Can You See Who Views Your Facebook Videos? (2022)

Facebook is undoubtedly among the most popular sites and social media platforms today. One of its earliest features is uploading individual photos and videos on your profile. Similar to YouTube, you can also see your views or measure how many people have seen your video post.

Can You See Who Views Your Facebook Videos (2022)

In this guide, we’ll show you if it’s possible to see who views your videos on Facebook and how to see the metrics of your published videos if you’re managing a Facebook page. So, if you post video content daily on the platform, read this guide to learn more.

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Can You See Who Views Your Videos on Facebook

Yes. It’s possible to see your viewers once you’re in the middle of a live broadcast or a live stream via the live stream management page. However, you cannot view their names after the broadcast, and you would only see the number of viewers. Another way to check who exactly watched your videos is through live comments and engagements (likes and reactions).

When a recorded broadcast is posted after your live stream, you’ll only see the number of viewers of that video. So if you’re wondering, “does Facebook show who views your videos?” it will only be shown during a Facebook Live broadcast, not on published or recorded live streams. But, you can still know who viewed your video by interacting with your viewers through comments.

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How to Check Video Metrics on Facebook Page

If you upload and share a video as Public, you can see its number of views below the video. This works well with the Facebook app on Android and iOS devices. Once you’ve shared a video on your Facebook Page, here’s how you can see its metrics:

  1. Visit Facebook’s official website and sign in to your account.
  2. Select Pages and go to your Facebook Page.
  3. Select the More button on the top of your page and select Insights.
  4. On the Page Insights tab, select Videos. You will now see the metrics for all of the posted videos on your page.
  5. To check the metrics for your individual videos, go to Manage Page.
  6. Below the Meta Business Suite tab, select Publishing Tools.
  7. Go to your Video Library and select a video with which you want to check stats. You can see various metrics such as reactions, shares, comments, etc. However, this feature is only available for videos with at least 100 views.


Final Thoughts

Currently, it’s not possible to know who viewed your shared videos on Facebook. Similar to the Stories feature, you cannot see the identity of your viewers for privacy reasons. However, you can view your live viewers during a Facebook Live broadcast.

Hopefully, this guide helps you to know if it’s possible to see who views your published Facebook videos. Remember to share your videos in Public to reach the most number of viewers or audience.