E mail

What is Email?

E-mail (Electronic Mail) is a method of transmitting messages through a computer. E-mails have become the primary mode of communication throughout the world and have increasingly replaced letters, faxes, and telegrams. An e-mail can be reproduced as often as required without loss of quality, is environmentally friendly and at least as reliable as normal mail.

An email is a text file. It is a sequence of characters from the ASCII standard, i.e. mainly upper- and lower-case letters from the English alphabet, as well as digits and punctuation marks. This means that the content of an email is saved and sent in plain text.

An e-mail is sent from the sender’s computer via the Internet to the mail server of his provider using the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol standard. The prerequisites for sending electronic messages are an e-mail account, a computer, and an Internet connection. Generally, an e-mail is sent within just a few seconds and reaches the recipient quickly. The recipient does not need to be online to receive it since the message gets stored in their e-mail account.

There are many email readers available, and often the company that provides your email address also gives you a way to read it online. Eg Hotmail, AOL and Gmail.

Helpful Articles about Emails

E-mails are used for both private and professional purposes. Since there are no restrictions on the maximum length, this medium can also be used to address more extensive issues with the help of attachments.