How to Fix Verizon Fios Router Blinking White Light (2023)

It can be pretty overwhelming to figure out why routers start blinking at odd intervals and what all those different colors mean. Being cautious and reading up online when you witness some odd blinking is important, as blinking colors indicate whether the router is operating adequately or not. 

Verizon FIOS router

If your Verizon Fios router blinks white, we’ve got all the answers and fixes for you. Keep reading to understand what different blinking speeds signify and how you can figure out how to stop any abnormal router indicators. 

Note: If you have an Orbi router, we have a separate guide on how to fix your Orbi router flashing white light.


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Verizon Fios White Light Blinking Speed 

Before we head on to the solutions, let’s break down what all the blinking speeds of white LED on your Verizon Fios signify. This is a crucial step before diagnosing the problem. While it’s normal to worry about all the different colours you may see on your Verizon fios router, not all of them indicate something harmful. 


Stable White Light 

If your Verizon Fios router is a constant white light, this is the condition status for ‘normal.’ This stable light means you have nothing to worry about, and your router is operating as usual. 

Working as normal refers to your router turning on or being turned on, the internet speed being stable, and the router being functional. 

This stable white light will stay on for 30 seconds and then turn off by itself. It indicates that your WiFi connectivity is well throughout the premises and your devices can find it on their home network. 


Fast-Blinking White Light

However, if your Verizon Fios router is blinking white instead of showing a continuous stable white, your router is booting. This can also occur via a hard reset and firmware upgrade. 

Rebooting or booting means that your router is starting and loading all the software it needs to run appropriately. This is, by all means, a very average procedure for your Verizon Fios router. 

This blinking white light lasts 2-3 seconds before the hard reset or reboot. However, if your firmware is being upgraded, it can last for about 2 minutes or so throughout that operation. 

The white light in itself is an indicator that all’s well with your router and there are no prevailing or worrisome issues regarding connectivity, network, and router functionality. However, if the flash-blinking white light turns on without a reboot or hard reset, you’re probably dealing with a malfunctioning LED or a software defect. 

Another problematic issue regarding the white light is if the router emits white but doesn’t seem to function correctly, and you’re experiencing internet connectivity issues. 

If your router has a solid yellow light, then please read  our article on how to fix Fios router yellow light.


Methods to Fix Verizon Fios Router blinking white light

Fix #1. Check Wiring & Cables 

If your router is blinking white without rebooting or upgrades, the first step would be to ensure that your cables are plugged in correctly. If you’ve been moving around your router or replacing it, you’re likely to have somehow plugged in a cable properly. 

Loose cables are an easy fix as you must plug in all your cables firmly and ensure side-by-side if your internet connection seems to fix itself. It’s important to remember that both ends of the cable need to be plugged in and out firmly. 

Buy a replacement cable immediately if your cables have been twisted or damaged or look frayed. While frayed cables can be spliced and fixed at home DIY-style, it’s better not to risk permanent damage to your router. 


Fix #2. Inspect For Defective Light

If your white light has been fast-blinking non-stop, you’re experiencing a faulty router light. If your white light has been signifying rebooting for hours on end, the best thing you can do is make sure there are no connectivity or signal strength issues. Do so by surfing online and seeing if everything buffers per usual. 

If everything seems to be okay, this means your LED light is simply malfunctioning. While letting it blink away is utterly okay as it’s causing no severe problems, it can be hard to differentiate when your router is rebooting or when the light is malfunctioning. 

The only way to solve this issue is to call Verizon and ask for a replacement (if you have been offered this option when you initially bought it). You can also ask Verizon to fix the LED light for you if you’re not being offered a replacement. If your router is getting old (see How Long Does A Router Last?) then it may be time for a replacement.


Fix #3. Check For No Internet Connection

Loss of connection, while the white indicator light is on, is a common complaint that Verizon Fios users have regarding the router. If the white light is blinking or stable and there’s no internet connection, this is a cause for concern. 

Usually, the problem lies within the router’s connection to the ISP (Internet Service Provider), as you are connected to a wireless router without establishing an appropriate internet connection. 

The best way to solve a problem regarding the ISP is to reset or restart your router until it’s functional. While this is the most obvious choice for solving connectivity issues at home, it is also the most efficient at solving router malfunctions. 


Resetting Your Router

  1. Ensure that your Verizon Fios router is connected to the internet
  2. Do a routine check on your fibre optic WAN cables to ensure there are no wiring issues
  3. To reset, hold down on the ‘red’ reset button on the rear back of your Verizon Fios router
  4. Hold down on the button for 2-5 seconds.
  5. The router status on the LED will now show it as ‘off’
  6. If your connection is adequate, your Verizon Fios router will come back ‘on’ and back to service after rebooting in 5-7 minutes.
  7. Check if the white blinking or stable light has come on.
  8. Use the internet on a device to ensure internet surfing or buffering usually occurs. 


Restarting Your Router

If this resetting the router didn’t work for you, there’s no need to fret. You can also restart your router to fix this problem quickly. 

  1. Completely unplug your Verizon Fios router
  2.  Wait for about 5 minutes before plugging it back in 
  3.  Plug your router back in 
  4.  The initialization process may take some time, so you may have to wait for another 5 minutes
  5.  Check if the white blinking or stable light has come on
  6.  Once the white light stabilizes per usual, surf the internet to see if your connectivity issues have been resolved 


Problems With Verizon

Often, at times, we can panic about the lights indicating something else and the connection being down. For example, if your Verizon Fios router is blinking white, but connectivity issues prevail, an excellent possibility to consider is Verizon services being down. 

Your white light may be blinking because of syncing or rebooting problems and difficulty establishing a secure internet connection to the ISP. This result can cause a white light to blink fast and an unstable WiFi connection. 

Call your Internet Service Provider to inquire about any connectivity outages in your area. Verizon also has routine maintenance checks, which can cause your internet’s signal strength relatively deficient. 

If you have difficulty getting in touch with their customer support program, you can use multiple websites to see if Verizon’s having internal problems causing your router to malfunction. Websites such as and Service Outage Page are adequate sources to pinpoint any ISP issues. 


Verizon Fios’ Status Lights

You must know what the lights on your router indicate to diagnose a malfunction before it’s too late. Status lights on a Verizon Fios router are blue, red, green, yellow, and white. These colors indicate the status of your internet connection and whether the devices connected to it are responding sufficiently. 

A stable ‘red’ is the condition status for abnormal behavior such as hardware or complete system failure. For example, your router is overheating if it’s blinking red fastly. The router is experiencing a pairing failure if it’s flashing red slowly. 

Your WiFi is turned off if you see a solid ‘green’ emitted. If you see a definite ‘yellow,’ you have no internet connection. 

 A slow ‘blue blink’ signifies an unsuccessful pairing. On the other hand, if it’s a fast ‘blue’ blink, your router is in pairing mode.

Final Thoughts

There are multiple ways to solve the issue of your Verizon Fios router blinking white, and all of these can be done at home easily and quickly. However, if you’ve gone through our guide on attempting to fix this defect, we hope one of the above methods was fruitful. 

Nevertheless, if you still haven’t been able to pinpoint what the issue is, it’s best to ask for a router replacement or repair from your Internet Service Provider. It’s common for indicators to blink abnormally if your router has just aged.