How to Play, Display or Connect Wii to a Laptop

When you connect the Wii wireless system to a laptop, you can access the Internet through the console. A laptop and a Wii can only be connected via a wireless connection. Wireless connectivity is required as the Wii is the only way to communicate with a laptop. There are many advantages of connecting your laptop to a Wii. The main benefit is that the console becomes more flexible over the Internet. You can check e-mails, download updates and watch online videos directly from the Wii.

Step 1

Make sure your laptop has an internet connection. Turn on the console to bring up the Wii Channels menu. Use the remote to move the cursor over the Wii button in the lower left corner of the screen and press “A” to select.

Go to the System Preferences screen from the Main Menu on your Wii. Use the remote control to move the cursor over the Wii Settings option. Press the “A” key to access “System Settings”. Click the right arrow to go to the next page. Select “Internet” to go to “Connection Settings” and at that point click on the first connection.

Step 2

Click on “Search Access Point” and the system will start searching for an access point. Select the “Wii-Lan Access Point”, which offers secure access to the server. Enter your WEP key or the appropriate wired data protection key. The WEP key is your wireless network security protocol. A keyboard appears on the screen. Enter the WEP key here. Check with your ISP if you do not know your WEP key or passcode.

Step 3

Save your settings by clicking OK.  Once you do that, you will see the message “Connection settings have been saved. Click OK to start a connection test.” The system will test your connection and verify that it was successful.

When prompted to perform a Wii System Update, select “Yes” and “I Agree” to start. When the update is complete, your Wii console will have a wireless connection to your laptop and the Internet.

how to play display or connect wii to a laptop

Connect the WiiMote to Your Laptop Using the Built-In Bluetooth Driver

It is often assumed that connecting a Wii controller to your laptop requires a purchase of Blue Soleil drivers. I want to get rid of this misconception by explaining in a few steps how you can connect your WiiMote to Windows with the standard drivers without having to spend money for new software. Here is how you do this:

  • Right click on the Bluetooth tray icon in the lower right next to the clock and select “Add Bluetooth device”.
  • Then press 1 and 2 on the WiiMite to turn on the controller. Your WiiMote should now appear in the list of devices.
  • Here you select the Nintendo RVL-CNT-01 (I do not know whether every WiiMote is called that) and click Next. If the WiiMote stops flashing, you have to press 1 and 2 again immediately so that it stays on and can still be found by the Bluetooth device! It is best to press the two buttons every few seconds.
  • Click Skip and then choose Nintendo RVL-CNT-01, check the box and click on Finish.
  • If your Bluetooth symbol in the system tray signals a connection with a green-blue symbol, you have done everything correctly and can now use the WiiMote with your laptop.

Play Wii Games on Your Computer with Dolphin

Dolphin is an open source emulator that supports most of the latest games avalable on the Wii gaming console. Dolphin is very good at managing your collection of games at 1080p on most new laptops, and even older systems can still stand out at a standard definition of 480p. Dolphin is easy to install, and you can even rip your own games off a Wii.

However, Dolphin is not without its problems, there are still games that don’t emulate properly and run kind of buggy. To combat this problem, Dolphin has excellent community support available on their forums, and new releases come out often where all of the previous bugs have been fixed.

Dolphin is pretty stable on most PCs with discrete graphics cards (some built-in graphics can run but you’ll have to test) and all versions support the majority of games available.

When you run Dolphin on a laptop, you do get a performance hit compared to the original Wii. But the good news is that these consoles are older compared to the latest gaming laptops out there, which is why you can run games at full speed without any issues. If you’re using an older computer, you might only be able to play games at the original 480p resolution, but gaming laptops should play Wii games at 60fps at 1080p or even 4K!

One of my favorite things about Dolphin is the option to play games with any controller. That’s right, you can use controllers from other gaming consoles to play Wii games! If you do not have any controllers, you can also use the keyboard, however that is not a good choice for playing Wii games.