Is Your Roku Device Overheating? How to Fix and Temp Check (2022)

Roku is one of the most popular brands of streaming devices. It provides access to over 4,500 channels and supports major streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, and many more. Most Roku devices are easy to use and are supported by most smart TVs.

Is Your Roku Device Overheating? How to Fix and Temp Check (2022)

But, some users reportedly came across their Roku device showing the Roku overheating message while it’s plugged in on their smart TV. This is due to several factors, which can be solved by easy workarounds. This guide will show you common reasons why your Roku is overheating and how to fix it.

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“Why is My Roku Overheating?”—Most Common Reasons

One of the most predictable issues on Roku streaming devices is overheating. You’ll notice this when your Roku device gets too hot while plugged in on your smart TV. Here are the most common reasons why it happens:

Important: When your Roku device gets too hot, make sure to handle it carefully. Also, avoid using the device as this can cause further damage to your smart TV and the device’s internal components as well.

  • Device is Stored in a Closed Environment – Your Roku device can quickly heat up when it’s stored in an area that lacks ventilation. Cool air needs to circulate on the device to maintain an optimal temperature.
  • Device is Too Close to the TV – Your smart TV is known to produce heat after prolonged use. This especially applies to older TVs, which don’t have an effective cooling system that’s built-in. Heat can affect connected devices nearby, including your Roku streaming device.
  • Device is Near Heating Instruments – Heating instruments like your clothes iron, heaters, fireplaces, and other devices that intentionally produce heat can damage your Roku device. Direct sunlight can also have the same effect on your streaming device.

If your device experiences one of the reasons above, chances are it will show the following indicators:

  • Solid red light is showing on the LED indicator light
  • Device is too hot when touched physically

It will also show indicate the following error message on the top-right corner of the screen:

“Your device is overheating: For help, visit:”

Is Your Roku Device Overheating? How to Fix and Temp Check (2022)

If your Roku overheats for too long it can cause the Roku to keep restarting or lead to permanent damage.


How to Fix Overheating Roku Streaming Device

Once you’ve experienced the indicators above, you can follow the fixes below to solve the Roku device overheating issue. Make sure to follow each fix and see which one is the most effective on your Roku device.

Fix #1: Disconnect the Roku Device

The first thing that you can do is to unplug your Roku device from the smart TV or a similar output device and wait for a minimum of twenty minutes. This will help your Roku device to cool off, especially when you’ve been using it for extended periods.

You can also go further than twenty minutes and just let the device fully cool down. Once it’s cool upon touch, plug it back in and check if it now works normally.

Fix #2: Clean Your Roku Streaming Device

If you haven’t cleaned your Roku device since the first time you’ve plugged it in, there’s a high chance that it has accumulated dust and debris on its ports and vents. These objects can easily block cold air from circulating the device, thus, causing it to overheat.

While it’s disconnected, wipe its external surface with a microfiber cloth to clear dirt and debris. You can dampen the cloth with a small amount of water to agitate dirt if it’s stuck. Also, use a soft brush to dislodge dust that’s stuck on the vents and ports.

Fix #3: Relocate Your Roku Device to a Cooler Environment

If you’re storing your Roku device near a heat source—such as heating instruments and sunlight—consider relocating your streaming device to a cooler environment. It prevents your device from overheating again and keeps it healthy in the long run.

Overheating devices are also notorious for heavy energy consumption, so this solution helps you to save on your electricity bills and to keep your smart TV safe from damage. Also, try to transfer the Roku device’s power cord to a different socket and see if this solves the issue.

If you’ll need to relocate the device further, you can use a longer HDMI cable or an HDMI extender, which you can order from the official Roku website for free. To do this, proceed to the steps below:

  1. Open your computer and launch its default browser. Navigate to this link.
  2. Complete the form, including the serial number of your Roku device.
  3. Select Submit. You will be notified about your order using the email that you’ve entered on the form.

Fix #4: Reconnect Your Roku Device to the Smart TV

If the error message still shows up, you can try reconnecting your Roku device from the smart TV. This effectively restarts your device, which can solve bugs that might be causing the overheating message to occur.

You can also check the current temperature of your Roku device via the Secret Menu by following these steps:

  1. Turn on your smart TV with the Roku device connected.
  2. Using the Roku remote, quickly press the following buttons in order: Home button five times, Fast Forward, Pause, Rewind, Pause, and the Fast Forward button.
  3. You will now see the device temperature of your Roku. If it’s too hot—higher than 80°C or 176°Fdisconnect your streaming device and let it cool down. Then, reconnect it again.

Hopefully you found this article useful and your Roku device is now working normally. We have another article which shows you how to connect a second tv to your Roku device which you may find interesting.

Final Thoughts

Roku devices are one of the mainstream streaming devices today due to their ease of use and support when it comes to streaming services. However, it’s possible to experience overheating issues, especially when your Roku device is stored in a hot environment or is getting older due to age.

Hence, this guide can hopefully help you to fix your Roku device when it’s overheating. If it’s damaged, consider buying a new Roku streaming device or contact Roku Support to replace it for free in case it’s covered by a warranty.