pair an LG magic remote to your smart TV, follow these steps:

  1. Insert new batteries into the remote control.
  2. Next, point the magic remote close to your LG TV. Then, press and hold the OK button.
  3. Wait for the pairing message to appear on the TV screen and release. Your LG magic remote is now paired.

How to Fix LG Remote Not Working

Connecting an LG remote to your smart TV is easy once you have a working remote and new batteries. However, you can face problems connecting it, especially when it just suddenly disconnected to your LG TV. When this happens, here are some fixes that you can try.

Fix #1: Power Cycle your LG TV and LG Magic Remote

Power cycling is an effective solution once you’re experiencing problems with your LG TV and remote. It solves all bugs and glitches that prevent the magic remote from connecting to your smart TV.

To power cycle your LG TV, follow the steps below:

  1. Turn off your LG TV and unplug its power cord from the socket.
  2. Wait for twenty minutes to drain power from the smart TV. You can also press and hold the Power button on the LG TV for ten seconds to help it drain more power.
  3. Once enough time has elapsed, plug the power cord back in and turn on your LG TV.
  4. Wait for one minute to initialize the TV’s OS. Then, you can now proceed to pair the LG remote and see if the problem is solved.

During power cycling your LG TV, you can also do the same process to the LG magic remote. To do this, proceed to these steps:

  1. Remove the batteries on the back of the remote and wait for two minutes.
  2. Then, place the batteries back into the remote and turn on your LG TV.
  3. Wait for one minute. Then, try pairing the magic remote to your smart TV.

Fix #2: Re-Pair the Magic Remote to your LG TV

Once your LG TV struggles to have a solid connection with the remote, you can try re-pairing both of the devices. However, you have to start with resetting the magic remote first. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. On the remote, press and hold the Back and Home buttons simultaneously for five seconds. This will reset the connection from the remote to your LG TV.
  2. Remove its batteries and wait for one minute
  3. Then, point the magic remote close to your TV. Press and hold the OK button until a pairing message appears on your smart TV screen. The magic remote is now paired with your LG TV.

Once it fails to connect, try to power cycle your LG TV and remote. Then, proceed to follow the same pairing process close to your LG TV and see if the issue is fixed.

Once you get the LG remote to work, you can use it to unlock LG Hotel TV.

Fix #3: Use the LG ThinQ App

When the magic remote is not pairing to your LG TV for some reason, you can download the LG ThinQ app on your smartphone. The app is designed to connect to various LG smart appliances, including smart TVs.

To connect your LG TV to your smartphone via the LG ThinQ app, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the LG ThinQ app on your smartphone. It’s available on both Android and iOS.
  2. Then, connect your LG TV and smartphone to a common wireless network.
  3. Launch the LG ThinQ app and tap the Add Product icon on the home screen.
  4. Select TV and choose your LG TV model from the list. A code will now appear on your smart TV screen.
  5. Enter the code to the app and wait for your LG TV to be connected to the LG ThinQ app.
  6. Once it’s connected, your LG TV will appear on the app’s home screen.
  7. To control your LG TV via the LG ThinQ app, tap it from the home screen and a remote control interface will appear.

Fix #4: Replace the LG Magic Remote

If re-pairing the LG magic remote didn’t solve the issue, the remote control is possibly damaged or some of its important buttons are stuck. It’s also safe to replace the remote once its LED indicator light is not blinking or flashing, especially when you’ve just inserted a new pair of batteries.

You can try visiting an authorized LG service center to purchase a new magic remote or contact LG Support through this link. We also have a guide on steps to take if your LG TV will not turn on.

Final Thoughts

LG magic remotes are critical to every LG smart TV. It allows you to control your smart TV with ease and do some basic tasks, like downloading apps and adjusting the volume, channels, and more. However, it’s also possible to face issues when pairing a magic remote to your LG TV.

Hopefully, these solutions can help you fix an LG remote that’s not working. Once the remote has component damage, replace it with a new one or contact LG Support for further assistance.