Netflix Lagging on Chrome – Easy way to Fix (2023)

Watching Netflix on Chrome is one of the most convenient ways to keep up with your favorite shows and movies on your laptop or PC. However, watching Netflix on your browser can bring up a series of technical issues.

Poor internet connection, outdated drivers or browser, too many background applications, and high display resolutions can lead to lagging on Netflix. Luckily, the dreaded buffering symbol doesn’t have to signal a premature end to movie night. 

In this article, we’ll give you the top reasons why Netflix lags on Chrome. Of course, we’ll give you our tried-and-tested solutions to ensure that you get a relaxing cinematic experience!


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Top 6 Reasons Why Netflix is Lagging on Chrome and their Solutions

Check out the top reasons why Netflix lags on Chrome. Follow through with their corresponding solutions to have a smooth viewing experience:


1. Slow Internet Connection

The primary reason Netflix becomes laggy on Chrome is a poor internet connection. If your WiFi is unstable, the problem can easily be remedied unless the issue is directly with your internet service provider (ISP).

Running a speed test will let you know if your internet speed is lower than what your provider promised. If that’s the case, you raise the concern to your ISP customer service.

If these solutions don’t work, consider switching to a different internet provider with more stable connections:


Restart your Router Modem

One of the sure-fire methods to solve a minor connection problem is to restart your internet-enabled devices. This includes your laptop or computer, and of course, your router and modem. Make sure to unplug your router and modem if they’re separate devices.

Keep them off for half a minute before connecting them again and powering them on. Netflix should run smoothly on Chrome. If you have multiple modems in your house, make sure reset the right one.


Disconnect other devices

Another reason why your connection is weak is that there are simply too many devices connected to your router. Some routers provide all connected devices with equal bandwidth, while others, like select routers from Netgear

 and TP-Link, have QoS capabilities that prioritize data-heavy devices like laptops and computers over mobile phones.


Streaming and Downloading

Streaming Netflix and downloading files are both data-hungry tasks, so you should stick with one or the other to avoid Netflix stuttering on Chrome. Finish downloading files or pause it briefly to avoid any lags while streaming.


Connect directly to your modem

If Netflix playback is choppy on Chrome, your modem might be disconnecting with your router. If that’s the case, then it will be best to bypass your router and connect your laptop or computer directly to your modem. 

Simply use an No products found. to connect your laptop with your modem.


2. Cache and Cookies

If Netflix is choppy, the issue might be with cache and cookies in Chrome. 

Browsers use cache to easily retrieve data that will likely be loaded again. Cookies are small files created when you visit websites that help to improve your online experience.

While they’re useful, cookies and cache can make your browser slower. 

Solution: Clear all Cookies and Cache

The best solution would be to clear your Chrome browser cache and cookies. Keep in mind that this will log you out of all the sites on Chome, so make sure that you have all your log-in details before doing so.

Clearing the cache+cookies should be enough, but if you also feel like cleaning up bookmarks and removing the reading list from Chrome then at least Chrome will be a bit cleaner and neater.


3. Too many Background Applications

If Netflix is laggy on Chrome, another common reason is that you have too many background apps running. 

Chrome takes up a lot of your RAM, so compounding that with even more tasks will make your laptop slower. Imagine how slow your device will be if it has small RAM and multiple background apps running!

Solution: Close background Apps

Open task manager to check if other applications are running in the background. Close all applications that might be interfering with your RAM.

Netflix should run smoothly after closing the other apps.


4. Outdated browser

To ensure that Chrome is offering optimal performance you need to run regular updates. This will remove any bugs that compromise browser performance.

You can either configure automatic updates for Chrome, or you can update your browser manually. After updating your browser version, you will notice that it works much better, and Netflix won’t lag.

Solution: Update Browser

Default settings on Chrome will inform you of the automatic update, which will prompt your computer to restart once it’s done.

If you want to automatically update Chrome, check the upper right-hand corner of Chrome. If your browser is due for an update, you will see “Update” inside a red bubble. You can also click the three dots on the top-right corner of Chrome. 

Hover over Help, then select About Chrome. Click Update Chrome.


5. Display Resolution is Set High

Netflix offers content in different resolutions. However, this may not be ideal for users with an unstable internet connection or an outdated laptop.

If you can’t do anything about either of these, you can lower your Netflix’s resolution.  Though you won’t be able to watch in 4K resolution, at least you’ll be able to keep up with your shows without lagging issues.

Solution: Change Playback Settings

Hover over your profile icon and open Account settings on your Netflix account. Select the dropdown menu for the profile you want to change and click Playback settings.

Netflix data usage options include auto, low, medium, and high. Set your resolution to low or medium to avoid Netflix playback being choppy.


6. Outdated PC Specs

Laggy Netflix on Chrome may be due to your laptop hardware. If your device has low RAM and an outdated processor, all websites, including Netflix, will be slow.

Solution: Update your PC (last resort!)

The best solution to avoid Netflix streaming lag is to make sure that your device has at least 4GB RAM.

If your device’s RAM is lower than that, it may be time for an update.

The best budget laptop we can recommend for streaming is the  Acer Chromebook Spin. Aside from having a solid RAM for streaming, it can be converted into different modes for entertainment and productivity.

Another option if your laptop is the cause of the lag, is to switch services and cast from your phone. You can cast Showbox to your Chromecast TV from your Android phone.



There are multiple reasons why Netflix lags on Chrome. Thankfully you can usually address them with these solutions:

  • Establish a stable internet connection
  • Clear your cache and cookies
  • Update your browser
  • Adjust display resolution
  • Upgrade your laptop

Happy viewing!