Android Operating System

With the boom of smartphones in 2012, two distinctive operating systems took the spotlight on the market. One of these operating systems was Android, which was first introduced to the general public back in 2008. Despite its age, Android has successfully retained its global popularity to this date.

All things considered, Android has come a long way. Since the initial release date, Android has undergone eleven full-fledged iterations of its operating system. The latest addition is a 2.1 beta version of Android 12, iconically dubbed as Snow Cone.

With that in mind, what else is there to know about the Android operating system?


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Android OS and Its Application

Android is an open source-operating system initially designed for application in smart portable devices. It belongs to the Unix-like OS family because it is running on a modified Linux kernel.

As the years rolled by, other devices such as TVs and watches began featuring Android OS. Moreover, refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, surveillance cameras, and other household appliances are now compatible with this operating system.

On that note, let us take a closer look at what the Android OS has to offer on mobile devices.

Android OS and Smartphones

As a versatile operating system, Android can do a lot for you as the end-user.

Stay connected

Connect and synchronize your smartphone on the go with other Android-supported devices.

Stay safe

Let Android inform you of any ongoing suspicious activity on your phone.

Stay in control

Compared to iOS, Android allows you much more freedom in customizing your phone. You can even root your android phone which allows you to load apps (APKs) from stores other than the Google play store. This does open you up to risk of malware, though we have a guide to installing APKs without using developer mode which removes some of the risk.

More 3rd Party support

Since there are many manufacturers of Android phones, there are many options if your phone needs to be repaired. You can also easily unlock your phone, or hire companies to recover data that has been lost.

Stay ahead

Plan your trips and avoid traffic jams with the help of Android OS on your smartphone.

Stay entertained

Whether your pastimes include playing games, reading books, or watching videos, Android is there to support them.

Stay accessible

Use the speech-to-text function when you are unable to physically interact with your Android smartphone.