How to Fix Roku Blinking White Light. 6 Fixes [2022]

What’s worse than having your screen go black during a family movie night with your Roku showing a blinking white light? Nothing!

While Roku is a widely used and highly stable device, it may misbehave sometimes and annoy you in such a way. So, how to fix Roku blinking white light? That we’ll find out in this guide. For instance, this guide will lay down the most effective ways to solve Roku devices’ blinking white light issue.

Roku Blinking White Light

With that out of the way, let’s dive in.


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What Causes Blinking White Light in Roku Devices?

Here we’ll explore the top reasons behind Roku’s blinking white light. But before that, note that we’ve experienced this issue in Roku players (large streaming devices) and their remotes. We’ll look into what causes blinking white light in both these devices separately, starting with Roku Player.


Reasons for Blinking White Light in Roku Player

If you face blinking white light on your Roku player, it may be due to several reasons, such as:

  • Cables aren’t correctly connected
  • The device’s software is misbehaving
  • There’s an issue with the device’s connectivity ports
  • The device is facing a hardware issue. This can cause your Roku to keep restarting as well as other faults.
  • The screen doesn’t support your Roku resolution
  • Your internet connection speed is insufficient


Reasons for Blinking White Light in Roku Remote

If you grab your Roky remote, you’ll see that it has two lights – one on the front and the other on the back. If you feel the front light blinking, the remote’s battery is low and requires replacing its batteries. But if the backlight flickers, it indicates a pairing issue between your Roku Remote and Roku Player.


Ways to Fix Roku Blinking White Light

Below are the most effective ways to overcome the Roku blinking white light issue:


Reboot Your Roku Device

Rebooting your Roku device may fix its blinking white light issue by overcoming slight incompatibility, connectivity, or software problems. So, it’s always an excellent solution to reboot your Roku device before trying more complicated fixes. Follow the steps below to restart your Roku device:

  1. From your Roku remote, press the home button.
  2. Under menu options, look for Settings and open them.
  3. Navigate to System Settings > Power Plan.
  4. Select the system restart option and confirm the action.

That’s it; your Roku device will be restarted by following these steps. But if the blinking white light issue remains, you might want to try restarting your Wifi router.


Restart Your Wifi Device

Rebooting your Wifi router is another excellent way to fix the blinking white light on your Roku device. It will help overcome any Wifi issues that may be keeping your Roku device from working correctly. Follow the steps below to restart your Wifi router:

  1. Disconnect the power cable from your Wifi device and wait for around a minute.
  2. Now, connect the power cable to your Wifi device and wait for it to turn on.
  3. That’s it; your Wifi device has restarted.

Try running your Roku TV once again to see if the issue remains.


Adjust the Display Resolution

Generally speaking, the resolutions of Roku TVs are usually incompatible with TV resolutions. If your TV’s supported screen resolution is less than the output resolution of your Roku TV, it may result in a blinking white light on your Roku device.

To fix the incompatible display resolution issue, try connecting your Roku device to a 4k display and adjust the resolution to that of your other TV. Now, reconnect it to your other TV and see if the blinking white light issue is resolved.


Ensure All Cables Are Tightly Connected

A loosely connected cable can interrupt your TV setup, causing your Roku device to blink white light. So, it’s recommended to ensure all wires are tightly held together.

First and foremost, check the cables connecting your Roku device to the TV, such as the power and display cables (mostly HDMI). If the wires seem to be tightly inserted into the parts, look for any physical damage to the wires.

If you find a cable out of order, replace it with a new one. You can also try different ports on your TV (if available) to ensure the issue is with a cable and not a port. Further, you can test the wires on alternative devices available to determine if they’re causing the problem. Loose cables can also knock the Roku audio out of sync.


Factory Reset Your Roku Device

Resetting your Roku device will eliminate the app cache and other unimportant files that may be causing the blinking white light on it. As a result, the blinking light issue may be fixed. But before factory resetting your Roku, ensure you back up any critical data, such as images and passwords.

To reset your Roku device, press the Home button from its remote, navigate to Settings > Factory Reset Settings and confirm the action. Alternatively, you can do so by pressing the reset button on your Roku. If your Roku doesn’t have a reset button, it might have a hole instead for performing a factory reset.


Connect Your Roku to Wired Internet

If you think Wifi issues might be causing your Roku not to work correctly, you can try connecting it to your Wifi router via an ethernet cable. The process is simple; get an ethernet cable, connect one end to your Roku, and plug the other into one of your router’s LAN ports. Check if your Roku still shows the blinking white light as the connection succeeds.


Final Words

If your Roku’s blinking white light issue keeps you from enjoying your favourite movies, music, and videos, it’s time to find a fix. Many factors can lead to this issue, including internet, software, and connectivity issues.

Some practical ways to overcome the Roku blinking light issue are restarting your Roku device, adjusting its display resolution, and connecting it to the internet through a wired network.