How to Watch Facebook Live on Roku (2022)

Roku is one of the most versatile streaming devices available today. It’s known to support many streaming services and is easy to use with the Roku remote. It gives you access to 500,000 TV episodes and movies compared to having a cable subscription with limited content.

How to Watch Facebook Live on Roku (2022)

However, some users have wondered if the Facebook app on Roku is accessible. In this guide, we’ll show you how to watch Facebook on Roku TV via Facebook Live and streaming alternatives, such as casting Facebook to Roku.

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Can You Get Facebook on Roku?

No. Social media apps—like Facebook and Instagram—are not supported by Roku streaming devices. This also means that you cannot watch Facebook Live on Roku via the streaming device alone. Facebook Live is a live streaming platform that’s made available to all Facebook users and features some popular events.

Luckily, we’ll show you alternative streaming methods for Facebook Live events that are easy to do and for free. For them to work, you’ll mainly need another device, such as a computer or smartphone to cast its screen with.

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How to Watch Facebook Live on Roku via Screen Mirroring

One effective way to access unavailable streaming services on Roku is by streaming it on an external device and sharing it to your Roku device via screen mirroring. We use screen mirroring to watch Soap2Day on Roku.

But first, you’ll need to ensure that your Roku device’s OS is up-to-date.

To update your Roku’s OS, proceed to these steps:

  1. Turn on your Roku device and press the Home button on the remote.
  2. Go to Settings > System and select System Update.
  3. Your device will now begin to search and download the latest software updates.

Your Roku needs to have at least Roku OS 7.7 or greater to support the screen mirroring feature.

Then, depending on the external device, follow the steps below to cast Facebook Live to Roku via screen mirroring:

Android Devices

  1. Turn on your Roku device and ensure that it’s connected to the same WiFi network as your Android phone.
  2. Then, go to Settings > Screen mirroring mode and choose Always Allow.
  3. Go to the Screen mirroring devices option and select your Android phone under the Allowed devices tab.
  4. Once both devices are paired, your phone’s screen will now be mirrored to your Roku’s display.
  5. On your phone, launch the Facebook app and go to the Watch tab. 
  6. Select Live and choose your desired live stream.

iOS Devices

  1. After allowing screen mirroring on Roku, connect it to the same WiFi as your iPhone.
  2. Next, on your iPhone’s screen, open the Control Center. Here’s how to do it:
  • iPhone 8 and earlier – Swipe up from the bottom.
  • iPhone X and later – Swipe down from the upper-right corner.
  1. Choose the Screen Mirroring icon (two overlapping rectangles) and select your Roku device.
  2. A pairing code will appear on the screen. Input it on your iPhone and select Enter.
  3. Your iPhone’s screen will now be mirrored to your Roku’s display.
  4. Launch the Facebook app on your iPhone and select the Watch tab.
  5. Tap Live and select the Facebook live stream that you want to watch.

On Your Computer (Windows 10 Devices)

  1. Turn on your Windows computer and select the notifications icon on the bottom-left corner of the screen. This will open the notifications panel.
  2. Also, switch on your Roku device and connect it to the same WiFi network as your computer.
  3. Select the Connect tile. Your computer will now begin to scan for nearby wireless display devices.
  4. Choose your Roku device. Your computer’s screen will now be mirrored to your Roku device.
  5. Open Chrome and browse Facebook. Select the Watch tab and choose Live.
  6. Select the Facebook live stream that you wish to view.

Final Thoughts

Watching Facebook Live on any device requires you to access the web version of Facebook or via the Facebook app. However, this live streaming service is not yet available on Roku devices. Hence, this guide hopefully helps you to watch Facebook Live through alternative streaming methods.