LG TV Not Connecting to Wi-Fi. FIXED (2022)

A stable Wi-Fi connection is crucial for you to maximize your LG smart TV’s features. It gives you access to an array of TV shows and movies through various streaming apps. It will also enable you to connect your TV to an external display like a mobile phone through stream casting.

LG TV Not Connected to Wi-Fi FIXED

However, there are situations where your LG TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi. It can be due to different reasons that can be easily fixed. In this guide, we’ll show you how to fix your LG TV WiFi when it’s not working.


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Common Reasons Why LG TV is Not Connecting to the Internet

There are common reasons why your LG TV’s WiFi is not working properly. Besides a poor wireless connection, here are other factors that lead to this issue:

  • Too Many Devices are Connected to your Wi-Fi Network – If you have several smart devices in your home that are connected to the same Wi-Fi—smart assistants, laptops, smartphones, security cameras, and more—chances are, you’ll have connectivity issues.
  • Wifi is turned off: It could be as simple as changing “Off” to “On”. Our guide how to turn on WiFi on your LG TV lists the exact steps to turning on the wifi.
  • Glitch or Bug – Sometimes, your smart TV can experience bugs and glitches. A simple power cycle can help troubleshoot this problem.
  • Outdated Firmware – Another issue that can cause bugs and glitches are outdated firmware in your smart TV. Updating it to the latest version will help fix this issue and also improve its features. You need to the latest firmware to watch ESPN on your LG TV.
  • Date and Time are Not Synced to Network – Connectivity problems can occur if your time and date settings are not the same as your network. An update on the time and date is a quick fix to this problem.
  • The Signal is Weak – Whether it is due to obstructions or distance, your Wi-Fi connection is dependent on the signal that your LG TV receives—if the router is significantly far from your smart TV, it has to travel further before establishing a connection.
  • Fault with the Provider – Try to connect to the internet using mobile data on your phone. If you can connect, maybe it is your provider. We have an article on how to fix it when your AT&T Wi-Fi Keeps Disconnecting.


How to Fix LG TV Not Connecting to the Internet

Fix #1: Restart your LG Smart TV

A quick restart or power cycle to your smart TV can solve most of the common Wi-Fi glitches. It will reset all connections and close apps that are maybe causing this issue. Just turn off your LG TV and unplug it from the power source. Then, plug it back in and see if the issue is solved.

You can also try power cycling your Wi-Fi router to reset all connections to nearby devices. It will eliminate any congested connections on your Wi-Fi that may be preventing you from connecting successfully. If you have an old router, consider buying a new one or upgrading your Wi-Fi bandwidth.


Fix #2: Move the Wi-Fi Router Closer to your LG TV

When you’re using your LG TV for streaming various movies and media content, you’ll need to constantly have a strong W-Fi connection. Moving the router closer to your smart TV is also a great trick.

Interferences can happen to all wireless connections, including Wi-Fi networks. If your Wi-Fi signal has to travel through a concrete wall, mesh screen, and other radio signals like microwaves, it can strongly affect your connectivity. Nearby Wi-Fi connections can also compete with your router’s signals and can prevent you from connecting to them.


Fix #3: Update your LG TV’s Date and Time Settings

If your smart TV has undergone a firmware update, was shut down improperly, or was not used for a long time, it can display an outdated date and time. Fortunately, fixing this issue is easy to do. 

To update your LG TV’s date and time, follow these steps:

  1. Open your LG TV and press the Home button using the TV’s remote.
  2. Go to Settings > All Settings.
  3. Select General and go to Time & Date.
  4. Choose Change Time Zone and select your country’s Time Zone.
  5. The date and time will update automatically to your set time zone.


Fix #4: Change the LG TV’s DNS Settings

A DNS (Domain Name System) is a server that enables you to connect to your Wi-Fi properly and surf the internet. However, if you’re experiencing connection issues, you’ll need to look into your smart TV’s DNS settings and see if it is causing the problem.

To change the DNS settings on your  LG TV, proceed to these steps:

  1. Open your LG TV and go to Settings > Network & Internet.
  2. Choose Network Status and select Edit.
  3. Under the DNS server settings, select Automatic and input the numbers to the DNS code.
  4. Press Enter and try connecting to your Wi-Fi. Browse the internet and see if it solved the connection issue.


Fix #5: Factory Reset your LG TV

If none of the solutions worked, the best thing to do is to factory reset your smart TV. Not only will it revert your TV settings and configurations to default, but it will also prompt your LG TV to download the latest firmware and app updates.

However, don’t forget to back up your files when doing this method, because a factory reset can effectively delete all of your files. It will also bring your LG TV to its factory state; so, expect that you won’t have to experience any errors again.

To factory reset your LG TV, follow the steps below:

  1. Open your LG TV and press the Home button on the remote.
  2. Go to Settings > All Settings.
  3. Select General and choose Reset to Initial Settings.
  4. Enter your password and wait for the factory reset process to finish.

Once your LG TV has been reset to its factory settings, you can now set your account up once again and connect to your Wi-Fi network. It should now connect to your wireless network without any issues.

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Final Thoughts

Connecting to your Wi-Fi is necessary to make the most out of your smart devices. Likewise, you’ll need to have a stable Wi-Fi connection to stream your favorite movies and TV shows. A wireless connection is also necessary to download all the necessary updates for your LG smart TV.

Hence, this article will hopefully guide you on solving your Wi-Fi issues using simple fixes that you can do by yourself.